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Bacteria and viruses are microbes (germs) which are very different to each other in structure and function.
In spite of these important structural and cultural differences both bacteria and viruses can cause disease in similar ways: they invade and multiply within the host by evading the immune system.
Try listing all the viruses you know, the diseases they cause and their associated symptoms to remind you of their variety and complexity. Bacteria tend to be less tissue-specific and non-discriminatory than viruses and can cause a variety of infections once they have invaded the host. Viral and Bacterial InfectionsThis Video Learning Activity (VLA) examines the key differences between viral and bacterial infections and explains the rationale behind the use of antibiotics and the administration of vaccines. It is vital for healthcare professionals to be especially aware of the dangers of viruses and bacteria to avoid contamination and the risk of spreading infection to vulnerable patients.
We can protect ourselves from many viral and bacterial diseases by using the vaccines that have been developed to boost our immunity so that we are not vulnerable when exposed to these microbes.
Using a piece of paper, compare the viral infections you know with the common bacterial infections you see in practice e.g. Decon ProGreen, the nation’s leading provider of environmentally friendly, non-corrosive, non-toxic decontamination services, is pleased to announce “Breathe Better, Live Better™” rooms. Decon ProGreen's "BreatheBetter, Live Better" hotel rooms and resort lodgings are a new top amenity for travelers and vacationers suffering from allergy or asthma symptoms. For travelers and vacationers suffering from allergies or asthma, Decon ProGreen’s “Breathe Better, Live Better™” hotel and resort rooms are neutral environments that will please both health-conscious guests and hospitality executives looking for a new, top amenity.
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With Americans spending 90 percent of their time indoors, pristine indoor air quality is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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Bacteria can grow on cell-free media; they have rigid cell walls that are susceptible to the action of antibiotics and they can be seen (and smelled) growing in colonies on agar plates, or in Gram or other stains when looked at under the microscope. For example, the influenza virus has a predilection for the respiratory tract, hepatitis viruses target the liver, poliovirus targets the motor neurones of the spinal cord and rotavirus multiplies in the gut.
These bacterial infections are often manifested by the presence of pus wherever the bacteria settle, and systemic symptoms such as fevers and chills, pain and swelling and loss of function occur when bacteria invade and multiply. Their threat lies in their ability to multiply quickly (in around 20 minutes for most bacteria).
We can also practice avoidance techniques, using PPE to protect our skin and mucous membranes from contact with these organisms. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that one out of four Americans has respiratory allergies or asthma and more than 50 percent of the current asthma cases in the country are attributed to allergens.

Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories developed a broad-spectrum formula as a response to the 2001 Anthrax Attacks.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when compared with outdoor air quality, indoor air quality is exponentially more detrimental to the health of humans and pets.
If the rooms were not clean enough, my whole family would have to leave and go somewhere else. If you are interested in further information, demonstrations or a free estimate contact Decon ProGreen. Symptoms of a viral infection may be subtle and nonspecific or specific and suggestive of the causative agent. If the host is immune to the virus or bacteria due to previous exposure or vaccination these organisms may not be able to cause disease. Small numbers are capable of causing illness, or if there is exposure to large numbers of microbes which can paralyse or overcome the immune system, and the host is a nutritious target, then disease may result.
Moreover, they can rapidly change their molecular structure by mutation or selection to ensure their survival in adverse conditions. Thirdly, we should wash our hands regularly to ensure that any microbes that we have picked up inadvertently from the environment do not get a chance to be inhaled, inoculated or ingested. This new technology can improve the lives of so many," said Samantha True, a vacation property rental manager in Santa Fe.
They cannot be seen in stains except with an electron microscope and they can only grow in artificial media containing living cells. For example, dengue virus, Ross river virus, measles and rubella infections are associated with fever and a widespread red rash, chicken pox and herpes simplex viruses are associated with blistering, often localized, rashes; and hepatitis viruses cause liver damage and jaundice.
They have a different structure (morphology) to bacteria and are not susceptible to antibiotics. Absorb blue waves and are found at great depth often devoid of other photosynthetic organisms Green Algae Store food in the form of starchone-celled colonial or multinucleated organismslive in water or out of waterchlorophyll thought to be ancestors to land plants 3.Fungi-like - Absorb nutrients from the environment.

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