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Tonsillitis is the inflammation of tonsils, due to infection by bacteria or viruses, often accompanied by sore throat with fever.
Below are the photographs showing unilateral and bilateral tonsillitis, tonsillitis is divided into 1. Signs and Symptoms: patient will come to you with complains of fever, sore throat, difficulty in eating and swallowing, head ache, muscle pain and it is characterized by signs of red, swollen tonsils which may have a white patches or coatings. Treatment : includes antibiotics mostly azithromycin 500 mg in adults taken once a day for 3 days, accompanied by hot water gargles + use of mouthwash and symptomatic relief from pain and fever. Important: Do not allow children to take Aspirin because Reye Syndrome may occur when tonsillitis is due to viral infection. If you are recurrently suffering from tonsillitis, more than 4 episodes per year, you should go for tonsillectomy surgery.
Strep throat is caused by the infection of a Group A bacterium called streptococcus and it is often confused with sore throat and tonsilitis.

1) Prepare 4 tablespoonful of cayenne pepper, sixteen pressed cloves of garlic and one teaspoonful of cayenne pepper.
While these may help with the symptoms of strep throat, I highly doubt they can kill the bacteria and cure the individual of the illness. This term doesn't define an infection but it is used collectively for any tonsils inflammation. Strep throat has some characteristic symptoms; however some others may be easily confused with order illnesses. In this case, tonsils show white colored pockets, which cause bad breath and bad taste in the mouth. On more severe cases, sufferers may experience fatigue, trouble swallowing, swollen lymph glands and body ache.
The roof of the mouth, especially near the mouth may have brightly red or dark colored spots.

You shouldn't jump into a conclusion that you have strep throat; consult a qualified health professional if you suspect that you have strep throat.
Cayenne is also wonderful for boosting your immune system and the garlic will help you to eliminate the bacteria. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, you can have a good alternative to antibiotics.
Boil slipper elm bark or sage leaves in a cup of water for a few minutes, and drink it to help relief your strep throat.

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