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We’ll end at the beginning with the credits, which are stop-motion and incredibly unsettling. For more information on that sequence, check out this informative interview with one of the folks behind it at AdWeek. An examination of the more tactile facets of the musical realm - namely, vinyl records and books. The fear that you'll never again know what it feels like to have an active and healthy sex life, free from pain and embarrassment.
Even the dreadful anxiety that somehow, something is inherently wrong with you – and because doctors can't fix it, your health is in jeopardy. As a BV sufferer for almost two decades, I understand what it's like to live in the everyday hell that bacterial vaginosis, or BV, forces on you. It was the first time I had become sexually active, so when I noticed an unusual odor and discharge coming from my vagina, I immediately ran to the health clinic to get everything checked out. The nurses told me that bacterial vaginosis came as a result of having a new sex partner, or multiple sex partners, and that the balance of bacteria in my vagina had been thrown off.
Well, I think you know by now that I had plenty of symptoms…but I was so embarrassed by the whole experience that I didn't want to show my face again.
So even after that tube of absolutely useless cream ran out, I gritted my teeth and put up with my symptoms.
When I finally married my now-husband, I used all the tricks in the book to learn how to get rid of vaginal odor. And if I was ever going to learn how to treat bacterial vaginosis, I knew that I was going to have to do it myself. So I decided to do a little research – and I discovered an incredibly shocking truth about the medical community that took my breath away.
You might wonder why I was so determined to find an alternative solution to my BV problems. After all, if the medical community kept telling me that the only viable treatment for bacterial vaginosis involved antibiotics and runny creams, then why even bother looking outside the box for another cure?
I don't know who said it, but you can bet that it inspired me to put down the antibiotics and pick up a few medical encyclopedias. I decided that if I was ever going to cure the embarrassing fishy order and reclaim my sex life with husband, I needed to look outside the medical community for help. And when my holistic-minded friend suggested that I look into the world of natural cures for bacterial vaginosis, I felt like something clicked. I even researched old wives tales, hoping to stumble across a little nugget of gold in thousands of years of ancient wisdom. I found more than a nugget of gold – I found an entire wealth of home remedies for bacterial vaginosis that have been waiting to be unearthed by someone who had finally had enough with prescription medications. When I applied these home remedies for BV to myself, I took careful notes as to what didn't work and what did work. Most medical professionals don't understand BV because they simply don't consider it to be a major health problem.
Finally, I learned the true facts behind sex and BV – and how it's possible to enjoy an active and healthy sex life without living in fear of bacterial vaginosis, gardnerella vaginalis and even vaginitis. I was so excited to finally cure myself of the painful itching, embarrassing odors and funky discharge that I immediately shared my secrets with my friends.
That's when I decided to compile my notes together and create the ultimate bible on how to treat bacterial vaginosis.
Recurrent bacterial vaginosis has always been a part of my life ever since I started getting intimate with my ex-husband. Since I'm vegan, I was hoping to approach my recurrent bacterial vaginosis with natural treatments. My BV hasn't made an appearance for several months now, and I know that's all thanks to you.
Instant BV Relief: A Culmination of My Careful Research That's Proven To BANISH BV From Your Life – Forever!
I know that if my research helped me to find a cure for my BV (not to mention that of my friends), then I had to share it with the rest of the world who needed help. Not to toot my own horn, but this ebook is groundbreaking because it does what pharmaceutical medicine can't: it tackles the major causes of BV without killing off the good bacteria that permanently ends it.
With just a few simple lifestyle switches – which I've summarized in a super easy four step program – you can put an end to the BV woes that have held you hostage for so many years.
Okay, this letter is pretty embarrassing for me to write, but I just felt compelled to write to you after following the steps in your Instant BV Relief ebook. Your simple step-by-step ebook guide was so effective at eliminating my recurrent bacterial vaginosis that I saw results within a few weeks of making simple switches to my diet. As a recurrent BV sufferer for over five years, I can honestly say that at first, I was able to deal with the majority of my symptoms.

Sure enough, within a few days of using your tips, I started to notice that my vaginal odor was getting fainter. I downloaded your ebook a few weeks ago because I was having some trouble in the bedroom with my husband.
I can't thank you enough for providing BV sufferers with such a wonderful and comprehensive ebook. Luckily, that same friend told me she had downloaded a copy of your ebook, Instant BV Relief. These days, I no longer have a swollen vagina – but I do have a few healthy habits that will stick with me for the rest of my life.
To Whom It May Concern: I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis right after I married my second husband. For anyone who's desperate to end the vaginal itching, check out Instant BV Relief – I guarantee it will change the way you look at bacterial vaginosis.
He was convinced that he was doing something wrong, but all I could do was reassure him that it was all because of me.
To Whom It May Concern: I just wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful I am that I found your Instant BV Relief ebook. Luckily, I had told my mother-in-law (who's a nurse) about my issue and she recommended a more natural alternative to treating the burning sensation.
Armed with that information, I found Instant BV Relief, downloaded it and read it all in one sitting.
My doctor recently diagnosed me with recurrent BV, which was particularly prominent after sex. When most people think of sex, they probably think of an enjoyable activity to spend with their partner or spouse. Just think of all the expensive prescription medications you've taken – now they're no more. Just think of all the money and time you could save just by reading my simple and easy Instant BV Relief ebook. Your ebook not only does that, but it also provides simple solutions to major BV problems, including painful urination. So when I say that I'm 110% confident that this ebook will absolutely change your life, I truly mean it. As a previous BV sufferer, I know that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if the price of my ebook kept someone just like me from experiencing true BV relief. So instead of charging an arm and a leg for Instant BV Relief, I'm absolutely delighted to announce that I'm going to offer my information-packed ebook for the low price of only $39 - (Regular Price$71) . However if you order the Instant BV Relief right now, you'll also receive these amazing bonus gifts for FREE!
In addition to this low price for Instant BV Relief, I want to thank you for your business by offering instant access to not only Instant BV Relief, but to three bonus gifts as well. Together, these bonus gifts are worth at least $265 – but I'm offering them to you for absolutely FREE! A Beginner's Guide to Yoga: Yoga is an essential part of the exercise regimen you'll need to combat BV. As you can see, I'm the one who's taking on all the risks here – and there's absolutely nothing for you to lose!
Click on the "Add To Cart" button to gain instant access to these wonderful ebooks, along with your own copy of Instant BV Relief right now! You can continue visiting your doctor and taking prescription medications that you KNOW aren't working.
You can continue spending hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars on medical treatment that leaves you feeling more confused than ever. You can continue feeling the shame and embarrassment of BV, and settle for a life that's devoid of sex, love and intimacy with your partner. I just know Instant BV Relief will help you – and with my 60-day moneyback guarantee, there's absolutely no risk for you to try it out.
There was a benefit for Moore tornado victims at the Kansas City Power & Light District last night. Yesterday, after posting news regarding Underground Communique‘s returning Ska is Dead single series, they posted some more solid details, as well as some hints as to what you can expect.
Like the last series, there will be three 7-inches on black vinyl and three 7-inches on color vinyl (last year, it was white), and they’ll ship in three monthly installments of two 7-inches each, starting in July. Kickstarter, the popular crowd-sourcing means of project fundraising, might not be all it’s cracked up to be.
Now that I have your attention, please allow me to clarify and explain: some of you are amazingly short-sighted idiots with the compulsory habits of Beanie Baby enthusiasts.
Celebrity Art Party is a semi-occurring feature, wherein the artists we enjoy interpret their favorite song.

At this point, the output of the Josh Berwanger Band is starting to rival that of the bands for which Berwanger was formerly best-know, the Anniversary and Only Children.
The self-titled LP from Japan’s Louder would be a lot better if it could decide what it wanted to be. Red Kate continues the wonderful racket they had on last year’s full-length, When the Troubles Come. The Bad Ideas have always been a live force with which to be reckoned, but these two recordings are fantastic.
Evan Peters and Frances Conroy have become the other two players to feature prominently in the other three series, but, honestly, it’s all about Paulson and Lange. However, at the same time, I’d kill for miniatures of so many of the creatures shown within the minute-long sequence.
I know when it comes to BV, most people want to skirt around the issues, rather than address them head on. I loved that I didn't have to spend tons of money on expensive pharmaceutical drugs either. Once you place your order, you are automatically locked in as a premier member at no extra cost!
All her books are written in the breathless tone of a 13 year-old’s diary, combined with the breezy weightlessness of a Cosmo article. By no means am I suggesting that the site or the folks behind are crooked – nay, nay, I say. The weather was so lovely yesterday afternoon that I couldn’t resist the siren song of a trip to the ballpark with my co-worker Deron and a buddy of his. While I’m by no means jingoistic, the idea of standing respectfully during the national anthem, hand over heart, only to piss all over it at the end, strikes me as horribly unpatriotic. Saying the name of the football team you support at the end of the national anthem shows what you hold most dear, and if you consider your allegiance to the Chiefs to be greater than your allegiance to the country in which you reside, then let’s admit this is just a hollow display, and knock it off. Lawrence’s premiere psychedelic garage-rockers (we have enough of them for that to be a thing) Psychic Heat signed with Kansas City label High Dive Records.
Stacked up against Guitar Wolf, Electric Eel Shock, or even Gito Gito Hustler, they just can’t compete.
Mixing classic-era Epitaph Records energy with Sonic Youth guitar work and absolute snottiness, they’re absolute keepers. Their interactions as Lana and Sister Jude in that series were some of the best interplay of the entire AHS franchise.
At some point during the show, Slimfast, a DJ for 96.5 the Buzz, allegedly tore down a banner for the Kansas City Local Artists Radio Show, an online streaming radio program. It’s your subpage of a private website ran by a multi-million dollar corporation which receives ad revenue from other multi-million (if not billion) dollar industries. I’ve taken the liberty of assembling all the tweets into an easy-to-read couple of paragraphs below. We can get the game started a little sooner, and I won’t have to listen to some pop diva warble outside her range at the start of the Super Bowl. However, I ended up with a ton of good shots that didn’t make it up over there, so check out the galleries below. Anyone else think it’s weird that both installments of Celebrity Art Party have been by people in bands? Gillaspie has fronted innumerable Lawrence bands: the Donkey Show, the Spook Lights, Pale Hearts, and Witch Jail, amongst others.
However, in addition to a billion other things, we totally forgot American Horror Story started its new season this week, so we absolutely had to watch the premiere of Freak Show on demand last night. Whether it is a new chapter to the ebook, a new bonus, or one little change to a technique or tip, you will automatically be one of the first people to learn about it. People are collectively losing their minds on Facebook, as well as in a post over at Day to Day ASA. A musician who writes a comic about a band — of course we are happy to have him for this (very) occasional series. The information you get from this day forward will keep you on the cutting edge of what works best for treating Bacterial Vaginosis!
Anyhow, Nemeth is guitarist for the noir rockers the Latenight Callers, as well as a very excellent pinup artist in his own right, so it was natural that he was one of the people we reached out to for this (very) occasional series.

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