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Uneven skin tone can be the result of discoloration of the skin due to constant exposure to sun, acne scars, pimples, pigmentation or due to any form of injury.
There are many skin care products that promise us healthy and even skin tone but these can be expensive and there is no guarantee that they will work. You can get rid of uneven skin tone by following simple and basic home remedies.
Sugar makes a good exfoliating agent as it gently scrubs away the dead and flaky skin to reveal younger looking and even toned skin. Baking soda has natural exfoliating agents and is not harsh on the skin as some of the commercially available exfoliators. Milk powder is known to contain bleaching agents and is often used in preparing face masks for uneven skin tone.
Milk is also considered a natural bleaching agent and has properties to lighten and soften your skin. The excess production of melanin may be the result of over-exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance or scarring. How to use it- Take one teaspoon of baking soda and combine with just enough water to make a paste. How to use it- Both fresh and store-bought Aloe Vera gel works fine in treating skin ailments, but if you have a sensitive skin try using store-bought Aloe Vera gel as the natural one might be too harsh for you.
To tighten your sagging breasts, press your palms together at the middle of your chest, and inhale and exhale slowly. Mayonnaise is made out of egg yolk, vinegar and oil and it is an ideal remedy for the dry skin. Well, you definitely can't turn back the clock but does that mean your face should belie your age?
Beauty does not mean only a pretty face; it also means beautiful body and hair apart from being healthy from within. The dream of glowing radiating skin can be fulfilled by following a healthy regime comprising of balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
Eyes are the mirror of personality and they have the potential to dim the beauty of a pretty face. Have you always thought that beautiful skin comes only from spending hours in front of the mirror.
How to Take Care of Your Feet Foot care is an essential that many people forget to practice. Wrinkles and lines are the signs of aging and most of the people are worried about their wrinkles.

Dropsy is a condition in which water gets collected in the body in the body tissues, skin and cavities. Many women do not feel beautiful if they have uneven skin tone because it makes us look tired and unhealthy.
Make sugar paste by mixing sugar granules with very little water. Add a scoop of your favourite face cream and mix well. It gently scrubs the surface of the skin and gets rid of the dry and flaky sun that is tanned and scarred and resulting in unevenness of the skin tone. Yoghurt contains natural bleaching agents that not only exfoliate the skin but also help improve the skin tone by lightening the effects of the tan, pigmentation and scars.Take a tablespoon of organic, flavourless and colorless yogurt. Take a teaspoon of milk powder and mix it with little milk to form a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the face and neck and let it dry completely.
Regular use of milk will help get rid of the scars, blemishes, pigmentation and tan giving way to a clearer and more even complexion.To treat uneven skin tone use raw milk or milk that has not been boiled. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Uneven skin tone, also known as hyperpigmentation is the outcome of melanin overproduction. Luckily, uneven skin tone is not permanent and there are several natural remedies that work effectively in treating patchy skin. From teeth whitening to achieving fairer skin, baking soda is a competent ingredient of almost every home remedy. This mighty plant is effective in treating almost every skin ailment that too without irritating the skin.
To extract fresh Aloe Vera gel from the plant, take a leaf of Aloe Vera and peel it with a sharp knife and use the slimy gel to apply on the face. The presence of vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid, is an active source of production of collagen, a protein responsible for the healthy growth of skin cells and blood vessels giving skin its firmness. The presence of vitamin c makes it a great remedy for treating uneven skin tone, dark spots and pigmentation.
Soft connective tissues hold together the milk ducts, fat cells and glands present in the breast.
Do this exercise regularly for about fifteen minutes. Stand straight and raise your right arm above your head. Vitamin C is needed for manufacturing collagen, which is needed to keep our skin tight and elastic.

In mastoplexy, which is popularly known as breast lift, some tissues and skin from the lower part of the breast is removed and the nipple, breast tissues and the areola are pushed up. However, breast lift leads to scarring. Pineapple contains chlorine, which helps in stimulating the kidney and helps in removing waste material.
Swimming is a very good remedy for dropsy as it expels liquids from the body through the pressure exerted by water while swimming. Take a teaspoon of baking soda and form a paste by adding organic water or rosewater to it.Apply the baking soda paste on your face and leave for a couple of minutes for it to work. Baking soda is very fine in texture and hence acts as a great bio exfoliator that is not all harsh on your skin.
The gel extracted from the leaves of Aloe Vera treats uneven skin tone, patchiness and also moisturizes the skin. Vitamin C also aids in the formation of scar ligament and tissues and helps in repairing the tissues on their own. The acidic nature stabilizes the pH level of the skin and prevents the secretion of excess oil. During this period as the breast becomes fuller, the ligaments supporting the breasts become stretched. This produces sagging breasts.
Breasts are devoid of muscles. Exercises cannot reduce the size of the breast, but they can tighten and tone the breasts. Other side effects of the surgery include uneven position of nipples, inability to breastfeed and numbness of the breasts. You should take pineapple regularly as it helps in resolving water logging and saturation problems. The fine particles of baking soda work similarly like microdermabrasion and gets rid of dead skin and tanning from the surface of your skin making it look more even toned. You can wear support stockings as it helps in increasing blood circulation, thus preventing dropsy. Sagging breast is primarily a problem that women with large breasts experience after pregnancy. Loss in elasticity of the skin can also develop sagging breasts. Smoking, aging, menopause, obesity and rapid weight loss could damage the elasticity of the skin.

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