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Rheumatic Fever Rheumatic fever is one of the complications associated with strep throat.
Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that may develop after an infection with Streptococcus bacteria (such as strep throat or scarlet fever). Hypothetical types of biochemistry — are forms of biochemistry speculated to be scientifically viable but not proven to exist at this time.
Bacteria — Taxobox color = lightgrey name = Bacteria fossil range = Archean or earlier Recent image width = 210px image caption = Escherichia coli image is 8 micrometres wide. In vitro meat — In vitro meat, also known as cultured meat, is an animal flesh product that has never been part of a complete, living animal.
Disease — Illness or sickness often characterized by typical patient problems (symptoms) and physical findings (signs).

The condition usually appears in children between the ages of 5 and 15, even though older children and adults have been known to contract the fever as well (Mayo).
PANS is the same disorder when the triggers are either unknown, or are associated with other illnesses like Mono, Mycoplasma, H1N1, Lyme, Coxsackie B, Varicella (chickenpox) or Flu.
The disease can affect the heart, joints, skin, and brain. Causes Rheumatic fever is common worldwide and is responsible for many cases of damaged heart valves.
Because several other conditions have similar symptoms, you will need careful medical evaluation. If you have symptoms of strep throat, tell your health care provider. Next, a physical exam will be given that includes the following: checking joints for inflammation looking for rash or skin nodules (hard bumps beneath the skin) listening to heart to check for abnormalities movement tests to determine nervous system dysfunction blood tests for strep bacteria EKG (measures the electric waves of the heart) echocardiography (uses sound waves to produce image of the heart) Effective Treatments for Rheumatic Fever The most effective way to make sure that your child does not contract rheumatic fever is to make sure all strep bacteria are killed. Antibiotics Doctors will prescribe antibiotics and, on occasion, will prescribe a long-term (up to five-year) treatment to prevent reoccurrence.

These include: family historya€”certain genes make it more likely to develop rheumatic fever type of strep throat bacteria presenta€”certain strains are more likely to lead to rheumatic fever than others environmental factors present in developing countries, including poor sanitation, overcrowding, and lack of clean water How to Prevent Rheumatic Fever The best way to prevent rheumatic fever is to fully treat all strep throat and scarlet fever infections. In addition, schedule a follow-up visit to ensure that your child is free from the strep bacteria antibodies.

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