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She had been taking the medication for just 25 days when she collapsed at home in Tamworth, Staffordshire.
Paramedics rushed to her house after she began vomiting – but minutes later she stopped breathing and turned blue. Kurek’s chest pain had been checked out at a hospital four days prior to her collapse. At that point, staff at the hospital realized that she was likely suffering from a blood clot, but the damage had already been done. Mr and Mrs Kurek also hope that medical professionals will take more time to explain serious side effects to all women, not just those in high risk groups, such as smokers or overweight women. If you think an unplanned pregnancy or an irregular period is scary, this should put things in perspective: 21-year-old Australian Fallan Kurek recently died from taking birth control pills, which triggered a lung blood clot and heart inflammation, reports Birmingham Mail.
Hannah, also 21, was prescribed Rigevidon in December to regulate her periods after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in October last year. Just 21 days after starting to take the contraceptive pill, Hannah fell ill and doctors discovered she had a blood clot on the brain. Now the East Belfast student is speaking out to warn other women about the possibility of dangerous side effects of the contraceptive pill. In January 2014, Vanity Fair released an expose on the Nuva Ring, another non-pill form of hormonal birth control. While hormonal birth control is known to act by stripping the lining of a woman’s uterus, sometimes causing early miscarriages, it is also undoubtedly dangerous to women themselves.
It’s high time women were given the complete facts about hormonal birth control (including hormonal and copper IUDs). I’m interested to know just how the risks of hormonal contraception compare with those of other common drugs. However, when we know about a severe side effect of a drug, especially anything that could end your life, we almost never ask what we’re going to do to fix it. With trillions of dollars going into disease research and millions of people seeking birth control and antidepressants and so on, why don’t we thrive to make improvements to every drug that has awful side effects- especially the most common ones? But one other note…you may be interested in researching hormonal and some other contraceptives (like IUDs) because a ton of them are actually not nonviolent. The same procedure that produced the female contraceptive produced the male hormonal contraceptive. I understand there are several other uses for birth control pills other than birth control, as they are basically hormones. I have had 43 years of stasis ulcers after a blood clot from taking birth control pills for six months to regulate my period. 20 odd years ago, I was prescribed a contraceptive pill because I have slightly more testosterone than most females (apparently affects the daughters of some bald men).
Yes, and it is as effective as the pill when used correctly, is completely healthy, natural and respects our God given gift of fertility. Many women are told they HAVE to be on birth control to regulate their cycles, without ever being told there is anything else. From reading the posts here it is evident that women have really bought into this birth control lie.
All young woman should be tested for an MTHFR mutation and other genetic blood clotting proclivities prior to being prescribed the pill.
Home > The Doctors > The Doctors AdviceThe Doctors: Is Taking Multiple Birth Control Pills The Same As Plan B? Many days ago, The Doctors asked on Facebook if they believed taking multiple birth control pills has the same effect as taking the morning after pill.
About Emily HaydenI graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Journalism. Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. The naturally-occurring substance with a bitter taste stimulates the central nervous system, making you feel more alert.
But in excess amounts, caffeine overuse can trigger a fast heart rate, insomnia, anxiety and restlessness, among other side effects.
According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it takes about 30 to 60 minutes for caffeine to reach its peak level in the blood (one study found increased alertness can begin in as few as 10 minutes). Sleep experts often recommend abstaining from caffeine at least eight hours before bedtime to avoid wakefulness at night. The body might process caffeine differently based on gender, race and even birth control use. A strong, rich flavor might seem to indicate an extra dose of caffeine, but the truth is that light roasts actually pack more of a jolt than dark roasts. It's not just coffee beans: tea leaves, kola nuts (which flavor colas) and cocoa beans all contain caffeine.

While another estimate puts the total closer to 300 mg, both numbers fall within the definition of moderate caffeine consumption, which is between 200 and 300 mg, according to the Mayo Clinic. According to a recent BBC article, Finland takes the crown for the country with the highest caffeine consumption, with the average adult downing 400 mg each day. According to one FDA report, more than 98 percent of our caffeine intake comes from beverages.
The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? Tragically, Kurek had been directed by her doctor to take the pill solely for the purpose of regulating her period.
Devastating results have been discovered in women using the Nuva Ring, too – including death from pulmonary embolisms. They need to be aware of what can truly happen: the ending of the lives of their preborn babies as well as damage and destruction to their own bodies. I am not familiar with this particular drug, but I do understand that some hormonal birth control pills are used to control excessive bleeding during periods. Antidepressants may cause suicidal feelings- why not prescribe it to kids who suffer school-related anxiety or grief after the loss of a loved one?
We have to except that some women will die and some kid will hang him self, but whatever, right? When they have serious side effects and people are dying from taking them, we definitely do need to do better.
If you look even at what the manufacturers say, one of the ways they act is to strip the lining of the uterus which will cause an early miscarriage if a woman is pregnant and doesn’t know it. You are not going to be able to get rid of the side effects of medications because those are things those medications do. Why are we the ones taking a group 1 carcinogen that raises our risk of cancer 48% for ten years after we stop taking it.
I decided against taking it, because my mother had had a deep vein thrombosis when she took contraceptives. I am a nurse who works with stroke patients and this happens a lot, very frequently, fortunately not all end in death but many young women end up crippled because of oral contraceptives and if they smoke you can increase their chances of stroke many times over. How many women who take these pills directly into their bodies without question worry and fuss about using dairy products from cows given hormones.
I strongly suggest requesting these genetic tests prior to accepting a prescription for the pill.
Even more shocking is all these comments about the pill wrecking the health of young women. If you are going to print an article for woman to have complete facts about the dangers of the pill then you should be giving all the facts to woman also.
In moderate doses, it can actually offer health benefits, including boosts to memory, concentration and mental health. Abruptly stopping use can lead to symptoms of withdrawal, including headaches and irritability. The body typically eliminates half of the drug in three to five hours, and the remainder can linger for eight to 14 hours. But many popular brands actually contain considerably less than an old-fashioned cup of black coffee. The process of roasting burns off caffeine, NPR reported, meaning those looking for a less intense buzz might want to opt for the dark roast java at the coffee shop.
The stimulant is found naturally in the leaves, seeds and fruits of a wide variety of plants. According to a recent report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest, popular brands varied widely when it comes to the jolt they provided. Daily doses higher than 500 to 600 mg daily are considered heavy, and may cause problems such as insomnia, irritability and a fast heartbeat, among others. It seems medical professionals did not ask if Kurek was taking any form of birth control until she was already on a ventilator. This danger is three times higher among women who are on hormonal birth control pills than among women who are not. And, at least some of them have a possible abortifacient feature which is activated as a third gateway, but a post-conception one, as the article mentions.
Few women are told this can happen with their birth control, but it scientifically can – even according to the manufacturers themselves.
A person needs to be informed of the side effects and and the harm they can do and unfortunately women have not been fully informed of ALL the side effects of oral contraceptives. Recently, I learnt that the hormonal imbalance that I still have has actually helped to stop me from developing the uterine fibroids that have affected other women in my family. I have friends who HAVE to have birth control in order to have a period like they should, otherwise they’re in pain a lot.

What many women do not realize is that our diet, exercise and nutrition play great roles in our cycles, as does stress.
I can’t tell you how many times this garbage has been suggested to myself or daughter. Have a feeling this will be strongly discouraged by many physicians, especially those employed by Planned Parenthood.
No where in this article do you mention that there is a blood test that females can take before going on the pill to find out if they are not a candidate for the bill. There’s a rumor spreading online that taking three or more birth control pills can be substituted for taking the morning after pill. And coffee in particular, a major source of caffeine for Americans, has been associated with a host of body perks, including a possible decreased risk of alzheimer's disease and certain cancers. One Journal of Analytical Toxicology report looked at nine different types of decaffeinated coffee and determined that all but one contained caffeine. Some people, particularly those who don't regularly consume caffeine, are more sensitive to the effects than others.
Women taking birth-control pills metabolize it at perhaps one-third the rate that women not on the Pill do. An 8.4-ounce serving of Red Bull, for instance, has a relatively modest 76 to 80 mg of caffeine, compared to the 95 to 200 mg in a typical cup of coffee, the Mayo Clinic reports. To put that in real world terms, the average caffeine-consuming American drinks two five-ounce cups of coffee or about four sodas. Combining a pain reliever with caffeine can make it 40 percent more effective, the Cleveland Clinic reports, and can also help the body to absorb the medication more quickly.
I understand that there are some potential long-term effects too, but that is true with any hormone. I think it’s super important for women to be told that hormonal birth control can harm them, and also that it can cause their babies to die, too, often in early miscarriages or in miscarriages if they conceive right after going off hormonal birth control. And yes, they’ve been to many doctors to try to sort things out other ways, and birth control has been the only thing that works.
Birth control, being it causes strokes and a stroke could mean death or crippled for life, should be the absolute last resort. Instead of traveling to my lungs, the blood clot passed through my heart and straight to my brain. What’s the big deal about an irregular cycle anyway especially in a girl or young woman? A great book about this topic is The Consumer’s Guide to The Pill and Other Drugs by John Wilks, B Pharm MPS.
There is a blood clot disorder called factor V leiden that many many people are walking around with that they do not even know they have it.
What many energy drink brands frequently do have, though, is tons of sugar and hard-to-pronounce ingredients (check out our video report on the subject here).
I remember Protestants laughing at the Catholic Church in the 70’s because they were against these drugs. I believe they are not so much rare as undiagnosed…simply because the question is not asked, even after women develop blood clots while on the pill.
With a simple blood test many lives can be saved but the medical industry does not feel 1 out of 10,000 lives is worth offering this test so no one is ever told about it. In The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World’s Most Popular Drug, authors Bennett Alan Weinberg and Bonnie K.
I can almost guarantee you that this two innocent girls probably have factor V and it is generic so they got it from one of there parents. Well, if you have a genetic tendency toward clotting it’s probably an excellent idea to find out before taking the pill.
I myself have it and never knew about it but found out about it when my 16yr old daughter died 5yrs ago from the pill that she was only on for a month.
A simple blood test would have saved my daughters life but since the insurance companies do not cover it doctors do not tell you about it.
I wonder if any of them had a genetic tendency toward clotting and taking the pill provided the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back or was the clot solely caused by the pill? This blood test should be mandatory before putting woman on the pill but not enough deaths are happening or articles like this is being written without the full given information. Since that question is rarely, if ever asked, how will the possible causal relationship between genetic tendency and clotting ever be known?

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