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Disclaimer: The information provided in MDJunction is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, treatment, or professional medical advice. S' book which helped to confirm my infection.Swelling that looks like edema but does not leave a dent when pressed. They do not follow the normal contours or are in the normal places where stretch marks would be.
That is all I can think of but as I did not have the classic symptoms such as painful feet and streaks, this was very helpful to confirm that I really did have bart. Pain in shinsIndentations in the skin where the bacteria seem to have pretty much eaten away the flesh underneath.
Many of these are starting to surface in a friend, but never until toxic metals started to move out. Arthropods including fleas, lice and possibly ticks transmit the germ to mammals.Those who study Bartonella characterize it as a “stealth pathogen”? because of its ability to evade detection even at levels that cause illness. The bacterium has been found to invade and colonize a variety of cell types — not only blood cells such as erythrocytes and macrophages but vascular endothelial cells and dendritic cells of the nervous system, as well.

Unfortunately, many Bartonellosis symptoms are also seen in a wide variety of more common and better understood diseases. Breitschwerdt (DVM at North Carolina State) tested that was positive for Bartonellosis was a three year-old Labrador retriever.The dog had been on a year-long course of increasing doses of immunosuppressant drugs due to misdiagnosis of the disease.
During that year, the lab went on to develop Bartonella-related seizures, arthritis, vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessels), epistaxis (nose bleeds), and aortic and mitral valve endocarditis.Similar situations have been documented with human patients at the Mayo Clinic and Duke University Medical Center. Misdiagnosis and subsequent treatment with immunosuppressant drugs resulted in development of Bartonellosis-related endocarditis. Breitschwerdt and others ultimately started their own company, Galaxy Diagnostics, to handle the work. Wendy Walker's story is just one of many harrowing tales of missed diagnoses and years of suffering with chronic, debilitating disease.When the disease was discovered in 1992, only two species of bacteria were known.
Today, 26 have been identified.The usual tests to detect infection -- including cultures, bacterial DNA tests, and antibody testing – don't pick up every incidence of infection. Breitschwerdt's laboratory has developed a special test which, when combined with other tests, is more effective at detecting the presence of different Bartonella bacteria species.TreatmentThe current treatment protocol for both humans and dogs is a six-month course of antibiotics.
To date, Mozayeni has evaluated some 400 patients with known or suspected Bartonella infections, some coming from as far away as Nevada, Idaho, Florida, and even other countries, such as Brazil and the Netherlands.In his experience, Bartonella-infected patients respond with notable consistency to treatment.

Bobak Robert Mozayeni, a physician and leading expert on Bartonella who practices in Rockville, MD, 95 percent of patients uniformly respond to treatment, without damage to kidneys or the liver according to results of monthly lab work he runs.Dr. Very few physicians and veterinarians consider Bartonella as a possible cause of disease in people or pets. A bite or scratch from an infected cat is the most widely recognized method of acquiring the bacteria, but there is also evidence of transmission of the type of Bartonella species carried by dogs, foxes and coyotes from an accidental needle stick. More research is needed to determine if this species of bacteria is a cause or a contributor in the development of arthritis, peripheral neuropathies or tachyarrhythmias in infected patients.
At the present time, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has only two funded research grants. During the past few years, I certainly have invested a fair amount of my life trying to convince people that there is a problem.

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