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As the symptoms of tuberculosis are variable and dependent on the part of the body on which it strikes-it is important to observe the changes occurring in the patient for the proper diagnosis of this disease. Patients suffering from tuberculosis often complain of lingering fatigue and feel easily tired. Lymphadenitis leads to inflammations and enlargements in the lymph nodes and causes painless signs and symptoms. The initial and most common symptom of skeletal TB is pain affecting the infected joint or bone.
Known as Pott Disease or TB Spondylitis, the symptoms of this condition are also dependent on the stage of the disease. Some of the most common tell tale signs of Gastrointestinal TB include diarrhea, severe abdominal pain and bleeding from the rectum or anus. Tuberculosis (TB) is a very common disease infecting a large percentage of people globally. In primary symptom, when any one suffered with regular cough from 3-4 weeks then that person have to go for a Tuberculosis diagnosis.
Or Mix 5 drops of garlic in 10 gram water and use it daily in Tuberculosis treatment.7 Prepare the powder of 1 part of Dalchini (Cinnamon), 2 parts of Chhoti Elaichi (Green cardamom), 4 part of Peepal (Ficus religiosa) and 8 part Vanshlochn with 15 gram Mishri (Sugar-candy). Use these best 8 Ayurvedic home remedies in Tuberculosis treatment and end this chronic disease. Pathogenesis describes how a disease develops from initial infection through symptoms and immune system reaction. Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease, and is primarily transmitted via inhalation of aresol droplets expelled by infected hosts.
After infection, the host either develops a primary infection immediately, or no initial infection occurs and the disease remains latent within the body. In the case that the host does not contain the initial infection, or in the case of reemergence after a period of lying dormant and latent in the body, tuberculosis infection and symptoms proceed similarly. The divergent development of tuberculosis as a disease means that easily accessible and effective diagnostic tools are extremely important in identifying possible transmission vectors as well as funneling treatment to the populations in most dire need. Specific TB tests may be recommended for the under mentioned non –exclusive symptoms of tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis is often accompanied by an unexplained but consistent loss in weight, fever, chills and night sweats. One of the most common symptoms of Pulmonary TB is a bad cough which proves to be persistent and lasts beyond three weeks. Most of the general symptoms of extra pulmonary TB are similar to those mentioned above but there may be evidence of certain specific symptoms connected to different sites of infection. Swelling in the groin and lymph nodes in the neck region are other evident signs of lymph node TB.

Some patients may suffer from a deformation or curving of the affected region while others may complain of a complete lack of mobility in the same. It is considered to be highly contagious and it s important to watch out for certain signs and symptoms prevalent in TB patients. Some of the other common symptoms of tuberculosis are headaches, confusion, and stiffness in the neck, nausea, vomiting, seizures and noticeable alterations in the mental state of the patient. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is caused by bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosisso known as Tuberculosis or TB in short. Tuberculosis or TB is a curable disease but without proper treatment this chronic infection disease causes to death.In ayurveda there are some primary Tuberculosis treatmentthat are very helpful. According to the World Health Organization, nearly one third of the world has an asymptomatic or latent tuberculosis infection.
The infectious dose is 1-200 bacilli, but each aerosol droplet can contain 1-400 bacilli, making contact without infection nearly impossible.
Upon inhalation, tuberculosis bacteria travel to the lungs and end up in the aveoli, where they are recognized in an immunocompetent host as foreign and are attacked by the body's macrophages. For the vast majority of cases, these necrotized lesions heal with some amount of scarring and calcification.
The host's immune system attempts to contain the growing infected areas by killing off tissue around them to contain the spread and deploying T-cells.
Seeming good health is no protection against this highly infectious and evolving threat to human life.
Along with a lack in appetite and a general feeling of being unwell, these patients also tend to have their body temperatures hover around 38 degrees Celsius and above-when feverish.
Along with the cough, patients also suffer from chest pains and may cough up phlegm or blood from within the depths of their lungs. Tuberculosis leads to a degeneration of the bones which may snap or break in extreme cases. The tuberculosis bacteria and germs can spread through the air and usually escape when the patient sneezes or coughs. Use this remedy for 45-60 days to end Tuberculosis.4 Daily use mixture of mango juice one glass with natural honey twice a day. In some cases this is harmless, but the ability of tuberculosis to survive treatment and spread makes diagnosing and understanding infections vital to combatting its lethality and global prevalence. In addition to its airborne infection, M.tb is adept at using the natural defenses of the body for its own advantage. These macrophages attempt to engulf the bacteria and dissemble them, normally a part of the process of a body defeating disease.

The disease is not gone, and these asymptomatic cases can remain latent for years and even decades.
In some cases, it seems as though aggressive functioning of the immune system increases the severity of an infection, while in other cases no serious effects result from repeated exposure. Use it in morning and in evening for regular 2 months to cure Tuberculosis(TB).5 Onion is best medicine or home remedy for Tuberculosis. Less than 10% of these latent tuberculosis cases become full blown secondary infections, but those account for nearly 80% of active tuberculosis cases. During primary progression of the disease, the infection grows by using the very cells the body attempts to combat it with, leading to steadily growing areas infested with bacteria, also known as tubercles. This disease affected a healthy person when he gets into contact with an infected person of TB by breathing or when he was coughing. Use raw onion or onion extract in Tuberculosis treatment.6 In ayurvedic home remedies, Lahsun (Garlic) is also used as one effective home remedy. Not all of the bacteria cells will be destroyed no matter how excellent the host’s immune system is, and the survivors infect and hijack macrophages feeding on them while increasing the bacteria population. Almost all transmission occurs from latent tuberculosis reemerging and causing rapid growth of extracellular bacteria (the kind most likely to be transmitted through inhalation of aerosol droplets). These tubercles can break off and travel through the bloodstream, leading to extrapulmonary tuberculosis or infection.
This is the primary TB stage and easily curable by proper treatment. Cough with mucus, cough with blood, Chest pain, fever, fatigue, weight loss and weak immune system are the primary symptom. In approximately 250 gram milk add 10 pieces or scraps of Lahsun (Garlic) and boil for some time.
Once macrophages are infected, they either kill the bacteria inside them or the bacteria multiply until they burst the macrophage, leading to further infection and extracellular bacilli (increasing the likelihood of infecting others via aerosol transmission).
Because the disease can lie dormant for so long, seemingly healthy people can easily infect their friends, neighbors, and anyone they have contact with before they can be treated or isolated. In a small percentage of hosts the tubercles liquefy, creating bacteria-rich environments and thickening the host's sputum.
The infected areas gradually transform into granuloma, a wall of macrophages intended to contain the infection. While tuberculosis is not unique among diseases for lingering in the body and reemerging (malaria is another notable example), this characteristic does contribute to its prevalence and lethality.
This also allows the M.tb to continue growing and overwhelm the cells it has infected until they die.

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