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Since, the discovery of Penicillin in 1928, antibiotic therapy has become the front face of modern medical treatment. Be it any kind of infection, bacterial, viral or protozoan, an antibiotic is always prescribed, sometimes against specific bacteria and at other times as a secondary preventive treatment. Garlic is another natural plant product which can be frequently used to control microbial growths.
It is another traditional folk lore remedy used, since ages for the natural management of infections. It is the ultimate delight for all foodies who want to continue enjoying their favorite indulgences in food without falling sick due to food poisoning or indigestion. The first point to make is that roughly half of today’s prescription and over-the-counter medicines are derived from plants. Lastly, remember that natural supplements often bring other benefits beyond what you strictly expect.
Additionally, many herbs contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that your body desperately needs. In conclusion though, there is certainly room in medicine for both traditional herbal remedies and modern drugs.
It has a wide spectrum when it comes to its anti –microbial action both as an external application as well as when consumed internally.
The herbal extracts of this plant have been found to contain strong antibacterial and anti –viral properties that are effective against a wide variety of infections.

It is an immensely rich source of antioxidants and is equally effective as a source of natural antibiotic. There are numerous varieties of oregano of which some have tremendous anti –microbial potential. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It is also important to read the label and see what precautions the manufacturer is recommending. While they show immediate action and prove to be life saving in many health conditions, the dangerous effects of their use on the body cannot be overlooked. Turmeric is by far, one of the most widely researched plants which prove why it is so beneficial for health?
The amazing properties of this herb are attributed to Curcumin, the active working principle of Turmeric. The biochemicals found in garlic have a special action against many viral and bacterial infections. It naturally boosts the immune system thereby, helping the body to fight with the infection more effectively. It can be easily absorbed from the skin for which it is applied locally for both anesthetic as well as antimicrobial effects.
It should however be used as an essential oil and properly diluted with some base oil before use, to prevent any kind of burning sensation.

Though we are familiar with the oregano flakes, for medicinal use, oregano oil should be the preferred choice, to fight sturdy bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Not many of us are ignorant of the fact that antibiotics prove to be such a big health hazard. Garlic cloves can be consumed everyday to naturally beat any kind of infection in the body.
Giloy stem decoction gives amazing results in people dealing with Dengue fever, Chikungunya and other similar infections.
Its glycoprotein and chicory acid reserves are most effective in controlling respiratory and urinary tract infections. Care should be taken while using camphor in any form as higher doses of camphor are highly dangerous for humans and may even prove to be lethal. Their use should therefore, be restricted to the management of life threatening conditions. For minor day to day infections, there are hundreds of natural options available which are not only effective but highly nutritious also.

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