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Body lice are parasites that spend most of their lives on the clothes of an infested person. Place the clothes you took off before your shower into the washing machine (along with any other bedding or clothes that weren't in your first load) and wash in hot water. Clothes that are "Dry Clean Only" can be dry cleaned to effectively remove the lice from the clothing. You should run the dryer on a high setting (at least 122 degrees F) for at least 30 minutes.

Body lice infestations are caused by direct contact with an infested person, their clothing, or their bedding.
These lice, as opposed to head lice, are sometimes a bit tricky to handle because they can survive up to 10 days without feeding.
Make sure to wash all over your body to remove any body lice that may be present on your skin. Press all of your clothes and bedding with a hot iron after bringing them inside from the clothesline.

Following a few steps to get rid of body lice, along with taking some preventive measures, will ensure you rid yourself of body lice and stay that way.

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