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Whether a scheduled outage or an emergency need, your operations need guaranteed water quality and quantity.
GE's mobile water treatment solutions fall into four system categories: resin, membrane, filtration, and other water treatment.
See how GE helped an Italian power station avoid discharge of dirty condensate and remain within discharge limits while also gaining from the residual heat in the reclaimed condensate. For more information, including technical papers, case studies, and product specs, explore the mobile water resource page in the Document Library. Water-treatment systems correct a number of problems, including water hardness, quality and taste. Water-softening systems add sodium to your water to reduce water "hardness," which is the overbearing presence of certain minerals. You might think that your water-filtration system protects you from dangerous contaminants, but filtration is not enough to protect it from bacteria contamination.
A rotten-egg smell coming from your water is a sign of hydrogen-sulfide or sulfur-bacteria contamination. Cooling water systems are integral to many industrial processes and commercial air conditioning systems.
All our products are supported by our 'plant products' such as filtration and drumless delivery systems, computer managed close monitoring programmes, and a full range of laboratory and in-field technical services.
Advanced Water Treatment provides complete cooling water treatment programmes to air conditioning units and large industrial plants, from computer suites to power stations.
Companies benefiting from Advanced Water Treatment's programmes include manufacturing, petrochemicals, cosmetics, food processing and facilities management operations.

Advanced Water Treatment (UK) Ltd, Unit 3, Bartons Court, Horse Fair Way, St Johns Business Estate, Downham Market, Norfolk, PE38 0QR.
Complying with environmental regulations and handling various influent waters, GE’s fleet of trailer-based systems can meet your scheduled, temporary, or emergency water needs. Many water-softening systems remove the minerals by using an ion-swapping method that exchanges sodium for the minerals in the water. Homeowners who have private water supplies must be especially vigilant against bacteria contamination. These programmes are applied throughout the UK in systems using a wide variety of make-up water types. We also offer a free, no obligation initial consultation, and would love the opportunity to chat with you about your needs and how we may be able to help. Even in the middle of the night, GE can deploy mobile water treatment systems within 2 hours (plus travel time).
The best way to determine if your water has bacteria is to send a sample to a certified laboratory for testing.
An effective cooling water treatment programme ensures that safe and efficient cooling system operation is maintained. You can contact us by clicking here and filling in a simple form, or you can call on (+44) 01366 387003. To minimize these problems, buy equipment that can handle the amount of water your home uses, and always follow your system's maintenance procedures. For those with certain medical conditions, such as high-blood pressure, ingesting too much sodium is a problem.

But if you have hydrogen-sulfide contamination, it can interfere with the operation of your water-softener system, making it less effective. Accuracy, repeatability, sensitivity and tractability of results is assured, and the highest level of technical support is available to our customers. To determine whether your water has a dangerous level of sodium, check with the manufacturer of your water-treatment system to see how much sodium is being added to your drinking water. Typically, the service will have to "shock" your water supply with a large amount of chlorine. Hydrogen sulfide also can corrode the metal parts in your plumbing, water treatment systems, washing machine and dishwasher.
We pride ourselves in being a national company, whilst maintaining our local standard of service.
Recommended treatments for hydrogen sulfide vary with the severity of the problem, according to the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Activated charcoal filtering can reduce small amounts of hydrogen sulfide, while large amounts might require the installation of a constant-chlorination device. Generally speaking, people who are supposed to ingest no more than 500 mg of sodium a day should not drink softened water at all, according to Washington State University. As with other water contaminants, a certified laboratory should check your home's water to determine if it has hydrogen sulfide or sulfur bacteria.

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