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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Pathophysiology ? Nasal congestion arises from engorgement of blood vessels due to the effects of vasoactive mediators and neural stimuli. Diagnosis of Allergic Rhinitis ? Recurrent attacks of sneezing, watery rhinorrhea and nasal congestion, frequently with conjunctival irritation and consequently increased lacrimation, some with itching of soft palate. Treatment of allergic rhinitis ? Avoidance of the antigen exposure an important step unfortunately it is often not practical ? Pharmacotherapy includes antihistamines (topical or systemic) topical corticosteroids, cromolyn sodium (stabilizes mast cell) ? Immunotherapy may beneficial in selected patients. Immunotherapy ? The primary indication is symptoms not adequately controlled by avoidance measures and pharmacotherapy ? Patients with perennial symptoms may prefer immunotherapy to yearlang daily medication ? It begins with low-dose injections of allergen extracts and builds to a maintenance dose.
Rhinitis medicamentosa ? Drug-induced rhinitis ? It is caused by rebound nasal congestion ? It is often associated with prolonged use of topical decongestants.
Atrophic rhinitis ? or ozena, is associated with atrophy of the nasal mucosa and turbinates in association with excessive crusting and mucopurulent discharge. Atrophic rhinitis ? Although the cause is unknown, hereditary, infectious, developmental, nutritional, and endocrine factors have been implicated. Categories of sinusitis ? Clinical categories of rhinosinusitis are largely based on the duration of symptoms and include the following: acute up to 4 weeks chronic > 12 weeks ? This classification is symptom based and should serve only as a general guideline. Pathophysiology of sinusitis ? Mucosal edema of the paranasal sinuses is the basic event leading to both acute and chronic disease.
Scratch the itch with ApoquelThe days of treating skin allergies with long term cortisone or anti-rejection drugs and their associated side effects is near to a close. Whether it's a flea or contact allergy, or a case of breathing in pollens causing a "skin asthma attack" (atopy), Apoquel has risen through the mist to become the number one treatment worldwide for itchy dogs. Apoquel has been shown to have similar anti-itching results to cortisone and cyclosporin which have undesirable side effects.
If you eliminate the nasty side effects of cortisone and their treatment, then you are probably going to be spending the same amount on a yearly basis compared to older classical therapies. If you can see fleas and there is a rash along the top of the lower back, then it's probably a flea allergy problem. Food allergies only represent approx 1% of itchy dog and cat problems, so they are pretty uncommon. To avoid these nasty side effects, some dogs have been placed on alternative drugs to minimise their allergic reactions.
Situated in the thriving village atmosphere of beautiful Berry on the NSW South Coast is Moss Nest. Located in an 19th century historic building, they bring together a collection of eclectic home furnishings and findings both old and new. Whether your preference is coastal, French, country or vintage you will find pieces here to interest you amongst the eclectic Moss Nest collection.
Dog and Cat KennelsThere are only a few really good kennels to look after your pets in the best posssible way. We believe this is so important that we are offering a FREE Senior Pet Health Check for the first 15 senior pets to book an appointment each month. After performing the health check we may recommend a Senior Health Check Blood and Urine Analysis Test for your pet.
To make things easier for you, we have attached some great LIFE CHARTS below for you to print out, pencil in some dates, and hang on the toilet or pantry door so you get a constant reminder about your pet's next Senior Health Check. With our $45,000.00 in house laboratory, we can perform complete haematology and biochemistry tests within 30 minutes of blood collection. Feeding PetsIt is important that your puppy or kitten receives a high quality nutritious diet that will allow it to grow up to be strong and healthy. Puppies should be on specialised puppy food for the first 12 months of life due to the dietary requirements of rapid growth. To ensure good dental health, you should give your puppy a raw bone 2-3 times a week from 12 weeks of age.
Cheaper supermarket or pet food store brands have lower digestability so more pops out the other end so to speak. Only feed raw bones to pets- the stomach acids can digest them whereas cooked bones come out the other end the same way they were swallowed; hence lots of constipated dogs on Monday after eating the Bar B Q leftovers.
A deaf, once-homeless cocker spaniel has become an unlikely weapon in the fight against dementia.
Like more than 342,800 Australians, Timmy the cocker spaniel is living with a form of dementia. Associate professor Michael Valenzuela, who heads the university’s regenerative neuroscience group, was cautiously optimistic this week in his first set of interviews since the August transplant.
Valenzuela has been working on a cure for dementia for more than a decade, investigating whether missing neurons and their interconnections (synapses) can be replaced using a form of stem cell therapy.
In collaboration with neurosurgeon Erica Jacobson and the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Valenzuela moved on to the Dogs+Cells Trial in 2013. The aim was to investigate whether the dementia-like syndrome canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) can be reversed by injecting a dog with its own stem cells directly into the hippocampus using MRI guidance. Only one other dog has reached the transplant stage, but he did not survive due to complications associated with a pre-existing kidney condition. Timmy belongs to a Wollongong couple, Tony and Michele Leeder-Smith, who adopted him at 10 months when several other families were unable to cope with his congenital deafness.
His disability, however, did not make him any less of a normal, naughty, shoe-chewing puppy who loved cuddles and attention. The team hopes to involve more dogs in the research and Valenzuela says if it is successful, the next step will be a human trial. Heavily infected dogs can have 200 or more adult worms inside the heart, and in severe cases, the major blood vessels returning oxygen poor blood to the heart (vena cava) also get blocked up. Just last month, Simone (my assistant vet) received a call from a friend on the central Queensland coast who had purchased a vet practice. Adult worms mate and produce microscopic babies that leave the heart and travel around in the blood stream all day long. Affected dogs have severe damage to the lungs and major blood vessels trying to pump oxygen poor blood to the lungs. Nowadays, we have really simple blood test kits that are very accurate and only take 5 minutes to run. The good news is we stopped using the hasty arsenic injections in the 90’s with the advent of a French product that is much safer to use (Immiticide).
Can I just start my dog on the Proheart injection if it’s not been on prevention at all? Unfortunately, Proheart is a little too effective in preventing heartworm, as it also kills immature worms up to 2-3cm in length living inside the right heart chambers. So, before starting Proheart injection in an adult dog that has not been on prevention, a blood test must be performed.
Puppies can have their first Proheart injection at 5 months without testing as they are not old enough for the immature heartworms to have grown to the 2-3cm length. Any pet 6 years or older is in the higher risk category, so a quick examination is appropriate NOW. However, there are also some really nasty cancers that start off as a small blemish or bump on the body surface and if not detected and treated early can very quickly spread through the whole body e.g. The very best thing you can do is not to panic, but to make an appointment to come and see us for the FREE Lump and Bump Check.
Firstly, we had the launch of NexGard (Merial) with a great tasting beefy chew that kills fleas and ticks for one whole month. In April 2015, MSD launched Bravecto, a beefy chew that kills fleas for 3 months and ticks for 4 months.
The 2 products use a new type of insecticide that has been thoroughly tested on dogs before the Australian Veterinary Pesticides and Medicine Association (AVPMA) would allow their sale. Get the original product from BHVG and avoid wasting money and endangering your dog’s life by purchasing elsewhere.
Not only that, it saves the recording automatically in my Google account as a document which I can analyse.
Some of the symptoms of trench mouth include bleeding of gums, swollen gums, pain while eating or swallowing, gray coated film on the gums, ulcerous growth on the gums, foul taste, bad odor and low grade fever. It will not take much time for the symptoms to develop since it will develop in one or two days. Our mouth is consistently packed with microorganisms like fungi and virus, but not all of them are harmful.
Hence trench mouth is caused by harmful bacteria and more particularly by the enzymes secreted by them. People with poor nutrition, poor oral hygiene and those prone to throat or mouth infections have increased chance of getting trench mouth. When the immune system gets weakened due to diseases or infections or due to heightened stress it can affect your gums causing ulcers. Antibiotics are often prescribed for destroying bacterial growth on the gums and preventing it from further infection. The dentist will clean the teeth by removing the decayed food particles and dead tissues of the gums for reducing pain.
Headache is commonly defined as head pain (cephalgia) not limited to the distribution of a cranial or cervical nerve (neuralgia). Modern neuroscience has seen much progress in the explanation of the pathogenesis of headaches in the past two decades, but much is still unknown. The pathogenesis of secondary headache relates to nociceptive receptors being activated by an underlying pathology. The differential diagnosis of cephalgia includes primary headache syndromes such as migraine, cluster, and tension headaches, and numerous heterogeneous disorders including infections causing secondary headaches. Clinical history and physical examination are the most important element in headache diagnosis. The clinician should ask about features of the headache including frequency, severity, location, quality of pain, associated aura and autonomic symptoms. A patient with a primary headache disorder will typically have a reassuring history of similar previous headaches or family members with a similar headache history. Before the use of antibiotics, acute mastoiditisA A was the most common complication of acute otitis media (AOM).

A brain abscessA  A presents clinically in a nonspecific manner, often resulting in a delayed diagnosis (mean 13-14 days after onset of symptoms). If subarachnoid hemorrhage is suspected and CT scan did not reveal hemorrhage, a lumbar puncture should be performed to analyze cell count and xanthochromia (yellowish tinge of CSF that may be related to bilirubin from breakdown of red blood cells). Patients with signs ofA meningitis, encephalitis, significantly immunocompromised states, and those with CSF shunts should undergo lumbar puncture for CSF analysis and pressure measurement. In a patient over fifty with a new headache associated with fever, visual complaints, or jaw claudication, a diagnostic evaluation for giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis or GCA) should be initiated. In patients with malignant external otitis, the ESR is virtually always elevated (unless the patient has received partial antibiotic therapy, often with a quinolone), often approaching 100 mm. Diagnosis of bacterial sinusitis may be made if viral URI symptoms persist for 10 or more days or worsen after 5 to 7 days and are accompanied by the previously mentioned signs and symptoms. Treatment of headaches is based on the type (primary or secondary) and severity of the patient’s headache.
The pharmacologic treatment of migraine is divided into acute (abortive, symptomatic) treatment (Table 8) and preventive (prophylactic) treatment (Table 9). Secondary headaches are usually managed with NSAIDS and narcotics while the underlying cause is addressed with appropriate therapy. Elevated intracranial pressure from tumor, optic neuritis, hypertensive encephalopathy, benign intracranial hypertension.
Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems adults face, but gum disease can begin at just about any age. The good news is gum disease can almost always be prevented; if it starts, it can be treated and it can even be turned around in its early stages by the dentists at Northland TLC Dental Care.
If gum disease is not treated, you can have gums that are always sore, red and puffy, get a painful infection (called an abscess) in the area between your teeth and gums or lose your teeth. Due to bacteria, the infection occurs when you have drunk or eaten contaminated food or water. With time, the strong vasoconstrictive effect of topical decongestants leads to the metabolic accumulation of vasodilators that are responsible for the rebound vasodilation. Jaspers Brush historically was a dairy farm region with views of the picturesque escarpment of the Cambewarra Range. Biochemistry tests check out the kidneys, liver, cholesterol, blood sugars and other body systems. Should your remaining kidney lose up to 50% of its ability to concentrate urine, you can still appear normal although you may be drinking a bit more and making dilute urine.
A senior health check urine examination looks at the concentrating ability of the kidneys to detect early reduction in kidney function. It is fully balanced and very digestible, meaning smaller and firmer stools (easier to pick up off the lawn) and less wind (no embarrassment).
Premium pet foods mean less waste, firmer stools (easier to pick up off the lawn, less gas, healthier teeth and smaller volumes to feed. Three months ago, he became part of a University of Sydney research project focused on rebooting the brain with stem cells harvested from the subject’s own skin, and in doing so became the first dog worldwide to survive such a transplant.
There is also a call for owners of dogs with similar symptoms to contact the research group to see if they are suitable for the trial.
The hippocampus is thought to be the brain’s centre of emotion, memory and the autonomic nervous system.
As well as adhering to the university’s strict ethical code, the team also had to find owners willing to allow often treasured pets to undergo two bouts of general anaesthetic and cell transplantation into the brain.
I was working in my first job at Five Dock in 1982, and we were seeing numerous cases each month.
If the dog moved whilst injecting and a small drop of the injection accidentally went under the skin, you would get a huge area of dead skin that fell off (sloughed) 2 days later. Dead adults leave the heart and travel up to the lungs where they cause a foreign body reaction (embolus) resulting in severe lung damage. A mosquito biting this dog sucks up these babies (microfilaria) where they spend a few months in the mosquito’s body developing. When ultrasound became available to the veterinary industry, specialists could actually see the worms inside the pulmonary arteries in those difficult to diagnose cases (see video below). If you do, a huge number leave the heart all in one go and causes a major life threatening blockage of dead worms in the pulmonary arteries (a pulmonary embolism). The same holds for dogs that are more then 3 months overdue on their Proheart  injection. Daily heartworm prevention tablets have been shown to have a significant failure rate in high risk areas i.e. The only thing you pay for is the pathology test(s) we run to determine the nature of the lump or bump. Dogs had hundreds of ticks and fleas placed on them, and regular insect counts were performed over several months.
Crooks are pretty savvy these days, can whip up a pretty good looking counterfeit in no time. Using a special device that slips over my mobile phone, and then placing the phone on a pet's chest, it records an ECG. It is a rare disease in today’s world but still there are indications of trench mouth among people who live with poor nutrition. Sometimes, these bacteria grow and multiply densely producing more harmful bacteria which start infecting the gums.
Often the ulcers are filled with food debris and multiple bacteria causing severe pain and bad smell. Smoking and using any form of tobacco can directly harm the gums making room for bacterial growth. But it may take more time if you have autoimmune disorder or having other infections in the system.
Primary headaches such as migraines and tension type headaches are the most common headaches, and have a benign nature.
It has been reported that 15% of adults have been absent from work in the past twelve months due to headache (13). Primary headache pathogenesis is complex involving sterile neurogenic inflammation with resultant plasma extravasation (11).
Brain parenchyma itself is not capable of relaying nociceptive information, rather it relies on intracranial pain sensitive structures such as the dura matter, cervical and cranial arteries and veins, the ear, the eye and orbits, and portions of the cranial and cervical nerves.
In patients with recurring headaches, features most suggestive of migraine include nausea, phonophobia, photophobia, exacerbation by physical activity, and an aura (Table 5) (12).
It can occur from extension of infection from the paransasal sinuses or external auditory canal (malignant external otitis). Headache is the most common symptom, usually localized to the side of the abscess, and its onset can be gradual or sudden. Neuroimaging, lumbar puncture, serology and other studies will be directed by these clinical clues.
Neuroimaging can be pivotal in the diagonsis of subarachnoid hemorrhage, brain tumor or abscess, malignant external otitis, skull-based osteomyelitis and sinusitis. When performing lumbar puncture it is useful to check the cell counts in the first and fourth tubes in order to ease assessment of traumatic lumbar puncture.
Standard CSF testing should include cell counts (in 1st and 4th tubes), glucose, protein, andA gram stainA and culture (Table 7).
CT scan is not as sensitive as MRI for the diagnosis of brain abscessA  A but can frequently be obtained more easily on an emergent basis (8). The acute oral treatment of migraine headache is typically accomplished with NSAIDS, triptans, narcotics, antiemetics and occasionally steroids. Many of the abortive agents used to treat cluster headache do not reach effective serum concentrations until after the headache has begun to spontaneously resolve. In the case of temporal arteritis, early diagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent blindness.
Antibiotics should not be delayed while awaiting lumbar puncture, but lumbar puncture should be done within two hours of first antibiotic dose to avoid interference with cultures. Lifetime Prevalence of Migraine and Tension-Type Headaches in the General Population, by Gender. Periodontal disease (gum disease) has been linked with other health problems, including heart disease, stroke, and bacterial pneumonia.
Sympathetic innervation constricts the vessels, decreasing congestion, whereas the parasympathetic innervation dilates the vessels, enhancing congestion.
Cats tend to present with rashes around their face and neck and dogs can look like they have a flea allergy.
GST) saving $50.00 off the regular price thanks to some help from our in-house laboratory supplier, Idexx Australia. We’ll discuss with you what we do to ensure early diagnosis of any of these senior diseases. He will examine the cardiovascular system to ensure there are no abnormalities eg heart murmurs, irregular heartbeats, heart failure. Feeding table scraps or sudden changes in diet can lead to upset tummies, and a visit to the vet.
Its likes working in a restaurant, if you are constantly around food and can smell it all day, you won’t feel hungry. Now Timmy faces a series of ongoing tests designed to measure improvements in his canine condition, which is similar to Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of human senility. The spread has been particularly noticeable along the river valleys of the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers, which extend from the warm south to the colder north. The previous vet had only promoted monthly heartworm preventatives and many clients had forgotten to give them on a regular basis. This is especially the case in cats where treatment is actually more likely to kill the cat than doing nothing. Twelve months of peace of mind and not having to remember to give your dog a monthly preventative.
We use a fine needle or a small surgical biopsy to collect cells from the lumps for analysis. Some of the trial dogs were given 5-10 times overdosing in case a dog decides to eat a whole packet when the owner’s back is turned.

It is important to consult your dentist after the onset of symptoms since inordinate delay may weaken the gums.
For some people your dentist will perform scaling procedure for removing plaque below the gums. Primary headache disorders are diagnosed by clinical history and physical examination using the diagnostic criteria as set forth in the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD) (5). Dysregulation of pain mediating neuropeptides such as calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) is a contributing factor (11). These patients may require prompt laboratory or radiographic investigation, empiric therapy, or both. Cluster headaches typically have a distinct clinical pattern of unilateral symptoms lasting 45 minutes to 3 hours peaking within 10 to 15 minutes to an excruciating periorbital quality. Earache and temporomandibular joint pain may accompany the headache, and these are clues for this rare infection. Signs of classic mastoiditis include: postauricular fluctuance, bulging erythematous tympanic membrane,A erythemaA and tenderness over the mastoid area, and protrusion of the auricle.
These infections cause an inflammatory response involving the mucosa of the nose and paranasal sinuses, which results in symptoms such as nasal obstruction, purulence, postnasal drip, facial pressure and pain, alteration in the sense of smell, cough, fever, halitosis, fatigue, dental pain, and ear pressure and fullness. Cranial CT is faster and more readily available and is therefore done prior to cranial MRI. Other tests that may be considered depending on the clinical situation include cryptococcal antigen, India ink stain, HSV PCR, VDRL, stain and culture for AFB, fungal culture, and cytology. It is elevated to greater than 50 in 96% of cases (15) while elevation of C-reactive protein may aid in diagnosis of those with unimpressive ESR’s. Imaging studies, such as plain film radiographs, CT scansA  , and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be helpful in the management of rhinosinusitis, but because they cannot differentiate between viral and bacterial causes of rhinosinusitis, they are not generally recommended for routine management. If a brain abscess is in the differential diagnosis and MRI cannot be performed, then CT scan with contrast is the diagnostic test of choice. Intravenous treatment of the acute migraine may involveA dihydroergotamine (DHE), narcotics, antiemetics, fluids, anticonvulsants (such as valproate), steroids, and antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine (Thorazine). Accordingly, fast acting abortive agents such as oxygen, IM sumatriptan, IV narcotics and fluid in the inpatient setting, and appropriate prophylactic therapy with agents such as calcium channel blockers and lithium are important in the treatment of cluster headaches. If a patient has symptoms and findings consistent with temporal arteritis, immediate therapy with prednisone 60mg per day should be initiated. Patients who clinical scenario suggests a secondary cause of headache should undergo appropriate imaging studies and potentially a lumbar puncture. Sometimes you may not notice any symptoms until the disease is serious and you are in danger of losing teeth. Pregnant women with periodontal disease are more likely to have a premature baby or one that weighs too little at birth.
The primary cause for a bacterial infection of the stomach comes from shoddy hygienic facilities on a community level, coupled with poor personal hygiene habits. Your pets will enjoy our surroundings and services that if only they could talk, you would wish you could join them for their holiday.
Just as our bodies complain a little more as we grow older, the same is typically true for our pets.
Most cardiac conditions respond well to the newer medications being used in human medicine at present. Trouble was, if you missed just one day, your dog could catch heartworm, even if you doubled the dose the next day.
They block up the right heart chambers and major blood vessels trying to send oxygen poor blood to the lungs (pulmonary arteries). Going for walks in these areas exposes unprotected dogs to a much higher risk of contracting heartworm. The cost of the injection is often cheaper then 12 months of monthly preventatives, depending on a dog’s weight. It got its name since it was prevalent among soldiers of World War I who got stuck in the trenches with no ways for dental care.
Primary headache disorders, by definition and by diagnostic criteria, cannot be attributed to another disorder. Two percent of all patients presenting to the emergency room have headache as their chief complaint (9).
Ultimately, the caudal trigeminal nucleus is the neuronal structure responsible for nociceptive information of the cranial structures.
Abrupt onset of headache suggests a secondary cause and thus a higher potential for being disabling if not rapidly diagnosed and treated (4). Purulent otorrhea is usually present at some point in the past medical history and the patient is classically an elderly diabetic.
Signs of latent mastoiditis include: no external signs of mastoid inflammation, infected or normal-appearing tympanic membrane, recurrent fever.
Patients with suspected trauma related headaches should undergo urgent CT imaging of the head. Remaining CSF fluid after initial testing should be preserved for potential expansion of laboratory evaluation.
In the setting of focal signs, symptoms orA papilledema,A a lumbar puncture is contraindicated (6). People with diabetes and periodontal disease have more trouble controlling their blood sugar, which can lead to additional health problems. Symptoms Of Bacterial Infection In The Stomach The vast majority of stomach bacterial infections are contagious.The onset and intensity of stomach bacterial infection symptoms will depend upon the size of the infectious dose of the bacteria.
These types of foods can cause a serious blood disorder requiring several days in hospital and possibly transfusions. Ipersonally treated 3 dogs in Wollongong that all lived up against Cabbage Tree Creek in Fairy Meadow.
Some of the tests were so inaccurate that dogs escaped detection and went on to develop severe life threatening infection several months later. Similarly, owners quit eoften forget to give their dog its monthly oreventative (as seen in the story form Queensland above). Secondary headache disorders result when another underlying organic disorder leads to cephalgia. Neuronal activity may be dysregulated within this nucleus as well as with its relationship with higher order pathways involving the midbrain in patients with primary headache disorders (11). Additionally, patients with known systemic disease or immunocompromised state are more likely to have secondary headaches and underlying causes should be carefully evaluated. Autonomic symptoms such as rhinorrhea and lacrimation are noted by up to 80% of these patients.
The neurologic examination is typically nonfocal, though, cranial nerve involvement is possible with advanced disease. Mental status changes are indicative of cerebral edema while vomiting is associated with increased intracranial pressure (2). CT without contrast is sufficient to rule out hemorrhage but if tumor or abscess is suspected and MRI is not easily available (or the patient has a contraindication to MRI), CT with contrast should be considered.
The temporal artery is often segmentally affected; therefore the biopsy must be of adequate size, usually at least 2 cm.
CT scan with contrast or MRI should be performed prior to lumbar puncture in this situation to exclude a focal cerebral lesion. Migraine may be triggered by the meningitis and should not be overlooked as migraine specific treatments in these patients may be more useful. I have also referred 2 dogs to the specialist centre to have whole chicken necks removed from their oesophagus using a endoscope (at a cost of approx. In fact, one dog had to be treated twice over 5 years after the owners forgot to stay on monthly prevention after the first treatment. Incidentally, the occasional human picks up adult heartworm infection but usually the immune system manages to destroy them before they get too big. Secondary headaches may require additional tests beyond history and physical examination to confirm or exclude certain etiologies. Fifteen percent of patients will have neck stiffness, especially when purulence has leaked into a lateral ventricle. When the CT does not reveal abnormalities and diagnosis is still uncertain, MRI with and without contrast should be considered. It is unnecessary to delay treatment with prednisone while awaiting the performance or results of a biopsy as the diagnostic findings on biopsy are often present as long as two weeks after initiating corticosteroids (14). Secondary headaches may be associated with significant morbidity and therefore warrant more urgent evaluation and perhaps even empiric treatment. Tension headaches are recurrent non-pulsatile bilateral headaches of mild to moderate severity that are not aggravated with routine physical activity (5). Should your pet contract one of these nasty bacteria, they can infect peolpe handling the dog e.g. Many have established histories of chronic primary headache disorder and present with recurrent headache. Underlying central nervous system disease is relat ively uncommon in the population of patients suffering from headache. In patients with suspected aneurysm or arterial dissection, angiography should be considered. However, up to one-third of patients presenting to emergency rooms with a chief complaint of abrupt onset headache, may have potentially fatal or disabling intracranial pathology (4).
In the case of giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis), the incidence increases with age, peaking in the range over seventy years old. Stomach ulcer, Cholera, dysentery, and amoebic colitis are some of the names you may encounter. Crowded areas with poor sanitation conditions, eating meat dishes that have been cooked twice, food contaminated with human or animal fecal matter, infections that are transferred by those in charge of handling food, stews, gravy, and milk products are all possible causes for bacterial infection.Treatment Seeking medical attention immediately is very strongly advised for all bacterial infections in the stomach.

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