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There are various reasons due to which one can attain bad odor like smoking, foods with odor such as garlic, onions, disease in the gums and conditions of sinus etc. Cloves are very beneficial in treating bad odor and are one of the most powerful anti-septic compounds which help in the prevention of bad odor.
Another alternative is such that three to four cloves can be put in warm water and left for a span of thirty minutes. A mixture of few tablespoons of lemon along with water can be used as a mouth rinser and this mixture even along with salt can be used before bed.
Fennel is a very common herb which is mainly used in cooking and alternatively this herb can be used to get rid of halitosis.
Water is an important ingredient which helps in keeping an individual’s breath fresh and odorless.After eating any meal, when water is swished around the mouth for a span of few minutes the food particles inside the teeth or gums get removed.

A clean environment is a less appealing place for bacteria to grow and drinking water amidst the meals stimulates in production of saliva. It is highly essential to maintain oral health and there are various homemade remedies an individual can adopt at home to minimize the odor without much time and effort. Each day cloves should be randomly put into the mouth and chewed properly since it removes the odor in few minutes. The concentration of acid in lemon helps in prevention of birth of bacteria towards the tongue and the gums.
A spoonful of fennel should be put inside the mouth and chewed till the formation of saliva inside the mouth. After meals fennel along with other spices like cloves or cardamom can help in minimizing halitosis.

Each day in the morning and at night before bed the teeth and tongue should be brushed and cleaned properly. It acts as a savior for breath, since it contains chlorophyll and is commonly known as a perfume.

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