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Pharyngitis, a painful inflammation or a viral infection of the throat is the main cause of sore throat. Viruses that cause viral infections like common cold, coughing, nose blowing, sneezing, swollen glands in the neck (lymph nodes), infection of the tonsils (tonsillitis), and mild fever can be some of the common causes for sore throats virally. Streptococcus and Arcanobacterium  Haemolyticum are the common bacteria that causes sore throat infections.
Gastroesophagea reflux disease (GERD) is caused by the backflow of food and stomach acids into the esophagus, which is a tube that connects the mouth to the stomach. Indoor and outdoor pollution, complications in postnasal drip, yelling, and low humidity can some of the allergic causes of sore throats.
The most common symptom is experiencing pain in the throat and sometimes this pain spreads to the ear. Lump in the neck, suffering with hoarseness for more than two weeks can be said as the symptoms of sore throat. Heart burns are the symptoms faced by one if sore throat is caused by Gastroesophageal Reflux. Initially, instead of seeking a doctor in primary stages it is better if you keep yourself safe at home.
Eating raw garlic can reduce the itchy and the scratchy irritation that caused due to sore throat. Yes, you made find that trying out pepper would be little difficult because of the spiciness of pepper.
As dryness and low humidity is one of the causes for sore throat, using a sore throat at your work place or in your room can reduce the suffering.
Home treatment with antacids and other acid- reducing medicines may decrease the pain caused by mild GERD and sometimes it may even prevent the severe conditions. As the causes for sore throat may vary from mild to severe it is best if you consult a doctor. If the sore throat is caused by a bacterial infection it is better suggested if you take antibiotics.
Pain relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen may help you to relieve from the severe pain. All these medicines are taken only under the advice of doctors and you should not exceed recommended dose. Following these simple measures and carefully taking the medicines would relieve you from the suffering caused by sore throat infections. Unlike many illnesses, a bacterial infection can take on so many guises that determining the cause from symptoms is not always accurate, so requiring laboratory analysis from blood samples which need to be sent away before results are known, however certain infections share common symptoms that are worth being aware of, at the very least knowing what to look out for if bacterial infection is suspected. Bacteria are invisible to the human eye, being single celled microorganisms that can only be seen in a very powerful microscope, making it is impossible to visually spot an infection. The nature of bacterial infections is that symptoms are rarely the same for the various bacterium that can invade the human body. An obvious symptom of bacterial infection relates to illness that just doesn’t seem to heal, for example a sore throat without other symptoms of cold or flu, that persists despite the use of normal pain relief medications. Antibacterial medications specific to the bacterium present need to be prescribed and taken for the specified length of time, these go to work attacking the bacteria, allowing the body’s immune system to tackle repairing the damaged cells and clearing away dead bacteria, at the same time lessening the symptoms of bacterial infection. Common bacterial infections such as sinus, ear, or throat present localized pain and slight swelling, and are easily confused for the onset of cold or flu, however, it is unlikely clear up without treatment. Skin problems such as painful acne and boils are also frequently a symptom of a worsening bacterial infection, perhaps caused by frequent washing and subsequent removal of essential oils from the pores of the skin, and may not be identified as such until many days after acne might have been expected to clear, in some cases these leave unsightly scars, yet symptoms are not altogether different from other skin infections. Notably, symptoms of STDs caused by bacterial infection are fairly obvious since they are so unusual compared with a healthy individual, and range from painful urination, cloudy discharge, and intense pain during intercourse. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. In early childhood, ear infections are the most common illness to strike under the age of two.
The symptoms of an ear infection can include fevers, ear pain, stuffiness of the head, pressure behind the eye, and ear drainage. Young children can suffer from ear infections due to Eustachian tube dysfunction or swelling, which commonly squeeze and equalize pressure.
Many factors are associated with a child’s likelihood to develop ear infections, including family history, their exposure rate to child care and other children, age, race, second hand smoke, season, and the feeding position of the baby.
If you suspect you have the flu, it’s a good idea to see your doctor right away so he can test for the influenza virus and prescribe an antiviral medication such as Tamiflu.

Sore throat, a distressing infection is commonly seen in all age groups from infants to aged persons. Mononucleosis, a virus, effluent in causing flu, breathing difficulties is responsible for sore throat infection in extremes.  Other viral infections such as mumps, laryngitis (infection of voice box), and measles can also lead to sore throat infections. This may usually occur when your immune system gets heated up due to some changes in climatic conditions. You may experience pain radiating to your ear and other symptoms include sudden weight loss, blood in saliva and phlegm that leads to sore throat infection caused by tumors.
This in overtime, leads to inflammation, sores and narrowing of the esophagus which is the cause of sore throats. Chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol, and intake of any spicy foods irritate the throat and make you feel scratchy and itchy. As the suffering may occur in any form you cannot easily find out whether it causes sore throat or other common flues. You need to let the garlic juices coat through your complete throat and mouth but not just by biting the garlic cloves. Generally, the causes for sore throat are tested in lab by taking the samples of your saliva.
Increase the intake of citrus fruits in your diet and liquids in order to prevent sore throats and other mouth infections.
Medical professionals are trained to look for symptoms and using a process of elimination, are able to narrow down their prognosis, however even with the best medical encyclopedia this is not always possible at home and can lead to false diagnosis.
A simple case of diarrhea could be caused by bacteria, or by viruses, parasites, medications, disagreeable foods, or bowel disorders, yet the symptom is almost always similar. Typically, bacteria infections don’t just go away, the human immune system is rarely strong enough to defeat bacteria because they release toxins that damage surrounding cells thus reducing the effectiveness of white blood cell activity. Bacterial infection in the sinus for example will quickly lead to nasal discharge and acute pain in parts of the face or forehead, worsening after only a few days.
Understanding what is normal, and noticing signs that are abnormal, is the best defense against bacterial infection, yet given the potential for long term harm, even death, it is always best to see a medical practitioner to confirm the symptoms.
Three out of four children have been afflicted with an ear infection before the age of three. Small children who can not communicate that their ears are bothering them will likely tug on their ear or continuously put their fingers or other objects in their ear in an attempt to rid themselves of discomfort.
Ear infections can often begin with the common cold which allows fluid to build up in the ear and develops into an ear infection. Fluid is easily blocked and turns infections in children’s Eustachian tubes due to their small size. Children who are exposed to other children on a regular basis are likely to develop more colds and ear infections due to their immature immune system and their tendency to touch everything and everyone.
Many ear infections clear on their own and require no treatment, although an over the counter pain reliever may be recommended to ease the child’s discomfort.
Placing a warm, moist cloth over the ear and keeping your child calm for a few days will help the infection clear up faster. Children do eventually outgrow their tendency to get multiple ear infections in short periods of time. In general, flu symptoms are more severe than the common cold and can lead to complications such as pneumonia or bacterial infections,” says Richard Menet, MD, a physician with Affinity Occupational Health. If taken within 12 to 48 hours of the onset of flu symptoms, antivirals can stop the flu from spreading throughout your body and shorten the duration of your misery. Do not rely on this information or treat it as a substitute for personal medical or health care advice, or for diagnosis or treatment.
The irritation caused by sore throat may be mild enough and it may leave you without any medication.
Streptococcus is the bacterium that causes strep throat infection in both adults and children. Also smoking or breathing through mouth may lead to excessive nose and throat dryness which is one of the causes for throat infections. Also straining your throat muscles by speaking loudly in a noisy environment stresses your throat membranes that lead to irritation.
However there are certain symptoms and you can avoid by taking necessary preventive measures. Repeat this gargling at least 3 to 4 times a day and this helps in rehydrating the dry tissues in the throat.

All you need to do is add 4 to 5 shakes of cayenne pepper to a glass of warm water and add 2 to 3 drops of lime juice to it. If the sore throat persists for more than a week it is better if you visit your nearby doctor. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily may not solve the problem as some bacteria may become resistant to the antibiotics.
Aspirin is taken generally to get rid of the mild fever in adults but not in children and teens as it leads to serious illness called Reye syndrome.
Otitis media, which is the medical term for a middle ear infection, is the most common type of ear infection that children of all ages tend to come down with. Older children and adults who spend ample time swimming in brackish water such as the Chesapeake and other bays and some lakes are prone to a bacterial ear infection known as swimmer’s ear. Native Americans and Eskimos in cold climates tend to get more ear infections than Caucasians.
Long term ear infections are possible if fluid remains in the ear long enough to damage the small bones or the eardrum. Keeping the child comfortable and making sure they get some extra rest and quiet play time is effective in helping the child cope with their discomfort. Flu symptoms often appear suddenly, within three to six hours, whereas cold symptoms might appear more gradually.
Always consult your physician or other qualified health care provider as soon as possible about any medical or health-related question and do not wait for a response from our experts before such consultation. You should not assume the information posted by community members is accurate and you should never disregard or delay seeking professional medical advice because of something you have read on this site.
Sometimes the pain persists for several days that it becomes difficult to chew and swallow your own food, sometimes you even might go speechless because of the severe pain. Inflammation of epiglottis is one of the serious causes affecting sore throat because it becomes difficult for you to swallow food which is usually the function of epiglottis. If you have any further queries and doubts that hover your mind after reading this article feel free to comment via the comments section.
Ear infections are typically caused by a bacterium, although foreign objects in the ear canal can also attribute to an ear infection.
The bacteria in the water stays lodged in the middle ear and develops into a common swimmer’s ear infection.
Adenoids typically fight infection, but once they swell due to foreign objects or illness, their swelling causes middle ear infections.
Looking into the patient’s ear with an otoscope can usually determine if an ear infection is present, as the eardrum will be red and irritated and sometimes swollen.
A ruptured eardrum is possible if the fluid causes enough pressure against the eardrum, which results in pus and blood oozing from the child’s ear. Antibiotics are not prescribed as often as they used to be to avoid over exposure to antibiotics at an early age.
A sore throat usually mentioned as a throat infection or pharyngitis, causes pain in the back part of the throat. Inflammation of uvulitis and is responsible for the food to enter into the digestive system.
Instruments which puff air or sound into the ear to determine eardrum movement are also commonly used, especially if fluid has been in the ear for any length of time. Usually the eardrum will repair itself unless repeated ruptures occur, in which case surgical repairs may be necessary.
Antibiotics may also be prescribed if the child has had numerous ear infections within a close period of time or if the ear infection presents with effusion.
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