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Infections of the middle ear are usually the result of an infection that has spread there from the outer ear canal.
Dogs that suffer from allergies, either environmental, such as pollens (grasses, trees and weeds), dust mites, molds or food (beef, chicken, fish, soy, etc.) are predisposed to ear infections. If you have any questions regarding treatment or prevention of ear infections for your fluffy family member, call our veterinary clinic at 972-385-3555 so we can help your fur baby feel their best! Causes of Ear Infections in DogsOtitis externa is a condition which causes infection in dogs ears and is characterized by the inflammation and redness of the outer ear. Bacterial infections in dogs caused by Staph bacteria is a fairly common occurrence but it can also be secondary to other infections. Pseudomonas are bacteria which cause ear infections in dogs and can be caused by any of 191 bacterial species. Ear mites infections in dogs that are less common than in cats but they are common nonetheless. Yeast infections in your dogs ears have several of the same characteristics as those listed on symptoms page as other infections, but characterized by itching and flaking as well.
Some pets are hypersensitive to flea bites and can develop infections due to poor response of the immune system.

This is due to the microscopic inflammation that allergies cause in the skin allowing overgrowth of bacterial and yeast organisms that normally inhabit the skin. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright notice or other indicia of ownership from this website or its content.
Once a dog starts scratching because of water in the ear or any other number of irritants, the ear canal lining gets damaged & yeast and bacteria take over. Petzlife Oral Care Spray Dental health is critical to your dogs overall well-being,Life for Teeth spray and Brush Away gel are revolutionary new products that not only remove plaque and tarter buildup they kill bacteria on contact and our revolutionary periodontal program is a healthy, holistic approach to oral care . In humans, the reaction from these allergens is normally respiratory, however in dogs the reaction is normally skin related, anal gland related or ear related.
Prevention in these cases can be as simple as cleaning the ear as previously described to remove the moisture and prevent the infection. The all-natural ingredients safely remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kills the bacteria that causes bad breath. When your dogs ear is infected by Staph, you will notice that the standard symptoms for dogs ear infections apply.
Ear mites have become resistant to various insecticides including pyrethrins, thiabendazole and carbaryl, though use of Ivermectin is common the veterinary community for ear mite infections.

As with most ear infection, long ear dogs are more susceptible to ear yeast infections than others. This little company should do better advertising for PetzLife Oral Dental care for dogs and cats. Then, with special instruments, we remove the tooth and sew the gums back together with dissolvable suture material." Any licensed veterinarian is qualified to clean, examine and extract teeth. Carmichael, the cost of an extraction, depending on the difficulty of the procedure, will typically range from $25 to $100, excluding any anesthesia and any necessary laboratory tests.” Prepare to add in another $200-$300 or more. Keeping the teeth clean should always be your #1 top priority in your pets health…The all-natural ingredients safely remove plaque and tartar, reverse oral disease, promote healthy gums, brighten teeth and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.

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