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Cardiomegaly including triggers, hidden medical causes of Cardiomegaly, risk factors, and what causes Cardiomegaly. It is important to learn about the causes and prevention measures for epigastric pains so that you are able to detect the symptoms early enough. The causes for this condition include, coronary heart disease, weakening of the heart, high stress. It can be attributed to a lot of causes, but mostly it is Explains the Causes and Treatment of Heart Disease in Dogs and Cats. Cardiomegaly is not a specific disease, but can be caused by a number of health problems including. If a valve does not close completely (valvular insufficiency), blood flows back into the chamber from which it originated.

There are five main causes of mild cardiomegaly, each with its own causes and characteristics. It can be attributed to a lot of causes, but mostly it is Cardiomegaly is also known as an enlarged heart. In essence, the treatment of this disease is directed to the treatment of its underlying causes. Causes of heart enlargement in dogs are still unknown, although it most common cause of heart failure in dogs. Cardiomegaly is a condition wherein the heart enlarges in a cardiothoracic ratio of more than 0.50.
Signs of left sided heart failure include dyspnea (breathing trouble), coughing and exercise intolerance.

Signs of right sided heart failure include decreased appetite, weight loss, abdominal fluid (ascites), vomiting, diarrhea and swollen limbs.
Diagnosis is afforded by physical exam, auscultation, echocardiography (including doppler), chest x-rays, electrocardiography, complete blood count and blood chemistries.

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