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I suspected his rash was hives and this was an allergic reaction to something so I called the on call nurse at Children's hospital and was told I should get some benedryl and to give it to him as soon as possible and not to give him anymore of his antibiotic.
She mentioned that he needed to not be on any form of medication within 6 hours of going to the doctor the next day. I waited until his pediatrician office was open and thankfully there was an appointment available at 9:15am. Camo variants all have a red border to grab attention up close, however don't stand out from medium distances and beyond.

In addition I noticed he had several bumps on his head, one of which he had at the first family event and was mistaken for him hitting his head on something. After calling many places to see if they were open I left the house at 11:30pm to get benedryl from the local 24 hour pharmacy which was 20 minutes away. At first sight, his pediatrician confirmed he is allergic to penicillin and to discontinue antibiotics because his ear infection was gone.
That was our first clue that something was wrong but it just looked like he ran into something.

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