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The deodorant stone creates a thin film of the special salts on your skin and under your arm. Our Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone works much better than toxic cover up deodorants.How Does Mineral Salts Deodorant Work?Your perspiration, when it first leaves your body is sterile and odorless. When it comes in contact with the bacteria that lives on your skin, the bacteria multiplies, and it’s the multiplying bacteria that causes the odor. The mineral salts deodorant stone leaves a thin film of the salts on your skin and the bacteria cannot thrive in the mineral salts environment.
Toxins build up in your body, and when you use a product that does not clog your pores the toxins come pouring out and you get an odor.
If you are one of the few people that this happens to just wear some cologne or perfume for a few days and then you will be healthier and odor free. If you feel it stops working after a while it is possible though rare that a crust can form on the surface of the mineral salt stone preventing the salts from dissolving onto your skin. If this happens just rough up the stone with some sandpaper or a nail file and it will work like new again.How Does It Feel To Wear Green Virgin Products Mineral Salts Deodorant?It feels clean and fresh. Just clean, fresh and healthyWhat About The Stains On The Armpits Of My Clothes?Those days are gone. Water is also rated a 1.Why should I switch To Green Virgin Products Mineral Salts Deodorant Stones?Green Virgin Products 100% Pure Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone, sometimes also called crystal deodorant, contains no harmful carcinogens or toxic chemicals which are typically found in national brands.
There is a growing controversy over whether aluminum compounds cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s. For that reason, plants and animals on Earth have adapted to be able to deal with aluminum. Since this product is a natural stone from the earth it does contain small amounts of aluminum just like your food, water, and the air we breath. New research is pointing out that certain diseases might cause the body to store aluminum instead of the aluminum causing the disease.
However, it is documented that the known carcinogens and toxic chemicals in national brands of deodorants can cause cancer and many other debilitating diseases.
These highly toxic chemicals are absorbed through our skin.It is important to know that the cosmetics industry which sells toxic deodorants to the tune of billions of dollars a year will do just about anything to protect their market share.
They spend millions of dollars a year fighting efforts by lawmakers to get toxic and carcinogenic ingredients removed from their products. They feel no guilt whatsoever about putting known carcinogens in products designed for babies.
Is it any wonder that they are spreading lies about truly healthy products in an effort to confuse consumers. Their plan is if we can trick consumers into thinking the healthy product is bad for them then they will most likely just buy the really toxic national brand.
In order to get to his job he had to travel through a mountain pass with towering cliffs on both sides.
It was a long and hard journey to climb up and over the mountain both ways, to work, and then back home.One evening, after a heavy rain storm, when he was on his way home from his job, he was resting before continuing his climb. He happened to look up at one of the cliffs, and he saw a glittering bright light coming from the mountain.
He had to know what it was, so he started climbing the steep cliff.It was extremely hot outside and the climb was long and tiring.
When he finally reached the light he found a beautiful rock reflecting light off the full moon.
He was taken by the rocks beauty, so he dug the rock out and took it home.The rock was very cool to the touch compared to the hot summer air, so he liked to rub the rock all over his body to cool off. Because the summer is very hot in that part of China, and he was a very hard worker, he would sweat like there was no tomorrow.
But he noticed that where he rubbed the beautiful stone he was sweating less and less and the smell was gone.
He took the rock to his job and let others try it, and it worked for all of his coworkers too.The poor worker saw a great opportunity and opened a factory to mine and sell this product, that still is in operation today.
This mine has proven over time to be the richest find with the highest quality mineral salts in the world.This product is the best deodorant in the world. Order one for all your loved ones.Why Use Green Virgin Products?Our Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone is the all-natural way to smell great every day without the toxic chemicals found in name brand deodorants and antiperspirants. Our exclusive Deodorant Stone is made of 100% pure potassium alum mineral salts.It provides natural protection from odor by leaving a thin film of salt where applied. Perspiration is actually sterile and odorless when it leaves your body and it does not develop a bad smell until it comes in contact with bacteria. This means that it is actually preventing odor from developing, instead of just covering it up with toxic fragrances or clogging your pores with aluminum.Not only will you smell great naturally, but you will be saving money as well. It only requires a very thin layer to work effectively when applied every day so it lasts a long time. You will not be spending time and money to remove the white residue and stains left from most name brand deodorants and antiperspirants. We have customers that have reported using the same stone for nearly three years or longer.
Most people can expect it to last for about two years, even with daily use.At Green Virgin Products, we love to share the products that have made the biggest difference in our life. One of the simplest ways to remove a common source of toxins from your life while still smelling fresh is with our natural Mineral Salts Deodorant Stone.

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