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My puppy is at the vet for 5 days, he suffered from severe ear mites, he keeps spinning, crying nonstop and looks like going to die, he doesnt eat, and his response are very slow also he lost his balance, anyone experienced this and can give me an advice?
My 3months old pup was diagnosed with ear mites 3 days ago, he is already at vet, they said that it is severe and the ear mites destroyed his nerves, my pup keeps barking and very discomfort feeling like he spin and spin and couldnt sleep also he howls alot almost nonstop.
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The dog needs to see a vet for proper medication…could be a fungal or bacterial infection. Highly unlikely since a dose of advantage or other flea treatment would have killed the mites within 2 to 3 days. Are there any solutions for this without the vet, i dont have the money to pay for this Is it unsafe for her to go if it is an infection.
I see these articles online talking about deafness or death resulting from this, is it true?

That will cost less, but it's not a good option, because the results are usually temporary.

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