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Urinary Tract Infection is a bacterial infection that affects the ureter (tubes that carry urine to the bladder) and urethra (tube through which urine exits the body), kidneys and bladder. Urinary tract infection is more common in women than in men, because in women, the urethra that drains urine from the bladder and out of the body lies close to the rectum. Bacteria often migrate into the bladder, especially in females, but they usually don’t cause an infection.
Cantharis is very effective in early stage of UTI, especially if you’ve experienced a burning sensation while urinating. Probiotic supplement helps to maintain or restore beneficial flora in the digestive and urinary tracts. Drink as much water as possible to flush out the system of toxins, diluted urine are easier to pass out on the urinary tract. Change your underwear at least 2 times daily, and wear loose-fitting white cotton underwear. If you use diaphragm, ask your doctor to check the size; one that is even slightly too large can irritate the urethra and bladder.
Urinate and drink a glass of water before sexual contact and urinate within an hour afterward to flush out the urinary tract.
After bowel movement, wipe from the front to the back to reduce the risk of carrying intestinal bacteria to the urethra. Urinalysis and urine culture are done to know if an infection is present and what bacteria are involved. Ultrasound and x-rays of the kidneys may be done to see the condition of the renal system and to see if there are any abnormalities. If you experienced UTI for more than 2 times, you should ask your doctor to do further check on you. Antibiotics have different side effects, including allergic reactions, diarrhea, upset stomach, and intestinal or vaginal yeast infections. Urinary Tract Infection can be treated with the help of herbs, homeopathy and natural supplements so Antibiotics are not required. If there’s a burning sensation while urinating, difficulty passing urine,  lower backache then it can indicate UTI. Note: If you are taking conventional antibiotics to treat UTI make sure to take Probiotics to restore healthy gut bacteria.
Homeopathic Hydrastis(available here) is a natural antibiotic so you can use Hydrastis alone or along with the other remedies. Filed Under: Green Pregnancy, Holistic Health, Holistic Health Tips, Holistic Living, Women's Health About Citrine JoyousCitrine Joyous is an Aromatherapist and Herbalist and she is passionate about sharing DIY Beauty Recipes, Health and Wellness Tips on this Blog. An infection of the urinary tract could involve the kidneys, ureters, urethra or the bladder. The common symptoms of a urinary tract infection are pain while urinating, abdominal pain and an excessive burning sensation. Since bacterial agents cause most UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), the doctor usually recommends a course of antibiotics. Thereafter you may be reviewed by the doctor to see whether there has been an improvement in your condition. Drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself well hydrated is important during the course of a urinary tract infection.
A very severe infection can make you seriously ill leading to very high fever, nausea and vomiting.
Delaying or holding back urine for very long periods of time can lead to severe bouts of urinary infection. Juices of cranberry and blueberry have powerful antioxidants, which prevent urinary tract infections from occurring. It has been well researched that public toilets are dirty and harbour millions of disease causing bacteria.

Honeymooning couples often suffer from very severe cases of urinary tract infections called as honeymoon cystitis. Excessive use of bath tubs can strip your vaginal and urethral area of essential bacteria that help to protect your body from disease causing microbes.
While daily antibiotic use is the most effective method for preventing recurrent urinary tract infections in women, daily cranberry pills, daily estrogen therapy and monthly acupuncture treatments also have benefits that may be preferable for some patients, according to a new study by researchers at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute (LA BioMed).
A smaller group of women will have three or more urinary tract infections per year and may require a more pro-active course of treatment to prevent these recurrent infections. The LA BioMed study compared the findings from previous studies and found that daily antibiotic usage reduced the urinary tract infection recurrence rate to 0.4 per year. Bacteria from the lower intestine or vagina can easily migrate to and travel up the urethra into the bladder. This is because urination washes the bacteria out of the body, and urine itself is bacteriostatic, meaning that it inhibits bacterial growth.
If your symptoms are burning pain during urination, and if you have a right-sided kidney infection, this is an indication that this homeopathic remedy will work for you. This remedy is also prescribed if blood accompanies the stream of urine, which often happens with bladder infections. It is important to note that this is more of a preventive than cure to UTI, but this is important supplement while you are taking antibiotics.
After the initial appointment, the patient is tested again after 3 or 4 days, until the urine is free of signs of infection. Recurrent UTI’s can be a sign of a structural problem in the urinary tract system that causes reflux to occur. I’m very interested in using natural remedies as they enhance the body's ability to heal itself and have no harmful side effects. If you haven't, you can join right away and get all your holistic health and beauty related queries answered there :) Click here to Join! UTI should always be treated because recurrent UTI can increase your risk of Premature labor(if you are pregnant) and Kidney infection. It starts working within a few hours and it relieves your unbearable UTI pain first and then starts working towards healing the root cause of your bladder infection instead of just masking it like what conventional Antibiotics do. But the main symptom of Lycopodum is “a tendency to pass a large amount of urine” instead of small amount in most UTI cases. You take antibiotics for UTI and antibiotics in turn causes UTI because it kills good bacteria so your body is unable to fight off bad bacteria which results in UTI. Natural Flu Remedies for Children and AdultsThe ONLY Natural Antibiotic That You Might Need During This Flu Season!7 Natural Home Remedies For Yeast Infection That Work INSTANTLY!
Do not forget to subscribe to the Newsletter to receive new health and beauty tips as soon as they are posted! The antibiotics must be continued for the exact duration otherwise the bacteria develop resistance to the drugs and the drugs cease to have an impact.
In such cases, the doctor may recommend suitable pain killers which you need to take every 4-6 hours. Water helps to flush out the bacteria and reduces the burning sensation that women typically experience while urinating.
In such instances, you may be admitted to the hospital and will be put on intravenous fluids immediately. They also hasten and speed up recovery if you are suffering from a urinary tract infection. Taking a course of vitamin C will go a long way in boosting your immunity especially during the critical summer season when UTIs are rampant. Usage of public toilets especially by women is leading to an increase in the spate of urinary tract infections.
This is caused due to transmission of germs during sexual intercourse and also due to improper personal hygiene.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital should ensure that the catheters are properly sterilized before inserting it into the patient’s urethra. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
15 issue of the journal, Clinical Infectious Diseases, said more than half of women suffer from a urinary tract infection at some time in their lives, often requiring antibiotics or other treatments to recover from the infections.
The LA BioMed study is the first to use a modeling approach to compare the effectiveness of all of the most commonly used prophylactic measures.
They result in more than 6 million outpatient visits and 479,000 hospitalizations per year. Acupuncture therapy reduced the recurrence rate to 0.7 per year, but the study data is somewhat limited. In more serious situations, bacteria continue to migrate through the ureters and into the kidneys, causing an inflammation or infection of the kidney tissue. That is, the urine moves back up through the urethra to the bladder, and sometimes into the kidneys, instead of moving out of the body. I became interested in natural remedies when I met a Gerson therapist, who told me that in Gerson therapy they use “ live food” (organic vegetable, fruits, etc) to cure their patients.
It not only helps with UTI but also strengthens your immune system and protects you from the cold, cough and the flu.
You can alternately use warm compresses on the stomach or ask someone to do the needful for you. Your best chances of recovery will occur if you completely eliminate tea, coffee and other beverages.
A shot of antibiotics followed by a 10-day course of antibiotics will be given to see whether you show any improvement at all. Consume 2-3 glasses of cranberry or blueberry juice to ward off infection causing parasites. Change underwear frequently and always wear airy cotton panties that allow your groin area to breathe. Honeymooning couples should take care and follow scrupulous personal hygiene so that they are not affected by honeymoon cystitis.
The rectum is a breeding ground of bacteria and germs can easily pass from there to the urethral region. It is also better to minimize the use of vaginal scents, perfumes and deos as these can aggravate an infection. With these tips, a UTI can be easily prevented and treated. The researchers noted that patients usually bore most or all the cost of acupuncture, while health insurance often covered all or part of the cost of antibiotics. The more difficult infections to cure are the ones that spread to the kidneys or some other parts of the body. A urinary tract infection can be easily prevented if women consume adequate water throughout the day. Restrict the intake of spicy foods as these too can irritate the bladder and worsen the symptoms.
This practice must be followed for girls and women of all ages, as it is one of the primary causes of a urinary tract infection.
Another approach is self-diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections, which, while not reducing recurrence rates, was associated with the highest quality of life of all management strategies.
In Gerson therapy they promote the supplementation of healthy and nutritious “ live food” for the body to fight disease, repair and regain its strength.

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