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All these extra taste-buds tend to make supertasters hyper sensitive to tastes, due to the increased intensity of any given taste they are detecting.  Researchers estimate the supertasters experience flavors about three times stronger than the average taster.
Now rub some of the food coloring onto your tongue with a cotton swab or your finger.  You will notice under the magnifying glass that the food coloring will tend to show up on your tongue, but the papillae will stay pink-ish, looking like little pink bumps on your tongue. Place the hole on the paper over the part of your tongue that has the food coloring and press gently, so as not to move the paper while you are counting.
Use the magnifying glass and a mirror to count how many papillae you see on your tongue through the hole in the paper.  The papillae should appear like tiny pink dots surrounded by blue food coloring.

Body type has been found to be closely related to ability to taste.  Supertasters tend to be thinner and have less cardiovascular problems due to dislike of fatty foods. Though supertasters have a significantly lower risk of developing cardiovascular and weight problems, they run a much higher risk of colon, gynecological, and other cancers than non-supertasters.  This is thought to be due to a drastically limited intake of green vegetables, due to their disgusting taste to supertasters.
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