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Before knowing more information about the symptoms, causes and risk factors of UTI you need to understand about its organs. Kidneys (2 in no.) are the vital organs that eliminate wastes and other toxic substances from the body.
Ureters are long narrow tubing measuring 10-12 inches in length which delivers the urine collected from the kidney to the bladder. Bacteria always live in our body and the infection starts only if bad bacteria multiplies more in number than good bacteria. Women who are sexually active and have multiple sex partners are at high risk of developing UTI. People living with certain complicated conditions like spinal cord injury and suppressed immune systems (like undergoing chemo or radiation therapy for cancer) are at risk of getting UTI.
Women using diaphragm for birth control are more likely to develop this infection than others.
Men whose urethra is longer and those with enlarged prostate are at increased risk of getting UTI. Young children who are not toilet trained properly and infants can also develop urinary tract infection. Based on the symptoms, your doctor may order for urine analysis to check for the presence of abnormal white blood cells or bacteria in it. For people with frequent UTI infection, doctor would prescribe antibiotics (of low strength) for months together.
If you are having infections take plenty of fluids to dilute the urine which can help in controlling burning sensation. The best way to prevent kidney failure from an untreated urinary tract infection is to prevent the infection. Infection can occur in any part of the urinary tract and more women than men are prone to develop UTI. Moderate form of UTI may show symptoms like persistent urge to pass urine, burning pain while urinating and passing urine frequently in small amounts. If kidneys are infected it can cause symptoms including high fever, nausea, vomiting, upper back pain and chills. Our body is tuned to fight back against bad bacteria but sometimes immunity may get weak due to illness and other factors.

For people with recurrent UTI the doctor may insist on checking the tract with CT assisted scan or MRI scan. Located behind your abdomen, near the small of your back, kidneys are responsible for filtering waste from your blood as well as promoting or helping maintain other life processes. When any part of the urinary system is inflamed or irritated, it is called a urinary tract infection.
However, untreated urinary tract infections often turn into pyelonephritis, an inflammation of the kidney.
While you can live a relatively long and healthy life with one kidney, if both kidneys fail, there are only two options. It may cause burning sensation while urinating and one may often have urge to pass urine frequently. If bladder gets infected it might cause symptoms like pain in the lower abdomen, frequent urge to pass urine and pain due to pelvic pressure. The entire volumes of bacteria will not be eliminated in the urine and some of them would invade causing infection of urethra and bladder.
Some of the commonly recommended drugs include Azithromycin, Levofloxacin, cephalexin, Trimethoprim, ciprofloxacin and doxycycline.
In-patient treatment is needed only for severely infected cases and antibiotics are given through intravenous form for getting quick result.
Asian countries,[18] United States (including Hawaii), Canada ,[19] and Scotland)[20] due to bacterial resistance. As delicate organs, the kidneys can stop functioning for any number of reasons, including an untreated urinary tract infection.
Once inside the blood is forced through a series of tiny blood vessels and is filtered using blood pressure. The first is kidney dialysis, which is the artificial filtration of your blood using an outside machine or your stomach lining. Always wipe front to back after a bowel movement to avoid spreading bacterial from your stool into your urethra.
Bacteria are the main cause for UTI and treatment involves strong antibiotics for destroying bacteria. Kidneys can easily be damaged due to increased blood sugar levels and hypertension (blood pressure).

It ranks 2nd after respiratory tract infection among the various kinds of infection affecting people.
Urethritis (infection of urethra) and cystitis (bladder infection) are the two most common type of UTI caused by E.coli bacteria. Urea, excess water and other impurities are removed, while proteins and other nutrients are allowed to continue circulating.
The other option is replacing the kidneys that are not working with healthy kidneys from a donor. But you need to complete the course of medication as suggested by the doctor failing which infection can recur.
The waste products removed are used to make urine, which is then excreted through each ureter and sent to the bladder for storage.
This usually begins in the urethra, the tube through which urine is expressed from the body, travels to the bladder and can eventually make its way to the kidneys. Kidney transplants are long processes that involve searching for a healthy donor who is also a match. If you do contract a urinary tract infection, seek treatment immediately and tell your health care provider if the symptoms have not subsided after a few days. Your kidneys also release hormones that aid in maintaining healthy blood pressure, promote the production of red blood cells and allow your bones to absorb calcium for strength. Kidney infections, or pyelonephritis, are the worst type of urinary tract infections and generally require more treatment and recovery time than the others. If the kidneys continue to be colonized by the bacteria of urinary tract infection, they will eventually lose the ability to function and go into total kidney failure. Even perfectly matched donor kidneys do not guarantee that the procedure will be a success.

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