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Changes in our hormones, how much we sweat and how hairy we are can make us smell like never before. It's only when it hangs around a while and the bugs on our skin get hold of it that things turn sour. Getting soap or body wash in there (ouch, by the way) upsets the vagina's natural balance and can cause other problems. Eventually, items you sweat a lot in (like gym kit) can end up smelling awful, even straight off the clothes line. Some people naturally have a stronger smell than others down below, even straight out of the shower.
This is your natural smell but nobody will notice it unless they get really close (yes - that close).

It can be dangerous to use deodorants or antiperspirants on your genitals - plain old soap and water is all you should need.
If you're worried about bad smells, and especially if things are a bit sore when you pee or bad smelling stuff comes out of your vagina, speak to your doctor or school nurse. Download the FREE Young Scot app to your iPhone or Android smartphone and see where you can get discounts for your favourite shops and things to do, plus take part in Young Scot Rewards.

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