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One of the preeminent skin cures is exfoliation, which is very prevalent these days and supports to up hold a healthy, superb and pimple free skin. Try to evade excessively consumption of tea, coffee, caffeinated beverages or tobacco and lethargic life style.
Brown sugar eradicates the dead cells, filth, sebum and scums from the pores, which causes pimples.

Take 1tbsp dry marigold flower and crush it with half cup of water, dip it for 15 minutes at present sieve it and merge one Tbsp.
This will card on further dirt, oil, bacteria and filth to the inflated areas which can stimulate acne.
Insufficient defecation of bowels prime to the surplus substance accretion and buildup of toxins in your blood, it is very dangerous for you and if not cured tend to worsen acne.

In addition you must be worry because carelessness with leave a permanent mark on your face as a lifetime scar.

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