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Keep in mind that the vagina always smells of an odor; it’s when the odor smells like fish or is rather powerful that there might be trouble. In the beginning of pregnancy, there’s an increase of vaginal discharge due to hormonal changes and increase of blood flow to the region. About two weeks before delivery, it’s common to see a significant amount of jelly-like substance. If you notice any of the above signs and you’ve got vaginal odor, it typically means you’ve got an infection. Bacterial Vaginosis – This typically occurs when the vagina’s pH balance has been disrupted. Yeast Infections – This begins when fungus, which naturally occurs in the vagina, spirals out of control. Yeast infections, for the most part, don’t harm a baby; but, they need to be treated immediately.
Now, if you’re diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis and pregnant, it’s imperative you seek treatment. If your doctor has dismissed the possibility of infections being the cause of your mild-smelling vaginal odor, it’s probably a pregnancy-related side effect.
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If an odor during pregnancy isn’t strong and there are no possible infections, there are options to treating it that’ll keep the baby safe. Leukorrhea is a runny, white discharge that helps to protect the unborn child from harmful bacteria.
However, if you notice a fish-like odor or some other bad smell emanating from the vagina, it could mean there is a problem. Not only do you experience the fish smell but you’ll also experience sexual activity discomfort and pain, urination pain and discomfort, severe itching and inflammation.

In addition, V MOSA also obtained the patented technology a€?Bio Pro Technologya€? from Korea, which infuse the activated energy into the core stripe to increase the effect of the a€?Bio Pro Energya€?. This core stripe has been proven in many countries for its ability to kill bacteria with 99.99% effect in 30 minutes. Our product is made of imported high quality raw materials and with mixing a variety of functions for core stripe, such as: negative ions, far infrared ray, charcoal, chitin, magnetic, germanium stone, nano-silver and etc. If you see this, it typically means the cervix has begun dilating.  If you notice blood or pink in the cervix, it means labor is about to begin within 24 hours. Should you notice these symptoms, you need to speak with your doctor right away, as infections tend to cause early labor and delivery problems. Yeast will also use sugar for its fuel, and the amount of sugar seen in the discharge rises during pregnancy.

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