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Seachem Focus is an antibacterial polymer for internal infections of fish.
Read 352 Mardel reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, to help determine which pet products are right for you. Mardel Maracyn Two Antibacterial Aquarium Medication treats and controls a number of gram-negative pathogenic bacteria that can cause serious disease and even death in aquarium fish. Maracyn Two powder is a broad-spectrum antibiotic (minocycline) developed for use in aquariums. Mardel Copper Safe Saltwater & Freshwater Medication is a saltwater as well as a freshwater medicine to fight off ick, velvet and other external parasites. Chelated copper treatment recommended for the treatment of ick, flukes, anchor worms, velvet, protozoan diseases and other external parasites.
Mardel Maracyn Plus Antibacteria Medication is for mouth fungus, popeye, dropsy, and ulcers. Mardel Maracyn Oxy Fungal Aquarium Medication uses a unique formula to successfully treat a variety of fungal infections on aquarium fish.
Using a stabilized chlorine-oxygen combination, Maracyn Oxy successfully controls fungus infections caused by Saprolegnia, Icthyosporidium, egg fungus and related species, and common bacterial infections. Mardel Maracyn Antibacterial Aquarium Medication treats and controls a number of pathogenic bacteria that can cause serious disease and even death in aquarium fish. Maracyn is a specially compounded broad-spectrum antibiotic (erythromycin) which has been shown to be effective against a number of pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish disease. Mardel Clout treats and controls visible parasites that cause symptoms of gasping for air, rapid breathing, flickering, listless behavior and excess mucus production. Aquarium Products Clout cures typical outbreaks within 72 hours, but Clout's unique formula is also safe for multiple treatments when treating extreme outbreaks & won't cause stress or harm fish. Mardel is the most widely distributed name in preventatives and treatments for fish health.
Be sure to browse all of our Mardel pet products to make sure you find just the right solution for your fish and aquarium needs.
Oral forms of antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis include clindamycin (Cleocin), metronidazole (Flagyl), and tinidazole (Tindamax), which is only available in oral form [1]. Vaginal forms of antibiotics for bacterial vaginosis treatment include clindamycin (Clindesse) and metronidazole (MetroGel). It is also important to note that the oil found in clindamycin cream and ovules can weaken the latex in condoms and diaphragms.
According to the Centers for Disease Control, bacterial vaginosis treatment is recommended for any time during pregnancy.
For example, clindamycin vaginal cream is not recommended for treating an expectant mother.
The dosage for bacterial vaginosis medication differs according to the method of treatment. Hi I’m reading through all of these messages how can u purchase a bv pill from cvs or rite aid do u just ask for one??? I used the clindamycin phosphate cream as prescribed for 1 night, and the next day started bleeding. I have been fighting with this myself for years and im really tired of the creams and the horrible meds.
I m 17 years old and i m not sure if i do have vaginosis but i do know that i have yellow discharge but it does not smell horible and i m not sexually active.
For the treatment and control of body fungus "columnaris," fin and tail rot, popeye and gill disease in freshwater - tetras, cichlids, livebearers, catfish and goldfish and saltwater - angelfish, clownfish, damsels and other common species caused by Flavobacterium columnare, Haemophilus piscium, Aeromonus punctata, Aeromonus hydrophila and Cytophaga aquatilis bacteria.
Add the contents of one packet per 10 gallons of water and repeat every 24 hours for 5 days. Read 349 API reviews, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, to help determine which pet products are right for you. API Stress Coat Plus instantly removes chlorine and chloramines, making tap water safe for fish. Stress Coat Plus also replaces the natural slime coating fish need in times of stress (such as handling, shipping or fighting), and helps heal torn fins and skin wounds.
API Pond Accu-Clear quickly clears floating particles and helps clarify cloudy and murky water to help maintain a crystal clear pond.
API Pond Pond-Zyme is a heavy-duty pond cleaner, containing five specially selected bacterial strains in a stable dry form. Pond-Zyme can be used in all ornamental koi ponds and water gardens, works in both cold and warm water and may be used during spring start-up and for regular care. Pond-Zyme is a super-concentrated blend of dry bacteria and natural barley that keeps pond water clean and clear. API Pond Stress Coat instantly makes tap water safe for fish, removes chlorine, chloramines and toxic ammonia, reduces stress and adds a protective slime coat for enhanced disease prevention.

Stress Coat completely neutralizes and removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia and detoxifies heavy metals to make water from the hose safe for pond fish. It may be used alone or mixed with other medications to make them palatable to fish and greatly reduce the loss of medication to the water through diffusion.
Since I am allergic to this product, I use a different natural product (different company) if I am treating mild bacterial disease - but this one can't be beat for treating wounds and helping to heal damaged fins.
I also use it to keep secondary infection from occurring on sick fish that I have in main tanks. This safe, fast-acting powder formula is non-toxic to invertebrates and safe for use in fresh and marine aquariums. Microscopic biospheres attach directly to the fish delivering the medication where it is needed. Popeye- eyes may be cloudy, hazy o protruding Dropsy- fish hides, does not eat, has a swollen body and appears sluggish. It slowly releases small amounts of this formula which, when used as directed, has an unusual ability to treat a wide variety of tropical fish diseases.
Developed through innovative and extensive research, Mardel offers the aquatic enthusiast safe, effective and easy to use products for the continued health and maintenance of fish and the aquatic environment. Pet Mountain is pleased to be a leading vendor of great Mardel pet products.Pet Mountain is proud to offer you a wide selection of Mardel pet products, at the very best prices available anywhere! Oral bacterial vaginosis medication is the method of treatment selected for pregnant women who are high-risk for early labor. Oral metronidazole or tinidazole can also create an unpleasant, metallic taste in the mouth.
Women who wish to avoid possible side effects when taking bacterial vaginosis medication often choose vaginal treatments. A woman is then more susceptible to contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or becoming pregnant.
Oral metronidazole or oral clindamycin is often administered during the second and third trimester [2]. Studies have shown that the cream form of clindamycin is linked to a slightly increased risk for preterm birth.
I took a tampon inserter and filled it half way with plain yogurt containing acidophilus and inserted in my vagina, by the next day the smell was gone! Now I recently went to the dentist and they prescribed clindamycin to me which I’ve read is used to treat bv. This anti-bacterial, fast-dissolving powder is a specially compounded antibiotic (erythromycin) that is effective against most pathogenic bacteria associated with ornamental fish diseases. A must have as it works fast without interfering with filtering components since I have four canister filters plus phosphate reactors so I do not have time to remove carbon!
It's made with Aloe Vera, nature's liquid bandage, to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes and protect damaged tissue against disease-causing organisms.
Accu-Clear helps filters function more efficiently by causing tiny suspended cloud particles in pond water to clump together.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena Filstar Foam removes coarse debris and solid wastes before they enter chemical and biological filtration chambers. To use, place Foam in the lowest part of the bottom basket in filter, above Filstar Foam 20. Pond-Zyme breaks down fish waste and dead algae that can cause cloudy water, sludge build-up, and debris that clogs pumps and filters. Pond-Zyme is a 100% natural product and is safe for all pond fish, plants and wildlife.Why Use Pond-Zyme? Use during start-up and regular water changes to help keep your fish healthy and your pond water safe.
It replenishes the natural protective slime coat, making fish less susceptible to disease during times of high stress. It also stops mouth fungus, and it treats fin and tailrot, eye cloud, pop eye, body slime and open red sores. During the prescribed treatment, the concentration of minocycline in the fish fluids rises to a therapeutic level and is available to fight systemic infections susceptible to its action.
Maracyn Oxy is fast acting, safe to use and effective in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. Fungus infections are usually found at the site of an injury or recent attack from parasites. Vaginally, a woman may use creams, gels, or suppository options (called ovules) to treat their symptoms. Most doctors will prescribe oral medications for BV to expectant mothers to avoid inserting drugs into the vaginal region. When taking oral BV medications, it is important to completely avoid drinking alcoholic beverages.

I have been researching this for a while now, and I ran across a organic supplement called Femanex… has anyone tried that???
I followed up with the suggested (on homeopathic sites) 1200mg of folic acid and everything is fine now. Now should I assume I have bv bacteria in my mouth or is this an antibiotic that is used to treat several types of bacteria? Rinse every two to four weeks to maintain water filtration.Be sure to replace after several months. As the sludge decomposes, it consumes oxygen, degrades water quality, and clogs pumps and filters. Use at every feeding for at least five days or until symptoms clear up. MelaFix can also be used in your aquarium when you are adding new fish, to help reduce the risk of your fish developing a disease.
I have found it is best to dose gradually and let my fish adjust to each 10 mm or so as I have a big tinfoil barb that does not like this medication - although he is usually the one who needs it. A true fungus infection has a cotton-like appearance similar to a mold found on fruit, bread or cheese, except that on a fish a fungus is usually white.
Symptoms of clamped fins, swollen eyes, heavy or rapid breathing, patchy coloration, change in swimming behavior or corner hiding can be signs of possible bacterial infection.All suspected bacterial infections should be treated immediately. Minor side effects have been reported with the use of vaginal bacterial vaginosis medication, such as a yeast infection in the vagina that takes place during or after treatment. High stress levels can cause fish to lose their slime coats and be more susceptible to disease. Extracted from Tea Trees, this all-natural Melaleuca product is safe for reef aquariums and live plants. Internal diseases are more difficult to detect than external ones and early detection is almost impossible. Fungus infections are very difficult to treat and are usually secondary invaders resulting from an injury on the fish or recent wounds from parasites or bacterial infection.
Mardel's full line of effective treatments for fish ailments has been tested and proven, providing countless aquarium hobbyists with solutions to common problems including fin and tail rot, bacteria infection, parasites like Ick and Velvet, toxic metals, and more. Depending on your personal preference, symptoms, and current health a€“ you may find a method of treatment between a handful of oral and vaginal medications. Combining alcohol with oral metronidazole or tinidazole can bring on severe vomiting and nausea. It comes in a suppossitory capsule, but I suggest you only insert the powder without the capsule (if you have an extra plastic inserter) Also hygeine is EXTEMELY IMPORTANT. This product is not a feed and should not be fed directly.
None of my tinfoil barbs over the years have liked Melafix - but it has always worked to heal them. Symptoms of clamped fins, general listlessness, not eating or other unusual behavior can be caused by internal infections.All suspected bacterial infections should be treated immediately. For best results, use Pond-Zyme with API PondCare Accu-Clear, a two-step approach for incomparable water clarity. Be sure to check out our online coupons and discount shipping on all your favorite products.Pet Mountain your have everything, online low price leader for all pet supplies! My doctors thought it could have been endometreosiss, so my obgyn suggested that we get pregnant again, we did and while i was pregnant the pain went away some what. Maracyn may cause excessive foam production in protein skimmers, stop use of skimmer if excessive foaming is a concern. API Pond Accu-Clear effectively removes unwanted organic matter, which produces high volumes of oxygen during the day.
Rapidly repairs open, red sores and wounds, fin and tail rot, pop eye, body slime and mouth fungus on fish. All suspected bacterial infections should be treated immediately.Maracyn Oxy is not a toxic material but certain people may have a reaction. Also used on commercial coral farms to control bacterial infections and tissue degradation, and to remove parasitic flatworms in wild corals.
It doesn’t make it go away, but does help with the odor while using other types of treatment. I now eat yougurt with live and active cultures and i am taking ACIDOPHILIUS A&D and FOLIC ACID.

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