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Warning: If you are allergic to bee stings or wasp stings or feel you are having an allergic reaction then seek immediate medical advice by calling the emergency services. Toddler Bumble Bee Costumeby Paper MagicBee dress comes with wings, headband, underskirt, and belt. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue.
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Some individuals who previously experienced a severe reaction to a bee sting usually carry an EpiPen. Continue the application of ice over the eye at regular intervals as long as any swelling persists. The best way to avoid an infection from setting in that can injure the eye is to wash the sting site using warm water and mild soap. If the individual experiences a severe reaction such as the outbreak of hives or breathing difficulty, it is best to seek emergency care right away. You may also like to consider applying an antiseptic cream or antibacterial ointment to help prevent the wound from becoming infected.

As mentioned above the venom injected by the bee will cause inflammation of the infected area.
A bee sting close to the eye can cause a lot of pain and alarming for some but it is rarely dangerous.
Currently, there is still a debate regarding the care to provide when removing the stinger and the effective method for removal.
The affected area around the eye is considered sensitive and more likely to ache and swell.
Additionally, you should also apply a minimal amount of sanitizing ointment to the affected area.
Always bear in mind that allergic reactions to bee stings are serious and must be treated immediately.
An anti-inflammatory drug works on inhibiting the physiological processes that cause inflammation when part of the body gets injured. There are certain measures that you have to be familiar with when handling a bee sting close to the eye in order to promote the healing process as well as relieve discomfort. Over-the-counter medications for pain such as ibuprofen can help reduce the swelling and pain.

This will help prevent contamination from developing and can even help speed up the healing process.
Wrap the ice in a tea-towel or something similar so as to protect your skin from freezing. When removing a stinger from an area close to the eye, you can either pluck the stinger using a pair of tweezers, use the edge of a credit card to scrape the stinger out of the skin or brush it out using your fingernails.
This will deliver a shot of epinephrine to the body to minimize the symptoms before the individual is taken to the hospital.
If the individual complains of vision changes after the swelling around the eyes subsided, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor to be safe.

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