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Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. Stinging eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, and eye fatigue: these are just some of the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome. While prescription medications (which sometimes include chemotherapy drugs) bring some people relief, they can have serious side effects and can cause more harm than good.
Simply adjusting a few habits and taking all-natural supplements can make a world of difference if you suffer from dry eye syndrome. Tagged with 4 Strategies for Natural Dry Eye Treatment, how to prevent eye strain from computer, How to Prevent Eye Strain from Computer Use: 6 Easy Tips, Natural dry eye treatment, natural remedy, natural treatment. Mix equal parts of turmeric powder and tomato puree with some lemon juice to prepare a paste. The simplest yet very effective way to cure dry eyes naturally is to blink continuously for a few minutes, several times a day. You can use this blinking exercise anytime and anywhere, whether you are at work or at home. While you are using the above natural remedies for dry eyes, you must also take certain precautions to ensure faster recovery. One of the most common problems these days, dryness of eyes can be caused by many reasons such as excessive tear evaporation, changes in hormones, autoimmune diseases, decrease in production of tears etc. The main symptoms of dry eyes are burning stingy sensation in eyes, mucus formation around eyes, eye irritation, fatigue, blurred vision and an increase in sensitivity towards bright light.
Another effective remedy, primrose oil is a great option if you want to get rid of eye dryness. If flowers always please you then how about using these beautiful flowers as a remedy to your problem. Consumption of 2-3 teaspoons of bilberry juice every day can provide great relief from the dryness of eyes.
An excellent herbal remedy to reduce dryness of eyes, chamomile tea is highly recommended by many. Another excellent herbal remedy for dryness of eyes, coriander leaves produce desired results pretty quickly. As we’ve discussed earlier, anti-oxidants play a major role in maintaining the good health of eyes and keep them moist as they fight the free radicals that cause harm to eyes. Infuse dried oat straw into water and consume it a few times a day on a daily basis and get rid of the dryness in your eyes.
Symptoms associated with this medical condition include itching, redness, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and discomfort in the eyes. A person can soak a clean cloth in warm water and place the cloth on the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes several times in a day to reduce the dryness and itching associated with the problem. The problem of dry eyes can be relieved with the application of a natural solution created by boiling dried bilberries in water for a few minutes multiple times in a day. Cotton balls soaked in a solution made by steeping eyebright powder in water can be placed on the eyes on a daily basis to cure the irritation and burning sensation.
Consumption of flaxseed oil multiple times in a week can help in relieving the problem within a reasonable period of time. A few drops of lavender oil can be added to a small bowl of water to create a natural eyewash. To help you not fall victim to this epidemic, consider the following ways to deal with your dry eyes. This is probably the most common route that people take when dealing with their dry eyes, but beware. Artificial tears come in different types of viscosity; viscosity is the thickness of the tear itself.
When comparing the two, a low viscosity has a similar texture to water, and once inserted you’ll feel relieved of your symptoms plus your vision won’t be too blurry right after so if you’re driving or working, you can get right back to what you were doing. High viscosity tears are similar in texture to gel, and these tears provide an immense amount of moisture.
But first, it’s good to know how these devices are increasing the dry eye epidemic in the first place. One thing that most people don’t even want to consider is surgery, but in severe cases of dry eye, surgery is the best route to take. Some other treatments you can use for your dry eyes are taking fish oil (while this isn’t known for curing dry eye, it reduces inflammation caused from dry eye), wearing contact lenses less, changing medications whose symptoms can be dry eye, and using a humidifier.

Solving dry eyes does not have to involve purchasing anything from the store if you know what you can use.
Find relief today with these four simple, effective, and natural dry eye treatment options.
People with dry eyes don’t produce enough tears, or they produce poor-quality tears, so their eyes don’t stay properly moisturized. Instead, look to these natural dry eye treatment options, which are effective, safe, and easy to do at home. Do you want to improve your health with actions that really work? A recent study found that one of the protective factors against having dry eye syndrome is consuming a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids.[2] Along with plenty of water, tear production also requires fatty oils.
Many people find that certain environmental conditions and habits can make their symptoms worse. If your eyes are dry, it is a serious condition and may affect your eye sight and cause other health disorders. The vapor produced by it over the skin of your eyes helps in preventing evaporation of tears and in improving the moisture of ocular surface. Those who are taking birth control pills, antihistamines, tranquilizers, decongestants and other such medications can also experience dry eyes as a side effect. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
This problem can also result from exposure to excessive smoke and dust particles and the use of contact lenses. Tear production helps to keep the eyes moist, however, with increased age tear production decreases and the problem of dry eyes increases. While there are many eye drops that can be availed from medical stores to lubricate one’s eyes, these eye drops can cause allergic reactions and hence herbal remedies are a preferred option. The problem of dry eyes can be safely said goodbye if one starts taking a cup of eyebright tea every day.
Just take 2-3 teaspoons of this oil every day for a minimum of 3-4 weeks and you will surely witness amazing results. Prepare a herbal tea by boiling some Chrysanthemum flowers in water and have this tea 2-3 times a day on a regular basis. This herb is luckily also available as capsules however one should consult a doctor to decide on the daily dosage.
Simple soak cotton balls in chilled chamomile tea and place them on your eyes for approximately 15-20 minutes. Coriander leaves are rich in Vitamin C which is an acclaimed anti-oxidant.  This vitamin C helps in fighting the free radicals that might be causing the dryness of eyes by causing harm.
Apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin A also contains these wonderful anti-oxidants. The paprika herb is a great source of vitamin A and thus can be used as an effective cure for dry eyes. Factors such as decreased tear production, excessive tear evaporation, abnormal production of mucus in the tear layer, hormonal changes, infection, aging, autoimmune diseases and consumption of certain medications may result in this problem. A person can place cotton swabs soaked in chilled chamomile tea on the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes on a frequent basis to cure various symptoms associated with the problem.
A few drops of a mixture of triphala powder and water can be poured into the eyes with the help of an eye dropper to increase tear production and provide moisture to the dry eyes. The antiseptic properties of calendula can treat the problem of dry eyes resulting from any infection. Application of this solution (strained) on the eyes can help in reducing the burning sensation and restoring the natural moisture. Frequent application of this eyewash with the use of cotton balls can prevent evaporation of tears. Dry eyes have been one of the most common eye issues people deal with on a day to day basis; not to mention dry eyes are actually one of the top reasons people take a trip to their eye doctor. When buying artificial tears, you need to make sure you’re purchasing drops that are lubricating. For those who have mild dry eyes, a low viscosity is recommended, while those with moderate to severe dry eyes should use artificial tears with a higher viscosity. The plus-side: you won’t need to keep applying these during the day since their lubrication lasts longer. But what if your dry eyes are being caused by using your smartphone, computer, and TV too much? When you look at a digital screen, you may not notice it but your blinking tends to decrease, which results in fewer tears being produced; when you aren’t blinking as often as you should, your eyes will dry out, and this can ultimately lead to what is known as digital eye strain.

The 20-20-20 rule is that every 20 minutes you give your eyes a rest from screen time by looking at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Punctal plugs are made of silicone or collagen, and these are inserted into the small openings of the tear ducts. Consult your eye doctor for an exam so they can assess your type and severity of dry eye to take proper action.
For example, tasks that require concentration (where you tend to keep your eyes open and blink less often) may worsen dry eyes.
In one recent study, people who were deficient in vitamin D had significantly lower scores on both the Schirmer and tear break-up time tests, indicating that vitamin D levels may correlate with the severity of the condition.[6] Learn how to get enough vitamin D to keep your eyes and your body healthy here. Readers are advised to consult their own appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. The following natural remedies may not cure dry eyes completely, but they can still bring you great relief.
But, you should use humidifiers at least in your bedroom to heal dry eyes while you are asleep. One can also soak cotton balls in eyebright and then apply those on the eyes to reduce the dryness. This amazing herb contains anthocyanosides that help in maintaining the moisture in the eyes by provoking blood flow towards the capillaries in and around the eyes. One can also soak cotton balls in liquid prepared by soaking dry bilberries in water and then place these balls on the eyes for instant relief. Do this 3-4 times a day on a daily basis and you will soon witness a measurable reduction in the dryness and eye irritation. While coriander tea is highly recommended, one can also consume it in the form of fresh leaves or as a spice in food items. Other herbal sources of vitamin A that can be used in a similar manner are cayenne pepper, oregano, chervil, savory and thyme. A person can also place a clean cheesecloth dipped in this solution on the eyes on a daily basis to get the desired results. While there are different types of dry eye (mild, moderate and severe), leaving your dry eyes go untreated can result in negative changes with your eyes and in some cases these changes can be permanent. There are plenty of eye drops that will take the redness out of your dry eyes, but if the package doesn’t say anything about lubrication, don’t buy it. The down-side: since these tears are thicker, they’ll blur your vision for a few minutes, so if you’re in the process of doing something it isn’t recommended to use these. Don’t worry, there is something you can do to help your dry eyes, and still use your devices!
By inserting these plugs tears won’t drain from the eye through the ducts, keeping more moisture in the eyes. After that is applied, your eye doctor will use tools that look like forceps, and squeeze the contents out of your clogged glands (more than likely will be oil but other substances could be clogging your glands). You’ll get our healthy eating plan, find out why stress is so dangerous and what to do about it, learn how to get quality sleep, and much more!
Because your body needs adequate amounts of water to make plenty of high-quality tears, staying hydrated is one of the most important steps you can take in controlling dry eyes. When doing something like reading, using a computer, or driving for prolonged periods, try to take breaks regularly to let your eyes recover and get moist.
While the information found on this website is believed to be sensible and accurate based on the author’s best judgement, readers who fail to seek counsel from appropriate health professionals assume the risk of any potential ill effects. It reduces eye irritation and also calms down the stingy burning sensation. However, be careful to not use the eyebright tincture and it is strictly not recommended.
Taking the red coloring away from your eyes helps your eyes appear like they are not dry, but in reality if you aren’t applying some lubrication to help provide moisture to eyes, your eyes will remain dry, so you may find yourself using drops more often. This procedure is usually done in-house by your eye doctor and it can be painful for some due to the amount of pressure used. The dampness of the towel creates a moist environment that eventually helps in improving the moisture in your eyes.

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