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The throat is an anatomical structure that extends from the nasal passages above to the esophagus below. Sore throat or simply throat infections, as they are more commonly called are best characterised by the presence of a persistent scratchy sensation in the throat. Observational studies in recent times have now concluded that upper respiratory viral infections usually give rise to symptoms such as a post nasal drip or a common cold which then triggers a throat infection. Post nasal drip is usually caused due to excessive secretion of fluid and dripping over the posterior wall of the throat. The mechanics are simple, post nasal drip forces us to clear the throat frequently in an effort to clear out the mucus and the dripping sensation. It is important that one differentiates the two as the line of treatment can change with the diagnosis.
In simple terms, if you have a sore throat which is of bacterial origin the preferred line of treatment would be antibiotics. On the other hand, if the causative trigger is a viral infection then antibiotics must be avoided at all costs.
On the contrary, bacteria can also cause a sore throat and the causative organism is a Group A beta haemolytic Streptococcus or A. According to authority resources like WebMD ,the difference between bacterial and vial infections is best ascertained by the strategic use of clinical history, symptoms identification and investigations. Sore throat is usually caused due to a viral infection and is associated with a variety of common cold symptoms. In a crux viral sore throat presents with symptoms which are similar to flu or a typical respiratory tract infection.
A sore throat is one of the commonest irritants that one can encounter at any point of time. Licorice Root needs no introduction, it has been the mainstay of sore throat treatment since ancient times. Slippery elm has been in vogue for many centuries and continues to be a popular option amongst Native Americans. Swelling of the inner lining of the throat and the presence of a thick viscid mucous are usually associated with sore throat. Clinical studies have shown that gargling with warm water and salt many times during the day can reduce the swelling in the throat as well as loosen the thick viscid mucous. Peppermint does more than merely leave you with a fresh breath.  Studies have shown that a peppermint spray can relieve sore throats. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), as it is more familiarly known, continues to be considered as a particularly great option for reversing infection and pain in throat. Lozenges help and they work on the concept of keeping the mucous membrane of the throat moist, thus minimizing throat irritation. The more innovative may even add a spoon of honey for better results, considering that it not only improves the taste of tea, but has also a strong antibacterial property thus helping fight bacterial infections. Chicken soup is no wonder breakthrough, it has been used therapeutically as a grandma’s remedy since times immemorial. As the warm fluid is swallowed, the swelling in the throat begins to subside, leading to a decrease in the pain sensation.
Sore Throat Remedies Guide is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to them. Purnima Kumar, an assistant professor of periodontology at Ohio State, headed up the study. This typically means more work for the dentist to overcome the bacteria and treat any more serious issues that may yet occur. To begin the experiments, they gathered groups of 15 smoking and 15 non-smoking healthy people. Results showed that the non-smoking subjects had about the same proportion of bacteria at the end of the study as they did when they first had the cleaning with little to no cytokine presence. This simply means that due to their smoking habits, their body quickly begins to kill off their own good bacteria, leaving them susceptible to disease.
According to the article, Kumar hopes that this study will encourage dentists to address these problems with their patients. If you need an affordable option to help you see a dentist, feel free to check out our discount dental plans that start the same day you sign up.
As I wrote in my previous post, after my mother’s death from breast cancer I decided that I would do whatever it took to avoid this disease.
In the one case, I joined the National Cancer Institute’s Breast Cancer Prevention Trial, which was launched in 1992 a few months after my mother died. At about the same time, I met Jane Remington, who became a great friend and encouraged me to meet a naturopath named Sylvia Flesner.
Having always been very open to the unusual, I didn’t blink when Jane told me that Sylvia was clairvoyant and would know exactly what I needed to fortify my own system. As I said, the diet is severe and eliminates all the food in modern life that causes the yeast to flourish. Once the yeast begins to die, you can go through a “healing crisis” distinguished by headache, flu-like symptoms, muscle pain, etc.
At that point, and under the guidance of Jane Remington who is also a fabulous cook, I acquired a new interest in healthy eating. Our modern diet contains a mix of sugars and oral bacteria can ferment all of them with more or less equal ability, with the exception of lactose (milk sugar) from which less acid is produced.
Soft drinks, sodas, fruit juices, and sport drinks represent the single largest source of sugars consumption in the US. WHO has made a strong recommendation that free sugars should not provide more than 10% of calorie intake and further suggested that limiting intake of free sugars to no more than 5% of calories (approximately 3 teaspoons for a child and 6 for an adult) would confer further health benefits. The fight against dental decay starts with effective oral hygiene practices, which include brushing and flossing. We will provide you with information that is accurate, authoritative, and trustworthy on all aspects of dentistry. La balanitis es una infeccion de la cabeza, o glande del pene (el termino "balanitis" en griego significa "inflamacion de la bellota").
Si la uretra o abertura del pene, se ve afectada, tambien se puede producir dolor al orinar.La balanitis se puede tratar facilmente. Balanitis por candida, no es una enfermedad de transmision sexual, pero puede ser transferida entre los socios fisicos, lo mejor es evitar las relaciones sexuales hasta que la infeccion desaparezca. Cremas antimicoticas o tabletas son generalmente prescritas para el tratamiento de la candidiasis. Todos estos factores ayudan a la levadura infecciosa o a bacterias a multiplicarse y crear la inflamacion de la cabeza del pene y el prepucio.
En hombres no circuncidados, en particular, la falta de lavado regular puede resultar en una acumulacion de una sustancia pastosa conocida como esmegma debajo del prepucio, que pueden llegar a infectarse y causar irritacion.
Lavar el area con un limpiador suave o con agua salada puede ayudar a curar la infeccion en este caso.
La irritacion por jabones, perfumes y detergentes, son otra causa de los sintomas de balanitis.
Ademas, un apoyo a la buena salud de la piel a traves del uso de anti bacterianos tales como la vitamina A y mantener el area bien humectada, puede ayudar a prevenir los sintomas de dolor en el pene. Los hombres que estan sin circuncision, tienen mas probabilidades de desarrollar esta condicion, aunque todos los hombres pueden experimentar problemas con esta infeccion del pene, independientemente de su edad. La diabetes y otros trastornos del sistema inmune tambien puede aumentar las posibilidades. El medico le recetara agentes anti-hongos y anti-bacterianos topicos, dependiendo de la causa de la balanitis.
Como se menciono anteriormente, balanitis puede ser causada por una infeccion bacteriana o de levadura. La infeccion por el VPH no solo se produce en la zona genital, las verrugas pueden aparecer en diferentes partes del cuerpo, como la piel, en la cara, las manos, los pies y hasta en la garganta. El virus del papiloma humano (VPH) es un virus de transmision sexual muy comun que se produce tanto en hombres y mujeres. El VPH (virus del papiloma humano), en los ultimos anos se ha convertido en una gran preocupacion, ya que tambien puede causar cancer de garganta, cancer anal y cancer de pene.
En todo el mundo, el VPH corresponde a una de las causas mas comunes de diversas enfermedades de transmision sexual. Puede ser durante el acto intimo vaginal, anal o incluso en casos raros, en relaciones orales. Un condon ofrece mas proteccion, pero no es suficiente en la mayoria de los casos, porque hay zonas de los genitales que pueden infectarse aun descubiertos. Ademas, los hombres que tienen un sistema inmune debil, como los infectados por el VIH son mas propensos que otros a contraer cancer y otros casos de verrugas genitales graves que son dificiles de tratar. El sintoma mas comun, son las verrugas genitales que aparecen en el pene, los testiculos o en el ano. Las verrugas genitales pueden comenzar a aparecer dentro de semanas o meses de haberse infectado. Algunos expertos han afirmado una prueba para los hombres que mostrara si esta infectado, pero no hay pruebas concluyentes de que funcione.
No hay cura para el VPH, pero hay metodos de tratamiento para deshacerse de las verrugas genitales y reducir los sintomas.
No existe ningun tratamiento para el VPH en los hombres, pero hay maneras de que el problema causado por el VPH pueda ser tratado. El tratamiento de las verrugas genitales no significa necesariamente reducir sus posibilidades como hombre de transmitir el VPH a su pareja.

Debe tener en cuenta que las verrugas pueden regresar despues de varios meses, es por eso que  necesita un tratamiento seguro recetado por su medico. Existen mas de 25 tipos diferentes de enfermedades de transmision sexual, y cada una de ellas, con signos y sintomas distintos.
Las enfermedades de transmision sexual mas comunes son: clamidia, gonorrea, sifilis, herpes genital, virus del papiloma humano, hepatitis B, tricomoniasis y vaginosis bacteriana. Las enfermedades de transmision sexual, pueden comenzar con una picazon, ampollas, enrojecimiento, dolor alrededor de la zona de los genitales, una sensacion de ardor o escozor al orinar, ganas frecuentes de orinar en un momento sin previo aviso.
Si usted ha tenido relaciones sexuales con alguien que piensa puede tener una enfermedad de transmision sexual, o si siente que puede tener sintomas de ETS, entonces es recomendable hacerse un control en una clinica de enfermedades de transmision sexual tan pronto como sea posible. 1- Siempre usar un condon masculino o femenino, si piensa que su pareja puede estar en riesgo de haberse contagiado una enfermedad de transmision sexual.
2- Siempre utilice un condon con nuevos socios o socios que tienen una vida sexual activa con otras personas.
5- Evite a personas que beben mucho o toman drogas, ya que son mas propensos a correr riesgos con la actividad amorosa. La captura de una enfermedad de transmision sexual, puede resultar en problemas de salud a largo plazo, tanto para el hombre y la mujer por igual. Si una enfermedad de transmision sexual no se trato poco despues de su captura, o incluso no se trata en absoluto, entonces existira un futuro riesgo de sufrir algun grado de problema en la salud genital y general.
La razon por la que esta enfermedad ha comenzado a extenderse como una gripe normal, es el descuido de la generacion joven que se involucra en relaciones sexuales promiscuas y desprotegidas. El virus de la inmuno deficiencia humana, es tan danino que arruina su cuerpo a nivel celular y se hace cargo de su sistema inmunologico. Las celulas blancas de la sangre en el cuerpo pierden la capacidad de luchar contra el VIH y, finalmente, se convierten propensos a otras enfermedades. Por lo tanto, es importante que se tome la prueba del VIH lo antes posible para aclarar sus dudas.
El virus del VIH, es muy dificil de detectar debido a que los sintomas tardan en aparecer en el cuerpo de la persona que sufre de el. Los sintomas mencionados anteriormente pueden afectar la salud de los adultos como tambien de los ninos. La prueba del VIH es principalmente para las parejas que no toman algunas medidas de precaucion al tener relaciones sexuales. Si tiene la mas minima duda de VIH, entonces es muy recomendable que consulte a su asesor de la salud.
Realizar la prueba del VIH a tiempo, puede salvar su vida, asi como la vida de otras personas que se preocupan por usted. Si ha encontrado un inconveniente en su sistema inmune despues de una intimidad fisica sin proteccion con su pareja, es recomendable entonces que se realice una prueba de VIH lo antes posible.
La inflamacion del pene, o mas precisamente en el glande, puede ser causada por balanitis o balanopostitis. Esta condicion puede estar acompanada por una sensacion de picor incomoda, pero la mayoria de las veces se siente completamente normal.
Infeccion bacteriana, infeccion por hongos (candidiasis), irritacion quimica (dermatitis alergica, eccema o psoriasis). La balanitis no es una enfermedad de transmision sexual pero se puede producir un contagio cuando estan dadas las condiciones. La balanitis, es el resultado de un crecimiento excesivo de organismos, tipicamente levaduras u hongos que normalmente estan presentes en la piel del glande.
Dicho esto, la condicion se vuelve mas problematica en los hombres que tienen un prepucio (es decir, los que no han sido circuncidados).
El medio ambiente bajo el prepucio es calido y humedo, y estas condiciones a menudo favorecen el crecimiento de los organismos que causan la balanitis. De hecho, Candida albicans prefiere entornos de crecimiento que son similares a los ideales para cultivar hongos comestibles, es decir, el calor, la humedad y la oscuridad. Obviamente el pene no circuncidado, es un terreno fertil para la aparicion de una inflamacion del pene, mas precisamente en el glande, por balanitis.
Los sintomas son enrojecimiento, inflamacion, dolor , picor, en algunos casos no se puede hacer retroceder el prepucio.Puede haber dificultades en la miccion. A menudo se puede observar un agrandamiento de los ganglios linfaticos en el area inguinal. La inflamacion del pene por balanitis puede producirse por el efecto de un prepucio apretado, en el que las bacterias y los hongos tambien se acumulan por el esmegma. Es importante para el tratamiento, un analisis de orina y un examen bacteriologico del glande. La mayoria de los hombres no se dan cuenta de esto y, como resultado, no buscan atencion medica inmediatamente.
Los sintomas de las infecciones del tracto urinario en hombres son importantes para saber, porque cuanto antes se de cuenta de que tiene una infeccion del tracto urinario, mas pronto podra obtener alivio. Uno de los sintomas mas comunes de tener una infeccion urinaria, es la miccion dolorosa o sensacion de ardor cuando esta orinando.
De hecho, puede ser tan doloroso que ni siquiera quiere orinar cuando usted sabe que tiene la necesidad de hacerlo. Otro sintoma de una infeccion urinaria en hombres y mujeres, es una mayor necesidad de orinar. Hay un aumento de la sensacion de sentirse como si fuera necesario eliminar urgente, pero luego no son capaces de hacerlo. Tambien puede no ser capaz de orinar tan facil y natural como lo hacia antes de tener una infeccion urinaria.
La infeccion del tracto urinario en los hombres en gran medida puede ser tratada por los fluidos solos. Lo mejor es que beba mucho liquido, especialmente durante las primeras veinticuatro horas despues de sentir los sintomas de esta condicion particular. Esto definitivamente le ayudara a tener la orina menos concentrada y ayudara facilmente lavar las bacterias, que causan la infeccion. Si realmente siente la necesidad de orinar, a continuacion, debe eliminarla inmediatamente.
Uno de los tratamientos mas confiables para la infeccion del tracto urinario es tomar los medicamentos prescritos dictados por su medico. Take a very small drop of yogurt with the toothpick and smear it for 2 to 3 seconds on the slide. View in the compound microscope at 4 x or 10 x initially, before moving to higher magnification. Bacteria can be found isolated, in pairs (diplo), in clusters or in threads (strepto), and they can have different shapes like rods (bacilli), sphere (coccus) etc.
Yogurt is made from the fermentation of the lactose in milk by the rod-shaped bacteria Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. On visualization your doctor may notice an angry red throat with a swollen or puffy appearance.
Although, throat infections can be attributed to both viral as well as bacterial organisms, viral infections are far more common.
They are both caused by microbes and can spread the same way, by sneezing, coughing, contaminated surfaces, food, water etc. Statistics indicate that while there are numerous viruses which can trigger an attack of sore throat, the number of bacteria that can lead to sore throat are relatively limited. To further elaborate; while viral infections are usually associated with symptoms of cold, those due to bacteria may be associated with an unusual eruption of rashes. One of the diagnostic tests which can help confirm the diagnosis beyond doubt is the throat swab culture. The rear wall of the throat and the tonsils are rubbed with the swab so that a sample of the secretion can be collected by the swab.
In instances such as these that this natural at home remedy helps relieve symptoms without needing to schedule a trip to your doctor. Scientific studies in recent years have now concluded that it helps to soothe the throat and even alleviate pain.
This works on the concept of coating the inner lining of the throat with a slippery gel which is formed when slippery elm is mixed with water. Apple Cider Vinegar helps kill bacteria due to the high degree of acidity that it manifests. The medical fraternity is of the opinion that drinking plenty of fluids keeps the mucous membrane of the throat moist and thus helps fight bacteria and irritants far more effectively.
Concurrently, the sodium content present in the soup has a strong anti–inflammatory property, making it the perfect option for those looking for quick relief. But did you know that smoking can cause your body to attack your own good bacteria and, in turn, increase your risk for other oral diseases? Her studies show that healthy mouths have a stable amount of the beneficial bacteria that protect you from many oral diseases.
After giving each of them a thorough, professional teeth cleaning, researchers took swab samples from their gums at specified times during the week to look for several indicators.
The smokers in the study also showed increased amounts of cytokines, which proves that the subjects’ bodies had been on the defense to prevent attacks from adverse bacteria.
As a practicing periodontist and professor, she personally talks to her smoking patients about this study and the dangers their habit can bring to their teeth.
They’re incredibly cost-effective, and you can use them to get discounts on almost every dental procedure. Her career in communications has included experience as a congressional aide, corporate speechwriter, government relations and public affairs specialist, and freelance writer.

Jane had experienced a remarkable healing by Sylvia after becoming extremely ill following several courses of antibiotics associated with gum surgeries. The antibiotics had caused a severe infection of the yeast called Candida albicans.
Due to our modern lifestyle, which began to incorporate large amounts of antibiotics steroids, hormones, and birth control pills after World War II, the yeast has been enormously stimulated. I could not have any sugar, dairy products, yeast, caffeine, alcohol, or anything fermented, and processed foods were to be avoided. Soon Jane came out with a cookbook called The Yeast-Free Kitchen with recipes to support the diet, and it contains some of my all-time favorites.
Bacteria in your mouth produce organic acids from dietary sugars that concentrate in dental plaque, the sticky whitish film that collects on surfaces of our teeth. However, it is important to remember that there are many varieties of sugars and the form and frequency in which they are ingested impacts oral and general health.
They may be highly refined and consumed in their natural state, raw, or cooked (peas, bananas, beans). Dried fruit, on the other hand, may be more cariogenic due to a high sugars content and sticky nature. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cites that half of the US population consumes a sugars-sweetened beverage on any given day and on average, sugary drinks provide 103 and 178 calories per day for females and males respectively.
Other methods of tooth cleaning such as eating fibrous foods, apples, and carrots will not cleanse the tiny pits, fissures and contact areas of adjacent teeth where decay begins, but are healthier than eating sugary snacks that stick to the teeth providing reservoirs for acid production. When fluoride is incorporated into tooth enamel, it makes it more resistant to acid dissolution and therefore decay. Scientific evidence attests to the fact that chewing xylitol-sweetened gum, mints, or candy (without sugars) stimulates saliva flow which helps protect against decay.
Los que no saben mucho al respecto, estan preocupados porque creen que  han desarrollado algun tipo de enfermedad de transmision sexual.
La balanitis inflama la cabeza del organo sexual masculino y puede causar dolor y secrecion. Mientras esta condicion no es peligrosa, puede causar molestias considerables, asi como interferir en el disfrute del sexo. Los espermicidas se encuentran en los condones y otros metodos anticonceptivos, tambien pueden causar irritacion e inflamacion. El virus es lo que esta detras de las verrugas genitales embarazosas que los hombres pueden llegar a tener en su pene, los testiculos, el ano y la zona de la ingle.
Existe una para las mujeres, pero es parte de un cribado del cancer de cuello uterino y no va a funcionar para los hombres. No es necesaria la ereccion para contraer una enfermedad de transmision sexual, la mayoria son muy contagiosas. Si ha encontrado estos sintomas en su cuerpo o usted es una persona sexualmente activa, pero se siente cansado todo el tiempo, entonces la primera cosa que hay que hacer es realizar la prueba del VIH. Pero las posibilidades de que eso ocurra son muy bajas debido a que el virus se desarrolla rapidamente y tiene una tendencia a extenderse desde un individuo a otro. Con frecuencia lo que ocurre es que cuando se trata de orinar, la cantidad que sale no se cor-relaciona con la urgencia que sentia para eliminar la orina. No va a mejorar por si solo por lo que se requiere atencion medica.Su medico le recetara un antibiotico que elimine la infeccion del tracto urinario.
Contener la orina por mucho tiempo podria causar algunos problemas en los rinones, o insuficiencia renal. Bueno, si usted necesita un tratamiento inmediato para esto, trate de considerar estos consejos para poder liberarse de la infeccion.
The esophagus or the food pipe, is located more inferiorly and while it is in contact with the throat above, it is connected to the upper end of the stomach below.
These signs and symptoms are usually associated with fever and chills making it critical that appropriate treatments are adopted at the earliest possible time. Some of the more important causes being a common cold, sinusitis and even hormonal changes. The name is suggestive considering that this infection is usually caused by an organism known as A. Nevertheless, experts are of the opinion that a sore throat can be treated very easily with home remedies. Those seeking a more convenient option can opt for elm lozenges which helps soothe the throat and minimize pain and irritation of the throat. It helps thin out the mucus and thus leaves you with a calm throat.  Peppermint has a particularly effective healing as well as soothing effect on the throat,  it is also an effective antibacterial option. On the contrary, when used in combination with honey, it can layer and soothe a sore throat very effectively. The saliva reaches the throat and keeps the mucous membrane moist, ensuring that cough and irritation of the throat are controlled at all times.
One of the simplest methods of ensuring adequate hydration is to watch the color of urine; if the color is pale yellow or clear then you can rest assured that you are adequately hydrated.
The Ohio State University recently researched this issue and released its studies to the public. She also studied the mouths of people who smoke and saw that they have lower rates of the helpful bacteria.
The first was differences in dental plaque makeup to see which bacteria were present in the two different groups, paying close attention to the body’s reaction to the bacteria. Kumar and her team do not know why exactly the smoking habit connects to these issues, but they have a theory: that the smoke interferes with regular communication between bacteria and the human body. She believes the study indicates that dentists should take a more active role in encouraging their patients to quit smoking and providing access to resources that may help.
My recent dental visit resultes are that most of teeth need to go but the cost is prohibitive for me. She is the author of Lizard Diary, a memoir of an experience with shamanism, and The Inheritance, a novel that was published in 2012. Sylvia believes that such infections are the place of cause in a raft of disorders, including cancer.
It normally lives in balance with other microorganisms in the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and female genital tracts. I had had frequent headaches and problems with constipation for years, and soon I began to function normally. Just last year she also published a brilliant book called Re-Caging the Beast about the whole issue of health problems caused by Candida albicans.
When sugars are ingested, there is an increase in acidity, which causes dissolution of the enamel and dentin of the teeth leading to cavities. Data from the National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in the US shows that on average children obtain between 13-17%, and adults almost 12% of their calorie intake from added sugars (excluding free sugars from fruit juices), which exceeds the current World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste is the most important way of getting fluoride into the surfaces of teeth. La falta de higiene o la mala limpieza debajo del prepucio del hombre no circuncidado pueden causar o agravar el problema. Orinar con frecuencia tambien es muy util en el lavado de toda la orina concentrada y con bacterias que pueden haber provocado la infeccion.
Other bacteria found in yoghurt are Lactobacillus acidophilus or casei, Streptococcus salivarius subsp. If statistics are any index, Americans averagely experience two or more episodes of sore throat in a year and numbers are much higher in developed economies. Although viral and bacterial infections may cause the same symptoms, they are structurally different and respond differently to medications. However if you do not respond to home remedies within three days then you will probably need to consult a doctor.
When a cooing agent like eucalyptus or menthol is added to the lozenge it can lead to a numbing sensation and the results can be even more encouraging. In doing this, researchers hope to bring to light yet another health reason for smokers to quit their habit. Researchers also wanted to know if the body was handling the bacteria as a threat, in which case they would find elevated amounts of cytokines (the body’s infection-fighters).
They released the studies upon completion and reported their findings in the Infection and Immunity Journal. I lost a little weight, and people kept commenting on how pretty my skin was, not that it had been bad to begin with. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of free sugars is likely to decrease decay and promote health. Thus, it is not surprising that throat infection remedies are one of the most queried medical conditions in contemporary times. Large quantities of either sucrose or fructose in the diet are highly cariogenic (decay-causing) and also contribute to obesity. Cooked or uncooked staple starchy foods such as rice, potatoes and bread have low decay producing potential. When sugars are added to already starchy foods, the potential for decay increases significantly.

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