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Gastric ulcer, also called peptic ulcer or stomach ulcer, is caused due to breakage in the intestinal mucosal lining of the tissue that lines the stomach. This imbalance leads to inflammation, which creates a burning sensation and pain in the stomach area. Constant use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, drinking excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking can be the major causes of ulcer. Cabbage contains powerful medicinal compound that can help heal stomach ulcer.  Its phytonutrient compounds are considered to be the most advanced natural cure for gastric ulcer.
For those who do not find consuming cabbage juice on a daily basis inconvenient, dehydrated raw cabbage powder is also available in health food stores. If you are unable to bear the taste of raw juice, try adding them to soups or other dishes like oatmeal, vegetables and barley just before eating.  For better taste, you can also add carrot juice, which is also beneficial for curing ulcer. Consumption of unripe whole bananas that contain an antibacterial substance are helpful in increasing mucus in digestive tract, which builds a strong protective barrier against the stomach lining and digestive acids that helps to cure and prevent ulcers. Crush two small cloves of garlic and take with water every morning for fighting ulcer causing bacteria. Raw honey is another effective natural remedy for treating gastric ulcers.  The enzyme contained in honey is helpful in killing and eliminating the bacteria that contributes to the development of ulcer. A common skin condition in which melanin, a skin pigment is distributed unevenly is called Melasma or brown spots. Although Melasma is common in women with brownish skin complexions, anyone can be affected by this problem. Pregnancy, hormone-replacement therapy and birth control pills may also give rise to Melasma. Seven to nine months after pregnancy, completing hormone replacement therapy and stopping oral contraceptives, the problem of Melasma comes to a halt. The affected area should be applied with the gel for 15 minutes; it should be massaged in circular motions.

Vinegar can be used for cleaning and rinsing your face after it has been equally diluted with water. Skin can become more radiant and radiant with vinegar because it’s a chemically acetic acid that causes brightening and whitening. Blending or chopping an onion and using cheesecloth for squeezing the onion is needed for getting its juice. Are you tired of seeing that paunch coming out right from under your snug t-shirts or paunch.
The lining of the stomach gets damaged by imbalance of stomach acid, an enzyme known as pepsin and the underlying tissue exposed to it.
Fortunately gastric ulcer can be treated using several natural cures that are soothing on the stomach, without using traditional medications which usually have one or other side effects.
Raw potato juice is another effective remedy for gastric ulcer, when consumed in combination with cabbage juice.
Bananas also contain a similar water soluble compound known as polysaccharides, that are usually found in anti-ulcer medications. To prepare banana powder, peel and cut unripe bananas into thin slices and dry them in the sun. Adding garlic cloves while cooking dishes may also help in getting relief from gastric ulcer. Researches have found that the chemically active component capsaicin in cayenne pepper is effective in protecting the lining of the stomach from ulceration, by decreasing the acid production and increasing protective secretion. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

Light brown spots and other discolorations can be softened and lightened with the help of mucilaginous polysaccharide (MPS), a potent ingredient contained in Aloe Vera. Skin lightening and antioxidant properties are possessed by an active ingredient of turmeric spice called circumin. A skin lightening effect on the skin occurs because of the proteins found in almond and honey. The juice and apple cider vinegar should be taken in equal parts and a cotton ball should be used for applying it twice every day. Lack of appetite, blood in the stool, vomiting, weight loss and anemia are some common symptoms of this disease.
The magic ingredient in cabbage – glutamine is available in capsule form also and is considered a better alternative than antacid for treating ulcers. After drying, grind dried banana slices into fine powder and take 2 tbsp of powder along with honey three times a day to find relief.
It can act as an antacid when taken everyday with a glass of water twice a day just after meals. Distilled white vinegar is used by most people, but it’s recommended to use natural vinegars like apple cider.

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