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Sore gums can happen to anyone and is a warning sign that you should check yourself for gingivitis. Sore gums occur when food particles get trapped into the pockets between your teeth thereby creating an ideal environment for thriving of bacteria. If left unattended, sore gums can lead to periodontal disease which would further cause receding gums and even loss of teeth. All these home remedies not only kill the bacteria causing sore gums but also strengthen the gums to prevent infection in the future. Due to regurgitation of acid, scarring of tissue in the lower esophagus can result in the narrowing of the esophagus, Barrett’s Esophagus (a serious complication of GERD), cancer of the esophagus and chronic coughs. Notorious side effects of these medications include headaches, muscle cramps, rapid heart rate and digestive upset.Continued use of these medications can lead to serious nutrient deficiencies including in levels of vitamin B12, calcium and magnesium. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, gastric acid suppression medications is associated with an increased risk of C.
Without proper levels of acid, digestion is labored, often causing unpleasant symptoms.Hiatal hernias can also cause the unpleasant symptoms of acid reflux. The diaphragm helps to separate the stomach from the chest; a hiatal hernia is when the upper part of the stomach protrudes above the diaphragm, allowing acid to escape.
Elevating the head during sleep, sipping herbal teas and eating smaller meals can help.Much like pregnancy, being overweight or obese can put extra pressure on the valves and sphincter that allow release of acid.
In addition, obesity is often associated with low levels of stomach acid.Large meals are a culprit, as is snacking too close to bedtime. Read warning labels and discuss alternatives with your physician.Heartburn can be the first system of an H.
While everyone’s gut is different and has different food sensitivities as well as triggers for acid reflux, there’s some repeat offenders that cause acid reflux symptoms.

A diet rich in fresh organic vegetables, free-range chicken and grass-fed beef, and bone broth can help to reduce symptoms associated with acid reflux. Nearly one-third of the population suffers from digestive disorders and diseases, including IBS, Crohn’s, celiac and acid reflux.
They help foods fully digest and nutrients absorb properly.Probiotics – take 25–50 billion units of high-quality probiotics daily.
Adding healthy bacteria helps to balance the digestive tracts and crowd out bad bacteria that can lead to indigestion, leaky gut and poor absorption of nutrients.HCL with Pepsin – take one 650 milligram pill prior to each meal. Add additional pills as necessary to keep uncomfortable symptoms at bay.Chamomile tea – sip one cup of chamomile tea prior to bed sweetened with raw honey. Chamomile tea helps to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, supporting healthy functioning.Ginger tea – boil a one-inch piece of fresh ginger in 10 ounces of water for 10 minutes. If you don’t have fresh ginger on hand, a high-quality ginger supplement in capsule form taken at the onset of symptoms can help soothe.Papaya leaf tea – papain, an enzyme in papaya, aids in digestion by breaking down proteins. If fresh organic, non-GMO papaya is not available, organic papaya leaf tea is a good alternative. Eat one cup of fresh papaya at the onset of acid reflux symptoms or sip a cup of tea prior to bed.Magnesium complex supplement – take 400 milligrams of a high-quality magnesium supplement twice per day. As mentioned above, being deficient in magnesium can cause improper sphincter functioning resulting in GERD symptoms. Numerous research studies show that it helps to heal leaky gut and benefits both ulcerative colitis and IBS. Research indicates that melatonin levels in individuals with acid reflux are significantly lower than individuals without acid reflux. Approximately 50 percent of individuals that take melatonin for 12 weeks had symptoms improve or go away. (15)Best Natural Treatments for Acid Reflux SymptomsCuring acid reflux and GERD requires a multi-prong approach.

In addition, there are many people that find relief from other natural treatments.Low stomach acid and poor digestion, however, will not be cured overnight. It’s essential to find the combination of protocols that are best for you personally. Ongoing research is focusing not just on pharmaceutical drugs for relief of acid reflux, but also on lifestyle modifications, including change in diet, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, weight loss and alternative therapies.Coconut water – is high in potassium and electrolytes that help to keep the body hydrated.
Sip coconut water throughout the day and drink a glass before bed to help keep acid reflux at bay. Coconut water can also be made into kefir, which adds additional healthy probiotics into the stomach that individuals with acid reflux desperately need.Coconut oil – take one tablespoon of coconut oil daily, spread on sprouted grain bread or incorporated into other foods. The lauric acid and other natural compounds help to fight inflammation, to boost immunity and to kill candida.Lemon and Lemon Essential Oil – add a slice of organic fresh lemon to your water each day.
You can also add a drop or two of lemon essential oil to water, or place one drop on your tongue, swish and swallow.Raise the head of the bed 4–6 inches – use blocks to raise the bed, not just pillows.
Raising your head at night can help keep acid in the stomach and relieve symptoms of acid reflux and GERD.
There is an ongoing research study testing sleep positions and their effect on acid reflux symptoms at night. For long-term relief, you must adjust your diet.Exercise – exercise moderately, as studies have shown that rigorous exercise and running can agitate the digestive tract and cause acid reflux.

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