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Chimpanzees living in Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania were the subjects of the study.
A study done in the lab of Howard Ochman, a former Yale Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology starting this year at the University of Texas at Austin, shows that chimpanzees infected with SIV lose the immune capability to maintain stable gut microbial composition. Chimpanzees (along with bonobos) are the most closely related primates to modern humans and have many physiological similarities. In order to further investigate the connection between SIV infection and the gut microbiome, the researchers looked at the composition of gut microbiomes in chimpanzees pre-SIV infection and post-infection. Although the link between gastrointestinal dysfunction and HIV has been observed, insight into the phenomenon has been limited, in large part due to the significant variance between individual gut microbiome compositions. Gombe Stream National Park, located in western Tanzania, is home to the only wild-living primate population naturally infected by SIVcpz. Andrew Moeller is a graduate student in Howard Ochman’s lab in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and the lead author of the paper. On top of these general changes found in the gut communities, the group also found that SIV infection led to an increase in the relative abundance of pathogenic bacterial genera, including Sarcina, Staphylococcus, and Selenomonas. HIV-1, the most common form of HIV in humans, is closely related to both chimpanzee SIV and gorilla SIV.
The lab is continuing their investigation of the link between AIDS and gut community composition in a study in gorillas, which also contract a form of SIV closely related to HIV and also causes AIDS-like symptoms in its hosts.
A team of Michigan State University researchers have discovered a bacterium that has the ability to withstand incredible amounts of toxicity to create 24-karat gold.
The team was led by Kazem Kashefi, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics. According to the research team, the bacteria is at least 25 times stronger than previously reported. Brown and Kashefi fed the bacteria unprecedented amounts of gold chloride and within a week the bacteria transformed the toxins into a gold nugget.
SIVcpz, the chimpanzee simian immunodeficiency virus, is closely related to HIV-1, human immunodeficiency virus, and is the direct ancestor virus to the latter. The fecal samples which were analyzed were collected between 2001 and 2010 under Jane Goodall, a leading expert and pioneer in chimpanzee behavioral research. The importance of comparing individual microbiomes pre- and post-infection is therefore paramount.
After SIV infection, individuals had a much greater variance in the relative abundance of different types of bacteria.
They also found that Tetragenococcus, which was virtually absent in all of the samples before infection, had increased in relative abundance in half of the chimps after infection. Moeller says that this research may open avenues for monitoring the lethal opportunistic bacterial infections that have a high chance of originating from the gut microbiome. This process, known as microbial alchemy, will help scientists turn a substance of no value into a solid, precious metal. Working along with Adam Brown, associate professor of electronic art and intermedia, the team discovered that the metal-tolerant bacteria Cupriavidus metallidurans can grow on massive concentrations of gold chloride – or liquid gold, a toxic chemical compound found in nature. They also combined their research with an art installation called “The Great Work of the Metal Lover”, which uses a combination of biotechnology, art and alchemy to turn liquid gold into 24-karat gold.
This knowledge passed on to kings, emperors, sultans and their families and members of their royal courts. Although many forms of SIV are non-lethal, SIVcpz can cause AIDS which, as in humans, depletes host CD4+ T cells. Lead author Andrew Moeller, a PhD student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale, sequenced the bacteria present in the fecal samples and was in charge of bioinformatic and statistical analysis. However, doing so in humans with HIV is impossible to track due to the unpredictability of transmission. The samples from six chimpanzees over a span of 9 years were used, all of which contracted SIV infection during collection.
Bray-Curtis dissimilarities (indicating compositional differences) and Euclidean and UniFrac distances (indicating phylogenetic relatedness) were calculated for 7000 randomly sampled sequences per sample.

Additionally, results support the conclusion that this disruption of the bacterial composition of the gut is a result of long-term instability in the gut microbiome rather than a single shift at the point of infection. The sculpture contains a portable laboratory, a glass bioreactor and the bacteria, which produce gold in front of an audience. Every part, every detail of the project is a cross between modern microbiology and alchemy,” Brown said. They ate from silver plates, drank from silver cups, used silver utensils and stored their food in silver containers.Generations ago, pioneers trekking across the Wild West in the US faced many hardships.
However, although significant differences between composition and abundance exists on the level of bacterial genera, the study revealed stability in composition at the phylum level.
One of the hallmarks of AIDS is the opportunistic growth of bacteria, unimpeded by the immune system. This was found by measuring the degree of change between consecutive samples taken before infection and after infection. Bacteria, algae, etc., found a fertile breeding ground in wooden casks, which were carried by the wagons.
But silver nitrate is a silver salt and is caustic, and therefore burns tissue, much like iodine.These early, unstable and crudely made silver solutions were sometimes injected directly into the body, taken orally or applied topically. Remarkably, there were no significant side effects.Silver in the Colloidal FormThe comeback of silver in medicine began in the 1970a€™s when the late Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington Universitya€™s Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better treatments for burn victims. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe to use over large areas of the body. It was described as a catalyst that disables the enzymes microorganisms depend on to a€?breathea€?. An antibiotic kills perhaps half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills hundreds.
Traditional antibiotics continue to lose their ability to kill certain strains of bacteria.
To date, nearly every disease causing organism known has become resistant to at least one antibiotic, and several are immune to more than one. Pharmaceutical antibiotics looked like miracles because in the beginning there were no antibiotic-resistant strains of disease organisms. So naturally, colloidal silver disappeared into the memory hole.But as there are more and more resistant strains to antibiotics, colloidal silver is reappearing. There is no doubt about the anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of colloidal silver.The only caveat is that the overuse of certain types of protein-bound silver compounds cause a gray discoloration of the skin called argyria.
Most colloidal silver preparations do not have this risk because they are prepared as a homeopathic substance rather than an antibiotic with, of course, the same medicinal effect.Colloidal Silver and Antibiotics: What Does Each Do?
By Ben W Taylor A In a world where medicine has reached a high position, treating diseases has become a matter of choosing the method and the right medication, as compared to ancient lacks of medical treatment. The 20th century has registered a successful medical development, which reached its highest peak with the appearance of the pharmaceutical industry. Along with this medical procedure wave came the wide use of antibiotics, which could stop infections and which, for a period of time, dethroned the long used colloidal silver.
Colloidal silver, representing the suspension of silver nanoparticles in distilled water, functions as a booster and to increase the strength of the immune system of the human body and has managed to keep its recognized values up to this day.But, despite the mentioned dethronement of colloidal silver by antibiotics, advanced medical research has proven that antibiotics have certain shortcomings that favor colloidal silver in medical purposes and that its benefits are not to be neglected.
Firstly, it is very important to know that antibiotics, when taken in larger quantities, can lead to side effects.
For instance, taking a triple dose of penicillin to stop a cold might result into somnolence and bad concentratingColloidal silver, even taken in large doses, cannot harm the body, because the human organism extracts from the amount of silver molecules entering the blood system only the needed quantity.
The rest of silver, depending on the metabolism, is either eliminated by the lymph system and kidneys, or is stockpiled and used for prevention causes.
Moreover, the silver effect over heart (which is metal-sensitive) is much diminished by the distilled water, making it, this way, impossible for the human organism to develop any allergy whatsoever.What is more, the advantage of colloidal silver is that its use does not require a long-term treatment, as compared to antibiotics, which must be administered for at least one week. This can be explained by the fact that the silver particles act on cell microorganisms from the first dose and destroy them on the spot.
The silver molecule attaches to the enzyme and basically suffocates it, impeding this way the virus to expand or to wrap itself with a firewall - a thing which antibiotics sometimes fail to do.Colloidal Silver - The Importance To Your Body By Ben W Taylor A The supplement colloidal silver refers to a one hundred percent natural substance that is made of the smallest silver particles that are suspended in the ionized water due to the small level of electricity of these particles.What can colloidal silver do for the functions of the human body?

The colloidal silver that appears in water is said to be among the most useful and most efficient types of natural medicine. The power of the colloidal silver consists in its antibiotic power - colloidal silver fights against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other micro-organisms that harm the human body. Colloidal silver is the only natural antibiotic that actually has a real effect in the process of fight against damaging biological factors.The colloidal silver is not only used as part of a treatment, but it also ensures the prevention of the diseases that are caused by the viruses and by the bacteria existent in the environment.
What the colloidal silver does for the body consists in supplying of the organism with the necessary substances that are meant to vitalize it, to make it stronger and more resistant to the external destroying factors.It is a well-known fact in the medical field that while an artificial medicine destroys up to six microbes, colloidal silver prevents some diseases that are caused by a wide range of microbes, without leaving any traces, without causing any negative effects on the body (due to the fact that it is eliminated rapidly).But how does the silver reach our body on a natural way? All the minerals that the soil produces reach into the body through the vegetables and the fruits that one eats.
But these plants contain silver only if they have been grown naturally, without the interference of such substances as azotes. As long as we eat plants that have not been grown in natural soil (and sadly, this is a fact in today's context), our bodies will not be supplied with the appropriate vitamins that only the truly natural plants can offer.A How Does Liquid Colloidal Silver Actually Work? Shanks A Along with colloidal gold, colloidal silver is one of the hottest products on the market today when it comes to alternative medicine and homeopathic remedies. While this is not a new form of healing for those who believe in natural minerals, it is easy to see why so many people are astounded by the incredible results to be had by simply adding such a wonderful natural supplement to their diet.Certainly, you will be able to understand this solution better once you learn more about how it is made as well as how it works within the body.
Silver colloidal is a solution that is made up of millions of silver molecules that are suspended in a liquid. The liquid most commonly used in colloidal silver that can be found on the market is distilled water. Not only can individuals use colloidal silver as a nutritional supplement, but it can also be taken as a very effective antibiotic.
Colloidal silver can assume the role of an antibiotic simply because it has the ability to work against enzymes within the body that promote the growth of various bacteria, viruses or fungi. When the silver is able to enter the body and eliminate the oxygen source, these bacterial or viral cells will die within a short period of time. This natural solution is well known to help boost the immune system while promoting the healthy production of cells within the body. Viruses and bacteria are stopped dead in their tracks and unable to multiple once colloidal silver is regularly introduced into the body. There are even studies being conducted today that are hoping to show that the natural mineral supplement of colloidal silver can actually work to restore and replenish tissue that has been damaged in the past.Today, there are all sorts of homeopathic patients who look to the addition of silver colloidal to their daily routine so that they can knock out various infections including those that attack the ears, throat and sinuses. If you are hoping to boost your immune system, thus strengthening your body's ability to fight various diseases, then a quality colloidal silver supplement could be just the thing that you need. However, it is important that you find a pure colloidal solution that is not simply labeled he as such to be sure that you are getting the right product for your money spent.When you are shopping around for a colloidal silver to boost your immune system, be sure that you are looking at products that are 100% true silver colloid.
Unfortunately, some of the products on the market today are labeled as a genuine silver colloid yet they are saturated with fillers and additives. Such additions to the silver solution will do nothing except lower the effectiveness of the natural healing and boosting properties. A high density of silver particles will be able to remain in suspension in the liquid carrier all on their own, making it unnecessary of proteins or any other additives.Take the time to talk with your physician or a trusted homeopathic professional before taking colloidal silver or any other colloidal supplement. While natural in nature and non-toxic to the body, there is always a chance that you have an underlying allergy to metals. Working with a professional will help you to determine whether or not this is a supplement that is right for you. Additionally, you will be able to make sure that you are taking the proper colloidal silver dosage for your particular needs and body weight.A  A A Copyright 2013 True Silver.

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