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There are also headaches with accompanying phonophobia, intolerance to strong smells, and motion intolerance. This patient has classic signs and symptoms of migraine as well as the physical findings of AC-BPPV. Unlike the situation with PC-BPPV, which is never caused by central nervous system lesions, positional vertigo having the pattern of either anterior canal or lateral-canal BPPV is rarely due to cerebellar mass lesions. In this patient, had no MRI been done, it seems likely that she would have deteriorated neurologically and done worse. In our practice in Chicago, we have seen several other patients with similarly located masses in the fourth ventricle, who presented with positional nystagmus.
It’s particularly helpful to do the exercises in the morning straight after you wake up. You only need to do the exercises for as long as vertigo is triggered when you lie down on your side.
After each positioning movement you should remain in the new position until any dizziness has subsided (about 2 minutes). The first step should be to determine whether the patient's symptoms are due to vertigo, dizziness or disequilibrium.

Disequilibrium is a sense of being off-balance without dizziness or vertigo, particularly when walking. Once the patient's symptoms have been established as vertigo, specific features are used to help determine the cause. Blood pressure, standing and supine (three minutes for each position) - a significant drop in blood pressure, e.g.
Assessment of gait, balance and co-ordination - Romberg tests, heel-toe tests and cerebellar testing, e.g.
Treatment: Perform an Epley canalith repositioning procedure (See "Epley canalith repositioning procedure" below). A repeat Dix-Hallpike test should be done and if there is no response, treatment has been successful. Treatment: Currently there is no treatment which can reverse the hydrops and the hearing loss. BPPV may occasionally develop in the affected ear after vestibular neuritis, due to inflammatory disruption of otoconia. The vertigo began about five to six months ago with a sensation as if she was going to pass out.

Nevertheless, in addition to treatment aimed at these two diagnoses, she was sent for an MRI of the brain.
The treatment can be ended when no dizziness is elicited by doing the manoeuvres the next day.
After one minute ask the patient to sit up quickly with their head tilted toward the treated ear.
Patients with vertigo should be instructed to return if their symptoms persist unexpectedly. This example leads one naturally to wonder whether or not individuals making this diagnosis such as physical therapists, but who are acting without physician oversight, may need more comprehensive malpractice insurance than those who are not. Differentiating between the simple and the serious causes is a challenging process of elimination, based on the patient's description of their symptoms and the interpretation of signs found on examination.

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