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My nails are still sporting a few spots of the pink polish all of us bridesmaids wore, but for the most part I’ve chipped it all off. As with most aspects of our bodies, we get the best results from eating a well-balanced, vitamin rich diet. While your fingernails themselves may not need moisture, your fingertips and cuticles absolutely do. Regular hand washing is great for keeping the surface of your nails clean, but they will need some extra attention to get them clean and white underneath. When I think of nail files, I picture teenage girlsA from movies going back and forth over their fingernails while chatting with their friends. While upkeep and care for your nails areA important, sometimes it’s best to leave them alone. DISCLAIMER: Information on DIY Naturala„? is not reviewed or endorsed by the FDA and is NOT intended to be substituted for the advice of your health care professional. For every one woman I see with nice manicured finger and toe nails, I see 20 with chipped, ugly nails.
I would love to try Jamberry nail wraps … I have never been a fan of the chemical artificial nails. In addition to keeping my all natural nails a medium and uniform length, I made it a habit to place a bottle of rich natural lotion next to most of my sinks. Also, I started using Great Lakes gelatin in my smoothies for other health benefits but I’ve noticed my nails are much stronger.
I used to use nail polish on a regular basis, but as I’ve gotten older, I actually like my nails better with out it. Matt and Betsy are passionate about living naturally and building a like-minded community focused on the sustainable lifestyle. DIY Natural is about rediscovering the traditional value of doing things yourself, doing them naturally, and enjoying the benefits. Please Share This Page: Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest and best tutorials daily – free!
I grow and use fresh eucalyptus and will also use a good oil bought from a vitamin store or on line.
Last year I obtained some stuff from the vet that successfully treated my very cat-flea and fabric-filled home. You can buy Diamateous Earth-food grade at farm stores, Luckey Farmers, Tractor Supply, Andersons, etc. Otherwise, lavender oil is safe to put on their coat, all around the home, and lavender and lemongrass are great to plant in your yard. I have two toy poodles that I have usually treated with Sentinel for 6 months of the year, but money was tight, so I thought I’d try an essential oil mist recipe I found on-line this season. I was chasing them on the dogs and killing them by hand, then spritzing the dogs with the e.o. Then my mister ran out and I decided to switch to fractionated coconut oil as the base instead of water. My pooches and I are really bonding with all this grooming, but I am going to make sure I have enough money for Sentinel next spring. I read that NYS banned brush burning two years ago and that’s why the fleas are so awful now.
My grandpa has been doing this to the dogs in his life since he could remember, but if you take used oil that you would dispose of between changings, it first drowns the fleas and eggs, and on top of that it literally makes the dogs coat superduper shiny and bouncy.. The idea with the saucers placed under night lights with a little dawn dish washing liquid placed in them works GREAT!
I have been using inexpensive {Walmart or Dollar General} brands of dandruff shampoo for years, and fleas just wash right down the drain. My mother ( now 87 and handicapped ) has been complaining about getting bit at night in bed. I’ve always found that the easiest way to get rid of fleas for both dogs and cats is lemon. Wondering if some of these treatments such as the earth, oils and lemon baths are safe to use on rabbits?? In the quest for natural spider control, I found a post on 10 different natural spider control methods, from using peppermint to cats. For Barbie dolls and others with plastic body parts (such as baby dolls with soft bodies), dab benzoyl peroxide on any ink or stains on the plastic, and leave in the sun for a few hours (covering unaffected areas so as not to bleach them out).
Sticky doll hair can be tricky, but typically, washing it with a capful of baby shampoo mixed with water can help retain the doll’s lush tresses.
These can be the grimiest toys in the home since they typically are stored in wet conditions, which multiply germs and mold.

To prevent mold from forming, be sure all bath toys are dried after use and stored away from water. Toys that are meant to go into babies’ mouths often are safe for the top rack of the dishwasher. Babies also are fans of chewing on board books and gnawing on wooden toys, which cannot be sanitized as easily as plastic.
In a pinch, a disinfectant wipe, a baby wipe, or hand soap and water, can safely clean a toy that’s dropped on the floor of a restaurant or at the playground.
Clean all toys if your child is sick, and again once she is better, so as not to re-infect her or other children. Natural Ways To Facelift To Remove Wrinkles And Aging LinesBy the time we came out of this world, we were free of wrinkles. Natural Ways To Discourage Spiders From Your HouseTo discourage spider away from your house is not always easy.
The cuticle is a naturally tough piece of skin, but it is prone to cracking and drying out painfully when it isn’t kept well moisturized. The best way to clean them is to dip a wet toothbrush into baking soda and scrub under each nail. Looking at my nails right now, I can see they are a little dull and not particularly smooth. Most nail polish itself is full of them (read more on this at Organic Gardening), but it’s not nearly as destructive to your nails as the acetone that many nail polish removers contain. The wraps cost $15 for one sheet (which gets you 4 manicures), and you just heat the sticker with a blow dryer to activate the adhesive and smooth it onto your nails bed. I find if you add backA emollients each time, there’s no more broken nails or hang nails! Go ahead and shoot me an email and I’ll get you set up with some samples =) Click on my name and it will take you to my site and email! I moved into an apartment where the previous renter had a dog and I have been killing fleas every since I been here. The Boric acid in it is like glass to their bodies, it scratches the hard outer shell and they dehydrate and die. I have used with good results a mixture of Eucalyptus oil and carrier oil (I like to use olive oil because it has great topical properties). Garlic is safe for dogs in small quanties (I do 1 clove daily for my 68lb dog, but can go up to 4 daily). Use the non-concentrated version if you can find it, it’s less harsh if your dog or cat has sensitive skin. They get a dip in it about once a week to once a fortnight, and the lavender keeps bugs away from them. Essential Oils are in general highly toxic to cats and many well meaning pet owners have made their animals very very sick using them on or near their felines. I doubted his methods at first but he keeps the dogs outside to protect the home against coyotes and wolves. The fleas, their eggs and all will die and then you can use a comb to brush it out of your pet’s fur. My cat has fleas and of the 3 humans living in the house, I am the only one the fleas attack. They like to tunnel under our ground set double-wide & tear up the insulation underneath. Fill a spray bottle with water and vinegar, and spray where the spiders like to hide in the cracks and crevices. Typically they include spot cleaning with water and baby shampoo or mild detergent, and allowing to air dry.
Disinfectant wipes, or a spray of white vinegar and water quickly dried off, work well on wooden toys. Cleaning and sanitizing toys regularly is ideal, especially if your child plays hard with them, but you can overdo it.
I used to go occasionally, back when I was in college and not particularly concerned with saving money or living a natural lifestyle, but those days are long gone. The only solution I’ve found to broken nails is to actually prevent them by keeping my nails well-trimmed. You can also add a few dropsA of lemon juice or peroxide if you need the extra whitening power.
She blogs about her kids, garden, projects and chickens at Emry at Home, and you can also find her on G+. There’s tons of funky and sophisticated designs and they last longer than nail polish that chips. I saved a bottle from nail polish, cleaned it thoroughly, (unfortunately I needed to used acetone to do it) and used it for the oil.

Non-toxic, vegan and easy to use =) I have free samples for anyone that would like to try them out!
Now all I do is trim my nails and buff them when they need it, which isn’t very often. Fleas have a hard time breathing this and it freezes their lungs.This can be sat around your house in a big accent vase with water or put in a vase for drying.
I also sprinkle the borax underneath the cushions of the couch and chairs and leave it there. Every time I thought I was winning, there’d be half a dozen more on each dog within hours. It’s also good for the dogs whether they absorb it through their skin or lick it off themselves.
The smell does not remain, the animal benefits from the wonderful properties of the Apple Cider Vinegar and the infestation can begin to be controlled. To get rid of fleas inside or outside your home use cut branches from the Crete Myrtle tree.
You cut several lemons and boil them in water until it makes a sour lemonaid, yoy can also use lemon juice, once boiled add it to a spray bottle and spray away. If you want to sanitize your child’s favorite teddy, put the bear in a tied-up pillowcase in the dryer on high for about 15 minutes.
For dolls with soft bodies, clean the soft parts as you would a stuffed animal, but do not put the doll in the dryer; air dry instead. Then fill the tub with a three-quarter cup of bleach for every gallon of warm water, and soak all bath toys and vinyl bath books for about 5 minutes. You can also wash with a mixture of white vinegar, soap and water, or diluted bleach and water.
You also could dampen a new scrubbing sponge and rub them down, making sure not to get the toys too wet and warp them. There are so many ways to keep your nails neat and pretty without using chemicals or paying lots of money, and I intend to take advantage of them as soon as I chip off all of this polish. Your cuticles are a living part of your body, and trimming them will only invite infection. Rough nail files do more harm than good to fingernails, and should be replaced with very fine nail files.A Also, nails should only be filed in one direction, as sawing back and forth weakens the nail. However, if you want a more professional or smooth look, using a nail bufferA is worth a try. Non-acetone polish removers are not quite as harmful as acetone, but they do still have a drying effect and contain a myriad of chemicals. Before bed, after I rub it in thoroughly, I run my nails down the inside of my palm of alternate hand and it deposits any leftover lotion under my nails to soak in overnight and further reinforce them! As a base I use olive oil, (which is a very nourishing oil) and add vitamin E oil which acts to preserve as well as nourishing too. I imagine something similar could be done with water and an essential oil such as cedarwood, in a spray. Use caution, though, because too much buffing undermines the natural strength of your nail. Mostly I use a little Tea Tree oil but some times mix it up with other essential oils for a nice smell. If you get food grade you can not only put it on your rugs and vacuum but also pet bedding, etc. I have used a sray, then I read about using regular salt, I have been on a million sites to try to do it naturally seeing as how I have a 6 year old.
Its wonderful, bc my dog always gets staph on her whole body and flakes everywhere, and since I started doing this her skin is amazing and shiny. Then run each individual piece under cool water, scrubbing remaining noticeable mold with a toothbrush. The light attracts the fleas and the dish soap breaks the water tension so they don’t float.
Another thing I did not know about fleas was they only spend around 25% of their time on a host animal. Flea eggs require relative humidity of at least 70–75% to hatch, and larvae need at least 50% humidity to survive.

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