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Sinusitis or sinus is caused due to viral infection, fungal invasion, tumors, polyps and genetic abnormalities resulting in inflammation of the sinus.
Before one of the most common causes of blockage (occlusion) of vessels in patients of all ages had syphilis. Parasitic infections such as typhoid fever, schistosomiasis, mukoroz, malaria and trichinosis are also accompanied by an infectious inflammation of the artery walls. When fever and other rickettsiosis in brain capillaries and alveoli show perivascular inflammatory cells. With the sudden appearance of trichinosis jerking, aphasia, hemiplegia, and coma combined or, more commonly occurs after systemic symptoms and muscle damage.
Malignant, or falciparum, malaria is often characterized by the clinical condition known as cerebral malaria, in which the convulsions, coma and sometimes focal symptoms are determined by occlusion of the capillaries and precapillaries masses of infected red blood cell activator.
In addition, arteritis (inflammation of the artery walls) may be caused by the herpes simplex virus and serve as one of the manifestations of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and systemic lupus erythematosus.
Thromboangiitis obliterans cerebral vascular disease (Vinivarter-Burger disease) is not included in the reporting list. Sinusitis (or rhinosinusitis) is the inflammation of the sinuses and the nasal passages caused by a viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Sinusitis is broadly classified as acute or chronic, depending on the duration of the symptoms. The following treatments for sinusitis can be very effective in easing the nasal congestion and inflammation and eventually curing sinusitis. In some cases these home remedies may not work, as a result, the symptoms may linger for a couple of days. These include ibuprofen (Advil, Brufen, and others), aspirin and acetaminophen (Panadol, Tylenol and others). In rare cases, surgery may be the course of treatment for sinusitis if the aforementioned methods are futile. Since sinusitis is a common ailment, its prevention can greatly help in avoiding unnecessary discomfort and pain. Many people find that rinsing the nasal cavity with salt water (saline) solutions can provide relief from congestion and other nasal symptoms caused by infections, allergies, dust exposure, or anatomic abnormalities.
Since the introduction into clinical practice the drug penicillin, this kind of blockage of lumen has become a rarity. It is possible that these changes in the vessels of the brain are responsible for epileptic seizures, acute psychosis, coma, reflect the involvement in the pathological process of the central nervous system.
Despite the extensive literature on the subject, with regard to this disease there is so much doubt that she does not deserve further discussion.

The sinuses are hollow, air-filled cavities within a bone inside the skulland are lined with mucus membranes.
Taking ample rest will help the body to recuperate and ward off the infection more swiftly. Drinking a sufficient amount of fluids like healthy juices and water helps mitigate the mucus in the sinuses and helps ease the drainage and thus reducing the nasal stuffiness.
This could be done by either standing in a hot shower where there is steam or by draping a hot towel over the head, and breathing in steam from a pot of hot water. Applications of a damp and warm towel around the facial area specifically the forehead, cheeks, and nose regions where there is painful swelling or general discomfort. This could be done by using a specifically designed squeeze bottle available from a pharmacy or a neti pot (a container used to store the saline solution for the irrigation of the nasal cavity)to flush out the mucus accumulated inside the nose.
To alleviate the sinusitis pain at night, one can sleep in an elevated position so as to lessen the congestion and help with the drainage flow of the mucus. These can be bought over-the-counter (OTC) or prescribed by a doctor in the form of syrups, tablets or nasal sprays. Some common nasal corticosteroids are fluctasinode (flonase), budesonide (rhinocort), and others. The specialist prescribes the appropriate surgery depending on the nature of the sinusitis. Eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits which have rich antioxidants and other important vitamins. Keeping dehydrated by drinking plenty of water and juices can boost the moisture in the body.
Abstaining from smoking and breathing in clean air keeps the air passages clean and free from germs. A humidifier can be used to keep nasal passages free from obstruction and to enhance moisture content. Pressure in ear may be caused by various factors and is often accompanied by other symptoms. Keep your mouth open, take a deep breath and as you blow out of your nose mostly and mouth slightly, squirt as much saline in one side of your nose as you comfortably can.
Vascular lesions with obstruction (occlusion) as the arteries, veins and may be accompanied by such infectious diseases as meningitis (tuberculosis, fungal and bacterial subacute flowing). The inflammation could bring an obstruction or congestion, and as a result, the sinuses become blocked. This type of a sinus infection usually occurs after a subsequent upper respiratory infection.

This form of the condition requires that one should visit a doctor for a check-up as it may also be caused by any other disease that has chronic sinusitis as its symptom. Care must be taken to properly rinse through and dry out the irrigation device so it can be used multiple times. Although there are some simple home remedies to relieve ear pressure, complications may arise if it is not treated properly.
Basically you mix or buy a salt water solution and some device for squirting a couple of ounces of it up your nose. At the same bacterial meningitis in a patient may be caused by Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus, or pneumococcus. Blockage (occlusion) of the internal carotid artery develops in diabetic patients with infection mukoroznoy orbit and cavernous sinus. In one case of brain damage were caused by small emboli from the heart to the background of marked myocarditis.
Concomitant hypertension causes bleeding or hypertension encephalopathy, endocarditis can cause cerebral embolism.
The situation with Buerger's disease that occurs with damage to the lower extremities, also is uncertain. Do not swallow the salt water and do not block the nasal passage comletely with the bulb tip. Sometimes the first clinical manifestation of tuberculous meningitis in a patient may be a stroke. However, as the sinuses become blocked, the mucus builds up inside the paranasal sinus, leading to bacteria and germs accumulating inside and aggravate the infection and inflammation. If you can stand it, right at the end of the procedure, sniff some of the salt water that is left in your nose back to rinse out deeper portions. In such a condition usually develops after a stroke, the formation of meningeal symptoms in a patient. Breathing exercises like yoga can also solve the problemSinus Infection Treatment - Curative MeasuresUsually doctors prescribe nasal sprays with oxymetazoline.
Sometimes in cases of severe infections, a clinical process called nasal irrigation is provided for relief.

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