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The symptoms of measles rash do not appear immediately and it takes 1-2 weeks for showing the symptoms.
First stage : There will not be any symptoms on the body because it is the period when the virus incubates in your body.
Second stage : Measles rash begins to appear along with moderate fever, cough and runny nose.
Third stage : The symptoms are severe and there will be increased rash with red raised spots.
Final stage : The measles rash begins to decline slowly from the face till your feet and it is on this stage the person spreads the rash to others. If your child has not given vaccination for measles, you can take the injection once your child got exposed to measles virus.

It would cause runny nose and rashes all through the skin apart from producing other symptoms. Some of the signs of measles are fever, sore throat, dry cough, repeated rash marked by scaly blotches and inflammation of eyes.
People who travel frequently and with vitamin A deficiency have increased chance for getting this rash. Getty Images se reserve le droit d'engager des poursuites en cas d’utilisation non autorisee de cette image ou de ce plan-sequence et de demander reparation pour violation de droits d'auteur. Actually infection develops not all of a sudden but in a series of sequence in 2-3 weeks of infection. It begins to appear on the face which follows the ears and arms, trunk, thighs and legs and lastly the feet.

The infected droplets from the cough fall on the surface or clothes which then spread to other person if he touches the cloth and rubs his nose or eyes.
In severe case, measles rash will lead to pneumonia (virus enters your lungs), encephalitis (it enters your brain) and can also cause throat and ear infection. Pregnant women can take a shot of immune serum globulin (antibodies) for preventing measles virus.

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