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MRSA, a virulent drug-resistant strain of a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of cases of MRSA infections that become invasive are actually decreasing in hospital settings. Popeye, also called exophthalmia is a symptom, not a disease in itself and has many possible causes. Generally when the origin is unknown aquarists begin by treating with a broad-spectrum antibiotic like Tetracycline or a combination of gram-positive and gram-negative antibiotics like Mardel’s Maracyn and Maracyn-Two that contain Erythromycin and Minocycline respectively.
Exophthalmia itself is not contagious but the infection that caused it may be so it’s best to treat any sick fish in a hospital tank away from other healthy tankmates. To avoid diseases like popeye, keep up with your water changes, frequently test your water and never introduce new fish to the tank without first quarantining them in a separate tank for 3 – 4 weeks before exposing them to healthy fish.
The lasting effects of popeye vary from a full recovery to cloudy, swollen or even a missing eye. Christie F is a Betta splendens hobbyist that enjoys spending time caring for her fish and helping new betta keepers learn the ropes.
Thanks Christie happy reading your article but I’ve a pair of Blue veiled angels, a year old, one of which has a slight bulge on his left eye. I have a beta thats just over a year old (to the sellers best guess) A few days ago I noticed a small patch of scales above his left eye that seemed to be lighter than the rest. I spoke with my local tropical fish store owner I explained in more detail all of Fin’s symptoms, he said to him it sounded like a bacterial infection. Is it possible for the popeye to go away on it’s own, once the environmental problems are alleviated (if that is the cause)? My sister decided that keeping up with her Betta (Squirmy) was too much work, so I took him off her hands.
Help.Which is better to treat pop eye, Maracyn which is Erythromycin or Maracyn two which is minocyline?
Can you switch from one to the other if one doesn’t seem to work with a water change? Our betta fish ended up with popeye, searched the internet, found it to be popeye, cleaned out the tank and hoped for the best, after a long recovery, Goldie has lost his eye but is doing great.
My beta is about three years old, and I just noticed that both of his eyes potrude out like they do in the picture you showed.
Hi my betta has caught Popeye and I gave him maracyn but it didn’t heal completely so after finishing the 5day treatment I decided to switch to maracyn 2 after doing a 100percent water change. Although news sources get most of the basic MRSA facts right, sometimes there are misconceptions that arise about MRSA. Although the bacterium’s resistance to methicillin is described in the name of the strain, methicillin is not commonly used to treat bacterial infections anymore, as methicillin is less effective than other antibiotics in the same class of drugs and has more potential side effects.
In reality, many people are already colonized with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and it does not cause an infection.

Popeye is characteristically diagnosed by the swelling or protrusion of one or both eyes. The origin can range from bacterial, viral, parasitic or as an effect of fish tuberculosis.
The original infection is most commonly caused by poor water quality and measure to improve the tank water should be taken immediately.
This occurs when bacteria evolve to make newer, stronger strains that cannot be combated by available antibiotics. It was almost time for me to do a water change so I did one immediately hoping that the problem would correct itself.
The discolored scales is unusual and doesn’t sound alike a symptom of Popeye, that I know of. I purchased the food to treat a bacterial infection he also suggested that I use about 1 teaspoon per gallon. I just rescued another male and his selling cup conditions were very poor, which I’m thinking maybe be the cause. He grew big and beautiful.I change his water once a week with bottled aqua culture betta pro water.
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This text will discuss the facts about MRSA and dispel a few myths and popular misconceptions about MRSA infections.
MRSA is actually resistant to multiple drugs in the beta-lactam family, which is the family of antibiotics that contains penicillin, the first available antibiotic. In those that do contract an infection, the infection is usually minor and clears up with minimal treatment.
To avoid creating tougher strains of bacteria be sure to carefully follow the directions on the medicine package and to never stop or change medications part way through treatment unless your betta is having a dangerous reaction to them.
Have you tested the water to see if there is anything environmental that may be bothering him?
Before I did as he suggested with the salt I did some research and everything I read supported his suggestions. If you continue to redose without first removing the old water, it will accumulate and could become a health hazard for your fish.
MRSA produces an enzyme called beta-lactamase that targets a specific part of the drug’s chemical structure and disables the beta-lactam antibiotics. Your water may seem to be clean in appearance but there could be toxins present like ammonia, nitrite and elevated nitrate levels.
As with any disease, remove your sick fishfrom the community tank and isolate him for treatment in a hospital tank.
I did as he suggested and Fin seems to be doing better already, however I did have some questions about the salt treatment.

But he is in a betta bowl not a huge aquarium and so all the fish treatments seem to be measured for 10 gallon aquariums only! Ruby had a tiny amount of ICK ,But we cured it with NOX-ICK(Malecite Green) Now We Have a NEW Problem !!I guess we have to treat him with a Gram Neg Antibiotic ..I wish there was a local Breeder Because No mater What Store We get them from They have Lots of Problems!!! The reason the bacterium is called MRSA is because methicillin is still the drug that is used in the laboratory to test pathogenic bacteria for beta-lactam drug resistance. MRSA is usually contracted in a hospital setting, and those who are ill or who have weakened immune systems are more susceptible to contracting a MRSA infection.
When you first notice popeye it’s best to observe your sick fish and other tankmates for other signs of disease that may offer a clue. The only way to determine the presence of these toxins is to test with the appropriate water test kits. Every once in a while I would lift his bowl up and he would go to the surface and come back down. My dad thought maybe it is because of the ammonia in the water but does anyone think it’s something else? There are some other antibiotics that are available that MRSA is not resistant to, such as vancomycin and tetracycline.Bacteria become resistant to drugs through random mutation and a subsequent selection process by the administration of the drugs. For example, if the popeye is accompanied by redness under the scales you may deduce that the source is bacterial. Other stressors may have contributed to the infection like fluctuating temperature or pH or harassment from other tankmates. That is, if a person has a Staph infection and they are taking antibiotics, there is a small chance that some of the bacteria will develop a mutation that allow the bacteria to become resistant to the drug to some degree. He’s still interested in food and I finally saw him eat tonight while I was watching. If the patient stops taking antibiotics before the infection is cleared, the more resistant surviving bacteria have the chance to multiply and spread. These community-acquired strains are actually more virulent than the hospital strains, and they can infect healthy people and cause outbreaks more easily. This is why it is extremely important to complete a full course of antibiotics and not just stop taking the medication when symptoms improve.
In the majority of community-acquired cases, the MRSA infection remains localized to the skin.

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