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Sign up to stay informed with the latest womens health updates on MedicineNet delivered to your inbox FREE! Vama is a sure shot effective home remedy for cracks, minor cuts, burns, fungal infections, wounds & dry skin. With the above qualities and no side effect Vama Cream's 20 gm pack can be suitably placed in the beauty kit or first aid kit of house mistress. Panchsudha starts its curative measures by preventing water losses and balancing the salts in the body. Panchsudha is bactericidal and its unique formula maintains balance of GASES - ACIDS - COUGH in the body, imbalance of which is the root cause of general body ailments. Panchsudha Drops are available in a 5 ml pack while Panchsudha Capsules are available in 10 caps and 100 caps pack. The following words from one of the many satisfied users of Panchsudha endorse its effectiveness and quality: "I give you my first opinion on your products especially PANCHSUDHA!

We offer Anju cough syrup that is effective for clearing the mucous from trachea and lungs. A gem of herbal formulation, NARI RASAYAN is effective in handling abnormalities and disorders occurring during menstrual cycle.
Women generally face one or more of these problems during menstruation: significant menstrual pain (dysmenorrhoea), abdominal pain, migraine headaches, depression, emotional sensitivity, feeling bloated, changes in sex drive and nausea.
DOZE: 1-2 Capsules daily, Two times (morning and evening) along with at least half a cup of milk OR as per prescribed by doctor. After taking 1 doze of Panchsudha I reached Delhi without vomiting unlike my journey from Delhi to Gwalior. It ensures the health, beauty and balance of blood in women which keeps them fit and energetic to handle the increased exertion in day-to-day life. Breast swelling and discomfort caused by premenstrual water retention or hormone fluctuation etc.

Due to its strong and effective formula with no side effects Panchsudha works as first aid and helps in keeping away multiple disorders sprouting from consumption of contaminated water, foul food, exposure to infection and even exertion of over work or travel. Regular use of Nari Rasayan Capsule increases the combative strength in body to face these disorders.
As the formulation is herbal and clean without any side effect Nari Rasayan can be used by women even during pregnancy to have a healthy and fit baby. Apart from its curative action, regular use of Vama keeps away the seasonal cracks in hands and feet.
It can also be used as daily after bathe cream to keep the skin moist and soft which enhances the glow.

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