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Although ear infections are usually associated with bacteria, even overgrowth of yeast in the ear could lead to ear infections. Yeast infection in the ear is common among swimmers who swim without wearing proper ear aids and among children. Pouring few drops of warm garlic oil in the affected ear could reduce the pain and the discomfort. Although specific diets that target fungal ear infections are not available, you can consider strengthening your immune system with a diet rich in vitamin C.
Does your dog show any of the following around his ears:  Bad Smell, Itching, Scratching, Redness, Swelling, Discharge? After tens of thousands of customers and thousands of positive reviews, we estimate that EcoEars works in roughly 94 out of 100 cases.
Made with natural ingredients selected for their antimicrobial and disinfecting properties. Symptoms of infection dissipate in 2-3 days, and in the vast majority of cases, are gone by day 3.
Contains all-natural, plant-based disinfectants proven effective by thousands of customers.
Relieves bad smell, itch, and gunky discharge resulting from dog ear infections in as little as 24-48 hours. IngredientsDenatured Grain Alcohol, Rosemary Extract, Natural Witch Hazel Extract (made from non-petroleum alcohol), Organic Mullein Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Polysorbate 20 (food grade), Ionic Silver Solution, Boric Acid.
InstructionsFill affected ear canal with EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula and massage gently but vigorously for 90 seconds. Verified ReviewerA Verified Reviewer is a user who has connected a social network with our site, providing an added level of transparency and trust. My Lyra was under medical treatment for several years for smelly ears caused by an overproduction of yeast.
Please Share Your Experience With Other CustomersIf you have had the chance to use this product, we would be grateful if you could take just a few seconds to leave product feedback. Product feedback really helps us to compete with the giant national brands with unlimited marketing budgets, so that we can continue to bring you honest, natural products for a reasonable cost. Sometimes simply not drying your dog’s ears after a bath or swim can create an environment for bacteria to thrive.
Try 20 drops of olive oil an ounce of garlic oil and mullein in equal parts in drip into the ears of the dog and gently massage. Oregon grape oil if you can get it has strong antibiotic and 10 drops is excellent against ear mites.
Soaking a clove of garlic in olive oil and given the dog in 2 or 3 drops and gently massaging it in a few seconds can benefit the dog, as garlic is a natural antibiotic. For yeast infections try a tub of probiotic organic natural yogurt rubbed gently into the dogs ear in small quantity can help fight the yeast. For ear mites again, try herbal flea powder that you can buy containing rosemary, rue, eucalyptus and pennyroyal powder with wormwood. These are simple measures to aid your dog but if in any way he is in a serious condition, do not hesitate to take him to your local vet to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.
One last herbal remedy for dog ear infection is one ounce of neem oil with half ounce of olive oil with 1 tsp.
Regular ear cleaning can prevent many problems as well as trimming excess hair as lack of airflow can be a contributory factor.
If I suspect that my dog has an ear infection because he continues to scratch and shake his head, is it okay if I take matters into my own hands and offer him these home ear infection remedies? Many dog parents are apprehensive of cleaning their dog's ears because they fear that they may inadvertently hurt the dog's ears. Dogs' ears, especially those long and floppy ones, are the perfect hiding places for ear mites, as well as the breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. Training your dog to let you clean his ears without resistance is essential and is not as difficult as many people think.
Check your dog's ears regularly (once a week or so) for signs of infection, mites, or dirt and debris.
If your dog's ears are healthy but dirty-looking, you can clean them with a natural commercial dog ear wash. Use a clean cotton ball to wipe the visible part of the inner ear and the inside of the ear flap.
Note: Many people squirt the ear wash directly into the dog's ears, but most dogs hate that! Getting a natural gentle ear wash for your dog is just as important as having his ears cleaned properly.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, then your dog most likely has an ear infection.
Yeast infections are known to cause discharge, redness, swelling, scaling, dryness, oozing and intense itching. Before assuming your dog has an ear infection you should rule out the possibility of fleas, a trauma to the ear, tumors, ear mites, or foreign bodies.
Fleas can be spotted crawling around your dog's belly or patch of hair just above the base of the tail. If your dog experienced a recent trauma, or blow to the head and is acting uncomfortable and off balanced, then this is definitely a case for the vet.
Ear mites cause the canal to bleed and the dried blood will look like ground up coffee grains. If your dog has a hormonal abnormality, such as hypothyroidism, then you can medicate him for this problem and control the ear infections. For a bacterial ear infection the vet will provide you with Epi-Otic flush, Otomax ear drops, Cephalexin antibiotic and possibly Temeral-P which is a steroid. For a yeast infection of the ears the vet will give you Epi-Otic flush, Mometamax ear drops or possibly Temeral-P. If you are more holistically inclined and your dog has a yeast infection in his ears, you can try white vinegar - a common home remedy for treating dog ear infections.
To prevent both types of infections you should always keep your dog clean, exercised, maintain a healthy diet, and dry out his ears as much as possible after being exposed to water.
Good luck when treating your dog and remember it is always better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to the health and wellbeing of your precious dog.
Yeast infection in the ear occurs when the Candida yeasts multiply in the ear. The fungus thrives in the warm and moist parts of the human body. We had seen this on FB and decided to try it and all I can say is this is nothing short of amazing. I came across EcoEars right when he started shaking his head and I knew the familiar bad smell.
After many vet visits and several prescriptions, Max still had the black gunk, the drainage, the smell and itching, just would not go away. We used to dispense an oily medicine prescribed by her vet, but it only worked temporarily. Meanwhile we hope you will take a moment to discover pet news and tips on our blog, And if you haven’t already joined our community on Facebook, we welcome you there as well.
In play, they can have a twig or excessive dirt go in to the ear and check for an obstruction. The antifungal calendula tincture can be helpful when mixed with sea salt and distilled water. An equal mixture of water and vinegar to washout the ears once or twice a month can be helpful to treat bugs. Sprinkle some of the powder on the dog after a bath for stubborn fleas that may cling to the coat. Ear cleaning is also a way of monitoring the condition of your dog’s ear and help to prevent an outbreak of dog ear infection. These medications can cause damage to internal organs, like the liver, as well as upset the good bacteria in the intestines. Start training your dog when he is just a puppy so that he can get used to the idea of ear cleaning and that will save you a lot of agony down the road. Start off by lifting up his ear flap, take a quick look, rub and massage it gently, and quickly put it back down.
The scripts within this file all do something in the site, such as run your facebook or social widgets, Google analytics, fluid resizing and other functions. If this balance gets disturbed then an overgrown bacterial or yeast infection of the ears can occur. He could have a ruptured eardrum with fluids building in his canal, or a hematoma developing. There are several different kinds of common ear tumors: ceruminous gland adenoma, sebaceous gland tumor, and basal cell tumor. Ear mites are highly contagious from pet to pet and are most regularly the result of contact with an infected animal (often a cat). Hypothyroidism happens when his thyroid gland has an insufficient production of the thyroid hormone. Dogs prone to immune problems are stereotypically purebred's from a novelty breed - but not always. Use heavily diluted vinegar to remove the debris from his ears and to restore the natural balance.

Vitamin C is a great compliment to his diet because it is a proven antioxidant that will help fend off infections and regulate yeast.
If your ear canal is a suitable place for the fungus to live, grow and multiply, you can suffer from yeast ear infection. EcoEars’ safe and gentle ingredients have treated human conditions long before we began using them for animals! In the roughly 6 out of 100 instances when it doesn’t resolve the problem, the reason is almost always the same: long-standing, unaddressed infections that have built up to the point where there is a blockage which cannot be penetrated.
No smell, the swelling is gone, and it is a great ear maintenance product--customer for life!!!!! After I saw the ad for Vet Organics, I thought what can it hurt to try it, and the price I might add, is cheap and well worth the cure! One teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of calendula tincture mixed in the water and used as an earwash once or twice a day. Apple Blossom Natural’s product treats the infection directly, quickly and without any side effects. If you find dark specs of grain in your comb, that is most likely eggs or feces left from fleas. The vet will be able to drain the hematoma and prescribe the right antibiotics and anti-nausea medication.
The excess water to his ears will throw off the balance of his natural bacteria and yeast growth.
Dogs with hypothyroidism tend to be much more fatigued, depressed, retain excess water, and are overweight with a strong inability to lose weight. If your pup was born with a genetic disposition to having a weak immune system then you need to really monitor the nutrients in his diet and be on top of any health issues that can set him back. Herbs such as acidophilus and pau d'orca when used in conjunction with each other will inhibit the overgrowth of yeast and destroy the fungus contained in bacteria. Basil juice is also beneficial for treating yeast infection in the ear. Two drops of basil juice could be poured in the infected ear, daily, twice a day, to reduce the discomfort and heal the infection. Limit consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates to slow down Candida growth. Some health experts believe that food allergy might trigger yeast infection in the ear, especially in children. In cases like this, we always recommend that you visit your veterinarian as soon as possible. This product is very easy to use and after just a couple days I could see the changes, no more head shaking or scratching. Once you see the early signs that your dog is uncomfortable, then it is your duty to handle the situation appropriately - your dog is totally reliant on you. Right before bathing your dog, or taking him to the beach, you should rinse his ears with Epi-Otic flush.
If the ear infections are reoccurring in your pet, then you should definitely consider this as a possibility.
A simple T-4 blood test at the vet will determine if this is the cause and give the vet the information needed to prescribe the right dose of Soloxine to control the issue. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF BLOOD IS PRESENT; this could indicate a ruptured ear drum—in this case, see your vet immediately! Max would actually come to me to have it applied, I'm sure is was a relief from the itching and pain. There are three types of allergies your dog could have: food, environmental, or flea allergies. The discharge would block the ear canal, leading to hearing difficulties. By attending your ear problem as early as possible, you can prevent recurrent yeast infections in the ear. Exclusive breastfeeding for six months could reduce the risk of ear yeast infections in children. By handling your dog's ears regularly and gently, you are training your dog to let you actually clean his ears.
Since foxtails have been known to travel through the rubber sole of shoes, then imagine the damage it can do to the soft tissue of your dog's ear. Your vet can put you on a series of trials to determine the cause, or you could just get a VARL blood test done which will pinpoint the exact causes. Squeegee the canal in a pinching motion under the base of his ear on the outside of his skin.
The flush is made with an ingredient that will dry out your dog's ears faster and more effectively than water can.

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