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Thrush is said to be recurrent thrush if the woman experiences four or more attacks in a year. Thrush is very common and, fortunately, it is highly sensitive to over the counter antifungal agents. However, some species of thrush, on the other hand, are commonly resistant to the usual medications. Since Thrush thrives in warm, moist, and airless parts of the body, women who wear tight fitting nylon, Lycra and other non cotton fabric underwear or swimsuits for long periods of time, may be promoting the favorable conditions for the growth. See a specialist with an interest in recurrent thrush to exclude other causes of the symptoms as they may not necessarily be due to thrush.
The doctor will obtain a comprehensive and detailed history of the patient’s lifestyle, her hygienic practices, dietary habits, medications, allergies, and sexual practices to try and characterize the precipitating factors. Initiate suppressive therapy for the acute attack and introduce maintenance therapy for 3 – 6 months. The specie of Candida and the sensitivity profile should be reviewed if breakthrough attacks occur during maintenance therapy.
Avoid or discontinue douching, bubble baths, bath salts and oils, perfumed and scented soaps, and similar feminine products as the patient may be allergic to these.
Exclude or control underlying diabetes, and review any relevant contributory drugs such as long term steroids or the combined pill. Exclude other causes of the symptoms including vulval dermatoses – lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, contact dermatitis, and vulval intraepithelial neoplasia. For more information about thrush or for a consultation with Austin please click the button. If you are one of the lucky women, your case of bacterial vaginosis (BV) clears up without the need for any treatment, while many women require treatments to quickly clear up the condition. It is unclear why there are a high number of recurrent infections that develop after a successful treatment of bacterial vaginosis. The kind of environment and level of irritation regarding the vaginal region can cause a reoccurrence of bacterial vaginosis, such as tight-fitting clothing. The chemicals found in laundry detergents and some sanitary products can cause irritation to the vaginal area. Eating too much fast food or overly processed foods can contribute to chronic bacterial vaginosis.
Certain antibiotics with side effects that influence the vaginal flora can promote chronic bacterial vaginosis. The act of sexual intercourse does not cause bacterial vaginosis (because it is not a sexually transmitted disease).However, having multiple partners can contribute to a recurrence of the condition.
When recurring symptoms arise, it is in your best interest to follow-up with a second course of antibiotics. Pregnant women with chronic bacterial vaginosis face more severe complications that can affect the birth of their child. To prevent a reoccurrence of bacterial vaginosis, there are many different approaches to consider, including home and natural remedies.

OUR BODIES ARE MENT TO SELF HEAL AND THE TOOLS WE NEED FOR HELP ARE HERE ON EARTH NATURALLY. When I am intimate with my boyfriend, when he has a condom on, and pulls out, there is an EMBARRISSING white ring around his penis, and thats that god-darn discharge coming from me. I suffered for three months and finally my acupuncturist recommended the Bloodtype Diet by Peter J. I am thinking our husbands (sex partner) should be treated but it doesn’t seem to be the case? So, it was still in remission or gone totally until a new partner, got treated and decided to remain partnerless, (chosen celibacy until marriage if there is to be one). This last time, it was too strong soap, (I know better) coupled with sudden stress, (not just the holidays but, life stressors related to other things)to top it off not only did I have my period at that time but, (and this is a BIG but) it was the holidays and I ate way more sugary foods than normal. Majority of women who have recurrent thrush do not necessarily have new infections, but may have underlying factors that interfere with local vaginal immune functions, which provoke a relapse. Occasionally, women may be allergic to seminal plasma and, as a result, may experience attacks after sexual intercourse.
Infections with these other types of recurrent thrush are more likely to be recurrent because of treatment failure. The specialist should be able to determine the type of Candida and what medications it is sensitive to. This is usually sufficient for 60 – 70% of sufferers, but the remaining 30 – 40% may relapse within 6 months of discontinuing therapy and this can be repeated. You can ask your doctor for a referral to his clinic at St Georges Hospital in Tooting, London or you can see him privately at Parkside Hospital beside Wimbledon Common, London or Newlife clinic in Epsom, Surrey. However, despite medical assistance, remedies and antibiotics a€“ some women face chronic bacterial vaginosis.
What is known is the main reason behind a reoccurrence a€“ an unbalanced level of vaginal flora. This is why many women experience a recurring bout of BV during the summertime a€“ when bathing suit weather emerges [1]. If you’re not getting enough vegetables in your diet, you may face an increased chance of reoccurrence. Some believe that everyone possesses their own flora, and combining the flora from multiple sex partners can disrupt the balance of vaginal flora. The main concerns include an increased chance of preterm labor, miscarriages, overall pregnancy complications, and delivering a baby with a low birth weight [2]. For example, consider increasing your daily consumption of green vegetables to alkalize the body.
During the beginning I wasnt using birth control pills or using a condom and I never had bv.
And after taking antibiotics for awhile and it only coming back after meds were done I thought about things logically. I am on a diet, I excercise, drink plenty of water, and have consumed and taken sooo many medication and still nothing.

At first I thought it was a yeast infection, and didnt take anything to treat it since I had one before and it resolved on its own. I had three flare-ups over four years and each time it was attributed to something knocking my flora out of balance. Conditions that affect the woman’s immune system, such as pregnancy and antibiotic use are associated with recurrent thrush, whilst diseases such as diabetes, cancers and HIV, or drugs such as steroids, immunosuppressants, and the combined pill may also affect immune function leading to recurrent thrush. In fact, 1 out of 3 treated women battle a recurrence of the condition with symptoms repeating within 12 months.
Also, the types of anaerobic bacteria associated with bacterial vaginosis can compromise vaginal flora. Eating four or more servings of green vegetables can help prevent chronic bacterial vaginosis. I had really painful periods so i was put on birth control, (i was like 14) (im 20 now) and ive had a child and i can get rid of it!!! A few weeks later, I noticed the foul smell, so I went to the doctor and it turned out to be BV.
Other ways to decrease your risk of reoccurrence is learning effective de-stressing techniques, eating yogurt with probiotics, and quitting smoking.
I am a very clean person especially when it comes to my hygiene but for some reason I keep getting diagnosed with bv. So…I used Oil of oregano mixed with some Olive OIl, more Olive oil than Oil of Oregano (it will burn severly if not diluted enough).
I looked up some natural remedies and found out about a certain type of probiotic called reuteri that is supposed to help.
I finally went to the hospital in January 2010 found out it was bv.I took the meds and after four days the pain was still bad so I went back to the er. So I went to the natural food store and bought NATURE’S WAY Primadophilus Reuteri, and its been 3 days and the smell seems to be going away. My doctors thought it could have been endometreosiss, so my obgyn suggested that we get pregnant again, we did and while i was pregnant the pain went away some what. Now I am really worried because I am 22 and my chances of having another baby are slim.Will any of these home remedies work for me even though the infection has spread so much? After researching all the different ingredients us woman should consume to cure it I became very interested in trying a pill called FEMANOL because it has all the nutrients in one pill.
And now that I have figured it out, I use non-latex condoms, (if your latex sensitive like you think, you will still get the response and infection.) and have no more issues.
Now if it comes back due to bad diet or using KY or something like that, I use Oil of Oregano, or tea tree oil for three days. I now eat yougurt with live and active cultures and i am taking ACIDOPHILIUS A&D and FOLIC ACID.

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