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Are you finding that your stockpile over over the counter medications is a bit out of control lately thanks to deals where you got them for free or close to free?  Do you find yourself handing them out like candy to friends, family members, and even strangers on the street? As you’re getting ready to donate some of your excess over the counter medications, you might also want to check out this post on I Heart Organizing about how to organize (and dispose of) your medications.  There are some great tips!
Don’t forget to get a receipt for your donation so that you can keep track of it for tax purposes!
If you find that clemastine fumarate causes too many side effects, you should try loratidine next.
Your school nurse would likely greatly appreciate any items that you have!  The school may also be able to use unused blood glucose monitors.
Antihistamines specifically block a part of the allergic pathway, decongestants nonspecifically open nasal passages regardless of the cause by shrinking blood vessels.

They work very well but for many people they have the side effects of sedation and dry mouth.
This antihistamine often works well, and has the benefits of being once a day and having no side effects. They include original Benadryl (diphenhydramine), Tavist Allerfy (clemastine), and Chlortrimeton (chlorpheniramine). It has the negatives of being a bit more expensive, and quite a bit less effective in relieving symptoms.
This medicine is more effective than newer, more expensive prescription antihistamines, but in some people it causes drowsiness. Get the generic and give it a try, if it helps, it can be a really good medicine with no side effects or drug interactions.

Tavist Allergy (plain clemastine fumarate), not Tavist - D is probably the best choice in this category. The more effective second generation antihistamines are still prescription, but that may soon change.

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