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Is it at all possible for a Being, who sees the smallest need of His smallest creature and who meets its need unexpectedly, who hears the most secret voice of His most secret creature and helps it, who answers the prayers uttered by the tongue and by the tongue of disposition, and who is the owner of endless compassion and mercy, not to know the need of His greatest slave and beloved creature, not to fulfill his desire and not hear the loudest prayer and not to answer it?
1- Prayers uttered by the tongue of need: For instance, when a farmer digs the ground, it is a prayer uttered by the tongue of need. 2- Prayers uttered by the tongue of ability: The prayers of disposition by the egg in order to be a bird, by the seed in order to be a flower and by the seed in order to be a tree are examples of prayers by the tongue of ability. 3- Prayers uttered by the tongue of despair: The prayers of disposition uttered when all of the hopes are abandoned and all causes are ineffective and when all hopes are lost and in very troublesome situations. A person who looks at this realm carefully will see that the prayer of all of the beings are answered and all of the voices are heard and answered. For instance, the sustenance of the animals and plants are given perfectly and none of them are left hungry.
Sometimes a plant is about to fade due to the lack of water; armies of clouds are sent to it.
Sometimes a person utters prayers for his own happiness in this world, and it is accepted for the hereafter.
Is it at all possible that God Almighty, who hears the most secret voice of the fly, which is a lowly creature, and answers its prayer by giving it wings, should not hear and accept the prayer uttered by human beings by the tongue and by the tongue of disposition for endless bliss and Paradise? It is definitely not possible; then, He will answer and answered their prayers and created the hereafter and Paradise, which is as easy as creating a flower for Him, to answer their prayers. If there were not endless reasons for the existence of the hereafter, only a single prayer of this person would be enough for the creation of the hereafter and it would be enough to prove the existence of the hereafter. Twelfth Droplet: The prayers of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for the most important need of humanity.
Washington, August 20 (ANI): Scientists have found that Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that causes peptic ulcers and some forms of stomach cancer, requires vitamin B6 to establish and maintain chronic infection. This finding, along with the identification of the enzyme the microbe requires to utilize the vitamin, could lead to the development of an entirely new class of antibiotics. Using this method they identified PdxA and PdxJ, enzymes involved in vitamin B6 biosythesis, as being important factors for the chronic colonization of mice by H. Stomach bacteria is a very common disease, and the treatment is difficult, slow and annoying.

Of course, many people want to destroy this bacteria that brings only troubles and many of them seek help from the powerful Nature.
We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.
If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. Tongue of disposition is also divided into three: tongue of need, tongue of ability and tongue of despair. For instance, he wants to be rich but he does not know that when he becomes rich, he will commit a lot of sins.
Is it at all possible that God, who most compassionately fulfils the smallest need of His lowliest creatures in the most unexpected fashion, who heeds the muffled plea for help of His most obscure creature, and who responds to all the petitions He hears, whether vocal or mute - is it at all possible that such He should not pay heed to the greatest petition of the foremost among His servants, the most beloved among his creatures, human beings, that He should not hear and grant his most exalted prayer? Is it at all possible that He should hear the buzz of a fly and not hear the roar of the thunder? Among those prophets and saints, there is such a person that he is the reason why this realm was created and he is the most beloved slave of the Owner of this realm.
How can creating Paradise be difficult for the Absolute Powerful One, who turns the season of spring into a gathering place, who creates hundreds of thousands of creatures out of nothing and who shows us hundreds of thousands of examples of resurrection? Therefore, we do not want to mention the truthfulness of our Prophet here and refer it to that book.
The prayers of humans, animals and plants uttered by the tongue and by the tongue of disposition are answered based on some wisdom. That answering makes us know the Being behind the curtain with His name al-Mujib (the Responder to Prayer). Since He is al-Mujib and since he answers every prayer fulfilling even the simplest requests, He will definitely respond to prayers regarding the issue the hereafter. You must eat light food and avoid fried, fatty and spicy food, any kind of meat and soda drinks. All of the prayers of disposition uttered by the bird for wings, by the fish for fins and by the tree for leaves and fruit are prayers uttered by the tongue of need.
An ant wants a telephone in order to be able to communicate with its friends and it is given antennae.

He throws all of the causes away and turns to Him only, bows down before Him and what he asks is given to him at once. However, God, who knows the end of everything best, knows that His slave will commit a lot of sins and he does not give him richness by showing mercy to him; He leaves that prayer to the hereafter and enriches his hereafter.
Is it at all possible that He should not know, hear and fulfill what Muhammad (pbuh), who is the greatest slave and creature among human beings, wants and accept the highest prayer among the prayers that he utters for endless bliss?
It is definitely not possible for this prayer not to be accepted and for the hereafter not to be created.
Bacteria that lacked these enzymes were unable to establish a chronic infection in a mouse model. If all of their prayers had been answered and if all of them had become lobsters, the seas would have been full of lobsters in a year and the rights of other living things would have been lost.
Who is the One that answers their prayers with compassion and mercy and that feeds them gently?
Man wants eyes, ears, tongue, and endless material and spiritual organs and feelings and they are given to him. An egg wants to transform into a colorful peacock… They are all prayers uttered by the tongue of ability and they are answered based on some wisdom. Those prayers that are regarded not to have been answered are either left to the hereafter or are given to them in a better form than they want.
Is it at all possible that God Almighty should not accept the prayer of this person, whom He addresses as “my beloved”, for eternity and should not create Paradise due to his prayer? To our knowledge, this study is the first to describe a link between this vitamin and bacterial pathogenesis," says Richard Ferrero of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, a researcher on the study which also included scientists from the Institut Pasteur and the University of Notre Dame, Sydney, Australia.
The prayers of the other living things for their rights to be protected are answered due to some wisdom.

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