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Does your dog show any of the following around his ears:  Bad Smell, Itching, Scratching, Redness, Swelling, Discharge? After tens of thousands of customers and thousands of positive reviews, we estimate that EcoEars works in roughly 94 out of 100 cases. Made with natural ingredients selected for their antimicrobial and disinfecting properties.
Symptoms of infection dissipate in 2-3 days, and in the vast majority of cases, are gone by day 3. Contains all-natural, plant-based disinfectants proven effective by thousands of customers.
Relieves bad smell, itch, and gunky discharge resulting from dog ear infections in as little as 24-48 hours.
IngredientsDenatured Grain Alcohol, Rosemary Extract, Natural Witch Hazel Extract (made from non-petroleum alcohol), Organic Mullein Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Polysorbate 20 (food grade), Ionic Silver Solution, Boric Acid.
InstructionsFill affected ear canal with EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Formula and massage gently but vigorously for 90 seconds. Verified ReviewerA Verified Reviewer is a user who has connected a social network with our site, providing an added level of transparency and trust. Three medicated baths, three treatments of EcoMange, 5 days later, combined with a good diet. My Lyra was under medical treatment for several years for smelly ears caused by an overproduction of yeast. Please Share Your Experience With Other CustomersIf you have had the chance to use this product, we would be grateful if you could take just a few seconds to leave product feedback. Product feedback really helps us to compete with the giant national brands with unlimited marketing budgets, so that we can continue to bring you honest, natural products for a reasonable cost. Apply this natural ear treatment to get rid of mites or treat an ear infection in dogs or cats.
To prevent ear mites in dogs & cats, place a few drops in each ear once a week after cleaning. Wondercide offers free shipping on US orders $49+ & a 30-day return policy on orders valued below $225. I have ETD (Eustachian Tube Dysfunction) which in turn cause sinus headaches, ear infections and allergies. Slowly pour the salt water solution into your nose while continuing to breathe through your mouth. Pour some solution into the palm of the hand and inhale it through the nose, one nostril at a time. In a large study, older adults took 600 mg twice daily for 6 months and only 25% of those experienced influenza-like episodes, compared with 79% taking the placebo. NAC for allergy and sinusitis relief: I take TWO 600mg NAC 2-4 times a day while experiencing sinus symptoms.
Fucoidan Relieves pollen & atopic allergies because it increases NK (natural killer) cells.
Chicken soup The hot steam from the soup may relieve congestion and other ingredients may have anti-inflammatory effects. Tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract have natural antibiotic properties that fight off infection. A physician may still recommend you take a decongestant or prescription nasal decongestant to help relieve congestion symptoms associated with sinusitis. Decongestants should NOT be given to children under 4 years, and some health professionals recommend not giving them to children under 14.
GSE Defense Plus Maximum Strength Supplement: Not sure if this treatment works, but it is a blood thinner and a natural therapy so I take it. Antibiotics are not helpful for patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms, so they should not be prescribed for at least the first 7 days. Sinus Surgery: I read many stories of people who underwent surgery to cure or alleviate their sinus symptoms.
I created EarInfectionCures to help people with Sinusitis, Allergies, Ear Infections and ETD by listing Natural Remedies & Drug Treatments.
Sinusitis, Allergies, Ear Infections and Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD) have similar symptoms and usually you have to treat the symptoms but I also found treatments that CURE Sinusitis, Allergies, Ear Infections and ETD! Inflammation of the sinuses usually due to infection caused by a virus (such as a cold), bacteria, or fungus. The best case scenario is that the suppression with steroids will eventually make the ears better but the overall health of your dog worse. The worst case scenario leads to ear surgery – called partial or full ear ablation – which is in other words is a removal of the ear canal and sometimes the whole ear. And so I am here, typing away with hope that if I write about ears for the next few weeks, I will make a difference in at least a few canine lives. But then I thought, wait a minute, how about if I simply write about what I have learned about the causes of ear problems. Frequent ear cleaning often disturbs the ears and also introduces more resistant pathogenic bacteria such as proteus or pseudomonas which are very difficult to treat. The discharge or wax that you clean out usually builds up again quickly and if you try to clean it out over and over again, your dog will slide in a vicious cycle of never ending ear problems possibly will end up like this.
The rule of thumb is – when your dog’s ears are sore, focus on the overall health and the ears will follow.
I know that this recommendation is contrary to some practitioners who suggest frequent cleaning.
The first step to addressing your dog’s ears successfully is to open your mind to the likely possibility that your dog’s ear problems are systemic and that the local treatment is unlikely to help without causing more damage systemically. If your dog is suffering from ear problems and you have had an exam done by your care provider to make sure that your dog is ok otherwise, I invite you to try our ear tune up protocol that works for a majority of dogs with ear problems.
I mentioned this before that when ears get inflammed, it is usually a signal that something else is going on.
Start your dog on Livton - Liver Cleanse formula that is time tested to be safe and beneficial to dogs.
Collect your dog’s hair and get HairQ Test  to check his or her mineral and heavy metal levels. You will receive your results in 3-4 weeks. Start GreenMin – a chlorophyll, amino-acid and mineral rich formula to gently cleanse the digestive tract and provide missing nutrients. In order for your dog’s ears to start healing, you need to ensure that the digestive tract is in top notch condition and that your dog gets essential nutrients. I bet you never guessed that getting familiar with the back end of your dog’s anatomy could save them from surgery. Do you ever wonder why you can choose the best health practitioner for you, but if you want to take your dog to a chiropractor or acupuncturist you need a referral? A visit from a friend got me thinking again about how many manmade rules are not actually about helping dogs and more about self-serving protectionism.
A recent court case in Canada involving parents who didn’t take their son with meningitis to the doctor might have you wondering about your medical responsibility for your dog. I have received a question about my last blog on the topic of  arsenic in food that I would like everyone to hear the answer to. Dandelions are considered nothing more than a weed by most people, but it is actually a little flower that can do great things for your dog's liver and has many other medicinal qualities.

Many people do not see any difference between tennis balls and other balls, but there are definitely some important differences. This is not an easy article for me to write and I do not want to seem like a party pooper but I do need to think about the safety of your dog. Repetitive  exercise, twisting and jumping may look like fun for your dog, but can result in long-lasting injuries. My love of bacteria was almost stifled by boring text books, but I learned to love the helpful little ‘buggas’ and want to share why some bacteria is friend, not foe. We love partnering up with other socially-conscious companies and giving back so when we were introduced to B1G1 (Buy1, Give1) it was a no-brainer.
A recent email from a veterinary specialist in dermatology in response to an article I wrote about paw licking made me realize I need to keep sharing what I have learned about neck and collar injuries and paw licking.
Holistic approach to epilepsy can be effective and much less costly than conventional treatments.
The status quo isn't always the best option so here are some reasons to follow a different and all-natural routine when it comes to treating wounds and incisions.
I love hearing from my community and my last blog on ear cropping has raised a lot of questions and received many comments. I was shocked to find out that the ban on cropping dog’s ear passed at the end of 2015 is already the subject of a legal challenge. Reflecting on a recent experience, I explain how veterinarians are put in a tough situation when it comes to recommending products for their patients dog. Wondering why dogs get gas and a little chihuahua can clear the room with its strong presence? This blog explains all you need to know about flatulence in dogs and what to do about it without the use of drugs and chemicals. Sometimes, when life brings us challenges, we feel sad, frustrated or even cheated of the goodness in life. A true story about why leaving your dog alone in a dog house is the worst form of punishment.
Find out why your generosity plays an important role in generating abundance in your life and having more time to spend with your dog. Help keep your dog's heart healthy by following a six-step heart disease prevention program. Living with dogs comes with much joy, but also the responsibility of keeping them healthy, happy and comfortable for years to come. Have you ever wondered how the length of your dog’s nails are related to his or her health? I generally like to stay low profile and focus on helping you and your dogs. However, the reason why I decided to dive into the turbulent waters of healthcare bylaws and policies is that I strongly believe in the freedom of your choice when it comes to animal health care. Urinary tract and especially bladder infections are relatively common, especially in female dogs.
What do you do when you walk by a dog or a puppy, who’s guardian is doing something wrong but is not aware of it? No part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author. We had seen this on FB and decided to try it and all I can say is this is nothing short of amazing. I came across EcoEars right when he started shaking his head and I knew the familiar bad smell. After many vet visits and several prescriptions, Max still had the black gunk, the drainage, the smell and itching, just would not go away. We used to dispense an oily medicine prescribed by her vet, but it only worked temporarily. Meanwhile we hope you will take a moment to discover pet news and tips on our blog, And if you haven’t already joined our community on Facebook, we welcome you there as well.
Apply this safe ear treatment to get rid of mites, treat a dog ear infection or cat ear infection. To treat a dog or cat ear infection, place a few drops in each ear once a day for five to seven days, and repeat as needed. I have done extensive research on sinusitis and Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in hopes of a cure or at least relief from the allergies, sinus headache, ear infection and congestion.
A nasal rinse wash may provide relief from sinusitis symptoms and seemed to be the most popular remedy among allergy & sinusitis sufferers.
However, Prednisone is prescribed in small doses for sinus treatment (I think the most I took a day was 30mg of Prednisone).
NAC has 90% alleviated my sinus headache, runny nose & watery eye symptoms the last 5 times I had an allergy induced sinus headache.
One study noted by (my favorite site for natural supplementation research and studies) demonstrated the safety of 1800mg NAC per day for 142 days, while another study demonstrated the safety of 2800mg NAC per day for 3 months. A friend with allergies said AHCC cured his allergy symptoms so I gave it a try thinking allergies may be the cause of my sinus headaches and congestion. The patient should sit comfortably and lean over a bowl of boiling hot water (no one should ever inhale steam from water as it boils) while covering the head and the bowl with a towel so the steam remains under the cloth. Antibiotics can kill bad bacteria, however, antibiotics also kill good bacteria that you need to be healthy and ward off colds, flu, allergies, etc. An extended release form has been approved for treating adults with sinusitis infections that have become resistant to penicillin. Most of patients continued to endure headaches, infection and congestion in their sinuses.
In fact I need to, because the use of antibiotics and steroids does not address the core of ear problems and so many dogs suffer unnecessarily.
As soon as I wrote the title, I realized that this could be a book and not just a simple newsletter. However, the reality is that the ears only signal that the body is out of balance, in distress. In fact, the only time I recommend cleaning is once at the beginning of the treatment and then wait and see. At the end of this few weeks long “ear problem course,” I hope to have an online gathering to share your experience and ask questions.
In the end it just strengthened my feeling that I have to treat animals in the way I know is right, even if it is not conventional. But despite all the rules it is still possible to build a well-rounded team of health practitioners for your dog.
It has me thinking about how people feel about conventional medicine and what can be done to improve the system.
So I’m making no bones about it and answering the most frequently asked questions about how to make sure your dog is getting the best nutrition from bones, including calcium and magnesium. I am happy to report there is good news about arsenic in chicken so please read on to hear about changes that might affect your dog’s diet.
Our amazing community continues to show how much they care about their dog’s health by purchasing our all-natural products and in turn, we give a portion of the proceeds to amazing organizations that are saving animals around the world. That is why I have included it in SoulFood and wrote this article to answer the questions I often receive about the misunderstood dandelion.
Many dog food companies include it because it is relatively cheap, but I always look to nature when it comes to choosing my dog's diet.

Luckily I was able to catch four little dogs tied to a chair before they ran into traffic this week. The unique mix of bacteria found on all living things could be the key to a longer life, a healthy weight and better health for your dog.
Many dogs suffer from back injuries, which are known to affect your dog's health very deeply.
Maybe not, but I’ve seen dogs benefit from what I call secondhand placebo effect and it may have something to do with their people! This behaviour can be a sign of a liver deficiency or other deficiencies and can be easily treated with vitamin and mineral supplements.
In this PART 3 of this epilepsy series,  you will learn about other important factors that may be the causes of epilepsy in dogs. Here are the top ten happiest dog moments of 2015. Enjoy sweet pictures along with stories from dog lovers in our community. See what trick my dog Skai invented to get me off my phone and what you can do to have the best time with your dog.
By following some tried and true methods, you can make a huge difference in the quality of life of our senior best friends.
Find out what our HairQ test results have found and read my 7 practical steps to a time tested liver cleanse. My dog, Juno, used to have her paws get inflamed and infected, she had stomach issues and hot spots. EcoEars’ safe and gentle ingredients have treated human conditions long before we began using them for animals!
In the roughly 6 out of 100 instances when it doesn’t resolve the problem, the reason is almost always the same: long-standing, unaddressed infections that have built up to the point where there is a blockage which cannot be penetrated.
No smell, the swelling is gone, and it is a great ear maintenance product--customer for life!!!!!
After I saw the ad for Vet Organics, I thought what can it hurt to try it, and the price I might add, is cheap and well worth the cure! If you've noticed black spots in the ears or excessive scratching and head shaking, this do-it-yourself treatment will wipe out those tiny organisms that live in the ear canal, causing pain for dogs, cats, and other animals. A saline (salt water) solution can be purchased in a spray bottle at Wal Mart, drug store or buy online.
My experience is that dogs are exposed to increasingly higher amounts of toxic substances from medication, food and the environment. No matter what food you feed, it is depleted of essential nutrients because of today’s intensive agriculture and soil depletion. GreenMin is a simple and also economical solution to this problem. Read more about the differences between perianal adenoma and anal tumours to prevent these problems and possibly avoid surgery for your dog. I am sharing my 6 natural treatments for inflammation that last longer than commonly used drugs and avoid the side-effects. Rice, especially from Asia, is also high in arsenic and that is an especially good reason to cut it from your dog's diet. This scary situation reminded me of how important it is to never tie your dog to moveable furniture.
You often see dogs being overworked and sustaining injuries that can bother them the rest of their lives.
Since using GreenMin, her paws look beautiful, her stomach is less sensitive and she has no hotspots!
In cases like this, we always recommend that you visit your veterinarian as soon as possible. This product is very easy to use and after just a couple days I could see the changes, no more head shaking or scratching. I had been suffering from sinus headaches for weeks so I had to find relief from the constant sinus headaches and researched Prednisone for sinus headaches. Save your money from buying expensive Sinus Treatment Formulas and buy the main, active ingredient, NAC. Personally, I believe antibiotics should only be considered as a last resort prior to surgery. This antibiotic is inexpensive however, bacterial resistance to amoxicillin has increased significantly, both among S. In which case you will need to try other remedies and treatments to alleviate or cure your sinus symptoms.
In fact GreenMin is a human grade all natural product that both myself and my dog Skai take every day.
Find out nine ways to keep your dog happy and healthy with exercise that won’t result in harm. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF BLOOD IS PRESENT; this could indicate a ruptured ear drum—in this case, see your vet immediately!
And this product is amazing, and I would definitely recommend you not only use it, but ALWAYS keep it on hand.
Max would actually come to me to have it applied, I'm sure is was a relief from the itching and pain. Wondercide ear treatment does not contain any harmful chemicals or alcohol, so the remedy can be used safely on young pets. Swing head forward and down (head is now upside down) to force solution up into the nasal passages. If I take 4-8 NAC supplements daily during a sinusitis attack, the sinusitis usually only lasts a few days to 3 weeks tops vs. Not sure how helpful the supplements are for sinusitis, but since it' a natural alternative, I figured it couldn't hurt. This is not a cheap supplement but it is a natural treatment that cures most allergy and sinus symptoms.
Due to the lack of evidence for the benefit of nasal decongestants in treating sinusitis, the FDA ordered over-the-counter nasal decongestant products to remove references to sinusitis.
I urge you to try all the natural, OTC and prescription treatments above first before undergoing surgery. Tightness in the temporal-mandibular joint (dogs often scratch the ears when this happens)5. Ear mites can spread easily, so any animal who has been exposed should be treated with these natural drops. AHCC is an expensive supplement, any price under $44 for a 60 capsule bottle for this natural supplement treatment is a good deal. Even though I took the Prednisone early in the day I still had to take a sleep medicine at night. I don't like to take prescription medicine, however, it was worth it for a short period to alleviate the sinus headaches and live a normal life and function normally.

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