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You may already know that bisphosphonates, such as Fosamax, Actonel and Boniva, and others, are a very unattractive option if you want to have strong, flexible and healthy bones. But what if you’ve already taken these drugs at some point or want to stop taking them? There are two main ways by which your body gets rid of the bisphosphonates once you stop taking the drug. That’s how they get cleared out of the bloodstream… but what happens to the bisphosphonates that attach themselves to the bone? This should come as great news to you, if you’ve stopped or wish to stop taking the drugs.
You see, the major osteoporosis and osteopenia drugs close the door on new bone formation, leaving only old and weak bone.
Armed with this information if you have doubts about stopping bisphosphonates, you can rest assured that it’s never too late to start on a natural bone health program. My mum has been taking Alendronic Acid for many years and at 82 she is almost fully bent over.
I am a 64 year old female who took Fosamax for osteoporosis for almost 3 years and now am having trouble breathing.
Suggestions on what to do and if these side effects can start happening after this long of taking the fosamax. My mom is 86 years old, with numerous health problems including: diabetes, osteoporosis, CHF, dementia and has mobility difficulties.
I have taken fosamax for 4 weeks with side effects of nausea and extreme joint and muscle pain (none of which I had before) and was then put on risedronate with the added side effect of heartburn.
Hi, my mom has taken herself off of fosamax, would this account for the nasuea,dissiness, and elevated blood pressure? I had the first injection of Desonumab in July to treat osteoporosis in my spine having sustained 8 vertebrae compression fractures, 3 thoracic and 5 lumbar. I have only taken one 35mg Actenol and I am having severe neck pain flulike symptoms and diarrhea. I am 69, in good health, don’t drink or smoke, exercise regularly and diagnosed with osteoporosis and scared into taking Fosomax.
While this varies with the individual, a Harvard Medical School study reports that healthy bone resorption does gradually resume after stopping bisphosphonates like Boniva, and normal bone remodeling is achieved in approximately five years.
In addition to SOB site I walk in a weight vest and I also found weighted shorts for women by nyk which are the only ones that are really for women to target my hip area as I walk .
I’m 43 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 4 years ago and was put on fosomax 70mg once a week! This web site is certainly instead helpful considering that I’m with the second developing an online floral website in spite of the fact that I am only commencing out like a result it is truly relatively little, nothing at all similar to this world wide web web site.
Hi I am on Fosmax I been on the table for longer then 10 years I have only been testing once that I was told i had Osteoporsis .
Studies conducted by maxillofacial surgeons have shown that most of the free-flowing chemical in the bloodstream is eliminated in approximately three to four months.

Never-Published Study Uncovers How And Why Bisphosphonates Cause Atypical FracturesThe End Of Bisphosphonates?
A few months ago I started having constipation, bloating, joint pain, heartburn, feeling fatigued. A week ago, with doctors permission, l stopped taking the medication; still have sore uncomfortable tummy which is now quite distended. There is quite a bit of free information on this site about Fosamax – I urge you to use the search feature so you can read up on this drug before making your decision. If you’ve stopped taking Actonel, then your body will begin the process of cleansing your system of the drug. I’ve have two very bad broken wrist fractures as well as nothing can hit my bones or I could cry in a second! PLEASE HELP WHAT LIQUID WILL I TAKE OTHER THAN WATER TO REMOVE THIS MEDICINE THAT ENTERED MY BODY.
I have recently started sharing my save our bones info with her and have bought her the True osteo. This also includes the release of bisphosphonates from bone surfaces that end up in the bloodstream, because they can’t attach themselves to the bone cells and are simply unused. Your best bet is to support this process with plenty of pH-balanced, bone-healthy foods, lots of pure water, exercise, and adequate rest.
I have been following your advice for a few years now, have your books and trust your opinion. The cardiologist took me off Fosamax, I also had unexplained severe scalp itching and hives for 8 months and the biopsy only showed that is was chronic. It want to go down, pain in my leg and arm, headaches which I never get and feeling seasick. I read the information and it said that this could be a side effect, so I stopped taking it, 2 months later I still have it. I took the first tablet 4 days ago the next day I felt tired and some parts of my body ached following the next day I felt bloated with a stomach ache and lost of appetite. I will NEVER take another of those poisonous pills but Vivian how do I counter act the one pill? The next day I felt tired and some parts of my body ached following the next day stomach ache and lost of appetite and I felt bloated. 4 days have passed and I still have the stomach ache and now around my kidneys area are sore and achy. I did lose 10 ound in a year but I gave up bread dairy and grains Im under 5 ft I should be 98 lbs.

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