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My Aunt used to work for a large hospital, and she told me that an immunologist there admitted that the absolute best, most effective treatment for a sinus infection was warm salt water rinses. Anyhow, sinus infections seem to be a big problem, especially in areas where dust and pollen are prevalent.
Tap water contains many contaminants, including the possibility of microscopic amoebas or parasites that can gain access to your brain via the sinuses. As with almost every natural remedy, there is no harm in doing a salt water rinse just as a preventative measure.
I do one routinely after a windy day outside, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, sweeping out the garage, an evening around a campfire, or any other activity that might cause dust or irritants to enter the sinuses. You can also try the Neti Pot, although I have heard reports that this one can be a bit more uncomfortable to use.
If you have a sinus or nasal abnormality such as a deviated septum, it is imperative to catch a sinus infection immediately, and do preventative rinses often, as these problems cause the infection to be much more difficult to knock out once full-blown. You can use a dropper, but I just put a few drops in a spoon (rinse with really hot water first to remove any existing detergent residue or dirt) and drop it in there.
Lindsay, this has been a very helpful article and there are definitely tons of natural ways in which sinus problems can be alleviated but as it seems if they have sea salt, an essential oil like tea tree or the use of sterile water….
Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat and a horrible headache all come along with a sinus infection and these can really make your day difficult. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world.
Suffering from headache and pain around nose, cheeks and teeth? All these are the potential symptoms of sinus infection.
Below I list some of the home remedies that offer imminent relief in case  of sinus infection. Essential oils as eucalyptus and thyme offer relief from sinus infection when used regularly. This might surprise you but adding spices to your diet will help you get relief from sinus infection.
Massaging with essential oils including eucalyptus oil is a great cure for sinus infection. I have really bad sinus infections and was recently recommended the sinus surgery to scrape pollups from every inch of my sinus cavity. A Sinus infections are a common problem, and they can become markedly worse during cold and flu season. There are many ways to treat this type of infection, but many of these have the potential for side effects, some of which can be worse than the sinus infection itself. Before these symptoms manifest into a serious  complication, it’s  time to try some home remedies so as to avoid unnecessary trip to the hospital. Inhale the same or take a pinch of chilli pepper with some water. Capsacin present in the chilli pepper is a natural decongestant and will help you recover from sinus related infection.

Regular use of onion and garlic will help you get imminent relief from sinus infection thus helping recover faster. When it comes to sinus problems it is also important to know that they can be slightly prevented through eating properly, exercising regularly and avoiding allergens. I clicked on the link the lady posted above but it looks just like a sale site…another person just trying to make $$$.
A Sinus congestion usually occurs as a result of a respiratory ailment such as a cold, cough, or allergic reaction. You can often treat this type of infection naturally so that there is no need for medications.
Use of  this mixture regularly cures one of sinus infection and also prevents the infection from returning back. Apple cider vinegar needs to be taken several times a day to get imminent relief from sinus infection. When you feel a sinus problem coming on, a highly effective sinus infection remedy you can use is probiotics – directly into the sinus passages. Regular use of spices in your food will make your immune system strong enough to deal with sinus infection related problems. I think your solution for the ‘home-made netipot’ is great buuut can I really do a sinus rinse daily vs surgery? Repeat the process regularly before going to bed for a week and you are sure to get relief.
I’ve never had surgery in my life and everything the dr described to me about it has me freaked.
Try the above listed home remedies and you will not need to see the doctor for sinus infection related problems.
Follow the above listed therapies regularly whenever you suffer from sinus infection and you will have permanent relief from the problem.
Empty the contents of a probiotic capsule into your ceramic neti pot (I like this one) or nasal spray bottle.2. Mix ingredients together carefully with a spoon or shake bottle after screwing on the lid (nasal spray bottle).5. If using a neti-pot: while standing over a sink, insert the nozzle of the neti-pot into one nostril, and make sure there is a good seal between the nozzle and your nostril. Then, allow the contents of the neti pot to enter one nasal opening and rinse through to exit out the other nasal opening. Try to avoid swallowing the water that goes into the nostrils, and blow your nose when finished.
If using a spray bottle: insert the nozzle of the spray bottle into one nostril while covering the other. While these did offer some improvement, I feared I might wake up the next day with the infection back.

A Later that night after I got home, my next-door neighbor who is a nutritional therapist suggested I try probiotics in my neti-pot. A The naturopath also suggested alternating hot and cold packs on my forehead to encourage sinus drainage.Immediately after using the probiotics in my neti-pot, I felt a terrible burning sensation that went on for a good ten minutes.
A It was quite painful, but as it subsided, I was filled with a peaceful calm, and then retired to bed and had a good night sleep. A The next morning, I awoke and was surprised to find that even as time went on, my head remained pain-free throughout the day.
A Whenever I felt like I was getting a slight ache, I performed the facial massage to my temples and sinuses I had done the day before. I also used the probiotics in my neti pot a few more times over the next five days, along with my Whole Body Defense from Gaia Herbs, and some grapefruit seed extract (about 5 drops in 6 ounces of water twice a day). A I really believe those probiotics did some magical trick a€” although Ia€™m sure some of the other things I did helped as well a€” but as soon as I used the probiotics, after the burning came and went, the pain was completely gone and has not returned since.Keep the following in mind when treating sinus problemsSinus issues are often a symptom of something else going on in your body, such as a yeast overgrowth or candida problem. Making changes to your diet can help to reduce the incidence and severity of sinus problems lessening the need even for a natural sinus infection remedy from time to time. They are high in carbohydrates and are converted to sugar in the body.* Avoid meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products from commercially-raised animals fed grains, soy,and corn from factory-farmed environments. These animals and birds are given antibiotics, hormones, antibiotics, and are not allowed outside to wander, graze, and obtain fresh air and sunshine.
Eating those kinds of meat, meat products, eggs, and dairy can contribute to yeast overgrowth in the body.
These foods will naturally help promote diverse and friendly bacteria in your body, and help keep illness and disease away.* Take a therapeutic-grade probiotic daily to ensure friendly bacteria support in your gut. Read this post about probiotics for more information on good brands to buy.* If you still have trouble with yeast, consider doing a detox or cleanse.
A  I was very much excited by this approach as I have been using probiotics sprinkled directly on the tongue after brushing teeth but before bed whenever anyone in our home has a runny nose to prevent sinus infections with great success for several years. A  I thought Raine’s method should be shared with a wider audience and she graciously sent me this guest blog for posting! The ENT doctor says they don’t know what causes them or how to get rid of them for good. Hubby is on prednisone steroids and the polyps are shrinking but come back when they stop the steroids.
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