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When it comes to your dog’s health, are you aware of some of the diseases that could potentially affect your pet? While not as common as other diseases, Addison’s disease is a dangerous disorder that could prove fatal if not properly treated in a timely manner. Hypoadrenocorticism, or Addison’s disease, is a hormonal disorder most commonly found in dogs, and sometimes in cats. Depending on the severity and presence of the disease, there are a wide range of symptoms that could indicate Addison’s disease.
In order for your veterinarian to properly diagnose and treat Addison’s disease, a number of tests and exams will need to be conducted. While all of these findings can point to Addison’s disease, the most accurate test is conducted by observing the body’s level of cortisol. In allergy, the immune system responds inappropriately to ‘allergens’, which are materials that ‘trigger’ the reaction. In natural medicine, at the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre, we try to rebalance the immune system, such that the allergic reaction ceases to occur. In either case, it is wise to try to reduce the allergenic challenge from the environment in the meantime but, whereas in conventional medicine this is a permanent requirement, in natural medicine, a normal tolerance for the allergen may be re-established. Mobility and quality of life can generally be improved or restored and drug usage can be reduced or removed. Physiotherapists work on the musculature, which can be very valuable in suitable cases, but most with whom we have had contact do not acknowledge spinal misalignment. All chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and other manipulators are required, by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, to work only on the recommendation of a vet and under the supervision of a vet. Many pieces of equipment are recommended, by salespersons or practitioners, for back problems. If there is no pathology, which could be damaged by this activity, this can be a useful way to exercise the spine and its musculature, without the effects of gravity or concussion. Natural Wonder Pets Health Blog and RSS Feed brings you important pet health care news, articles and updates. Mar 18, 2016Premalix Cataractin for treating Pigmentary Keratitis???We just found out our 7-year old pug, Lily, is developing a cataract.
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Be a responsible owner and make sure you understand the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for this aggressive disease.
While the exact cause is not known, it is believed to be a result of the immune system attacking the adrenal glands.
Your veterinarian will start with a physical exam with a total blood count, urinalysis, biochemistry profile, and other routine lab tests. Lifelong treatments of mineralocorticoid medications will be required, with other medications also available. They vocalize good morning greetings and scream when they’re excited, bored, or want attention. The word is derived from Ancient Greek, to mean ‘other function’, so it is one of the few modern disease names that accurately and meaningfully describes the fundamental dysfunction, rather than simply describing signs and symptoms. Removing or reducing these allergens from the environment or diet of the dog may reduce the symptoms but will not cure the problem. Furthermore, some allergies occur to chemicals in the diet for which the dog has no need but which may be harmful anyway. The resultant pain and altered movement can cause lameness or can, in bad cases, be quite crippling. A cure may not be possible but positive responses can result in reduced symptoms or even apparent disappearance of symptoms in the best cases. There is said by some to be a hereditary component, but this is not a key factor, in our opinion.
These may be pollens, house dust, moulds, grass proteins, food components, flea saliva or certain chemicals. The early signs can be easy to miss, as we can so easily write off the reduced activity and altered movement to ‘age’.
Before embarking on such programmes, which can be expensive quite apart from safety and welfare considerations, please consult your vet, to enquire about suitability or safety for the particular dog. They are not related to or affiliated with Natural Wonder Products in any way, nor have they received any form of compensation for their testimonies. Addison’s disease attacks by damaging the outer layer of these adrenal glands, which produce hormones responsible for maintaining the proper balance of water, potassium, and sodium.
Typical findings include anemia, abnormally high levels of potassium, low levels of sodium and chloride, and increased liver enzymes and calcium levels.
If the adrenal glands don’t show an increased release of hormones, Addison’s disease will be confirmed. With proper care and checkups, dogs with Addison’s disease can go on to live relatively normal lives.

The chronic inflammation around the joint stimulates new bone formation, which alters the shape of the joint, restricts the range of movement and gives rise to pain.
Some of these may be part of the ‘cause’ and some may be part of the ‘effect’ of the disease. There may be dietary or hereditary predispositions to and causes of chronic pathological changes.
You may need to consult a vet who is experienced in a full range of holistic therapies for dogs, to access the necessary expertise to evaluate these tools. Your personal knowledge, opinions, stories, suggestions and questions can be a big help to others. An improper balancing of these three things can cause malfunctions in the muscles and heart.
Of those without this qualification, some will, of course, also be genuine but caution is advised in using someone without the qualification.
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