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I browsed through my blog archives, found the post, and read about how we cared for his eyes at the time!
By now it’s been 6 days since she had her swollen eye, and the swelling is more or less gone. Vai had it twice, and the last one kind of ‘dried up’ and left him with a little lump at the edge of the eyelid, for at least 2 months! Who is behind Our Everyday Things?My name is Leonny and I'm a Mom of three - Anya, Vai and Brie.
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Allergic reaction that gives rise to itchy eyelids can be from the simple reason of changing eye cosmetics or due to hay fever.
Normally, these infections will not cause any damage to your vision and it will get better within few days. Itchy eyelids can be associated with feeling of burning sensation in the eyes, redness and gritty feeling. In case eyelids irritation is accompanied with signs of visual distortion and shortness of breath or swelling of face, then you need to seek immediate medical care.
The reasons for itchy eyelids may vary from simple reason or not having enough sleep previous night to serious infection.
It can be due to allergic reaction or any infectious problem like blepharitis (eyelid margin becomes swollen) or stye (bacterial infection on eyelash follicles). Your ophthalmologist will examine your eyes for detecting the root cause of itchy eyelids to find if it is caused by allergic reaction or infection. In case of mild allergy you can take antihistamines available over the counter to clear the inflammation and redness. Although the eyelids may be involved with many skin conditions, the most common are listed here. Just a small lump somewhere in the centre of the pinkish bump, towards the inside of the eyelid.
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When the allery affects the thin membrane lining of the eyelids it is called as allergic conjunctivitis.
There would be frequent discharge of watery fluid from the eyes and it increases when you rub the eyes.
Actually tears are produced from the eyes if you have dry eye syndrome which can trigger over production of tears. I remember getting pinkeye as a child and feeling a bit of panic upon waking in the morning and being unable to open one or both eyes! For some people, it may also cause runny nose with sneezing due to increased watery discharge.
Even a slight change can cause inflammation of the eyelids since they are well connected with nerves and blood vessels. If this happens to you or a loved one in your home, a warm, wet washcloth compress gently applied to the infected eye (do not rub) quickly dissolves the mucous allowing the eyes to open.Pinkeye can spread rapidly through a household, which is why action is needed immediately to stop the initial infection. Appaently it is very common in kids cos they touch all kinds of things with their hands then rub their eyes and introduce dirt into their eyes. In rare cases, irritation on the eyelids can cause anaphylaxis which is highly complicated condition. Most folks will quickly run to the doctor’s office at the first sign of redness and irritation. A prescription for antibiotic eye drops or ointment is the usual remedy and relief is mercifully quick once the drops are applied. Before this wonderful relief can be experienced, however, the inconvenience of booking a doctor’s appointment, waiting to be examined, driving to the pharmacy, and getting the prescription filled must be endured. The remedy I’m speaking of harnesses the power of beneficial bacteria to eliminate the infection.
While doctors prescribe ANTI-biotics to kill the pathogens, PRO-biotics work just as well for a minor infection such as pinkeye by crowding them out.Harnessing the Power of Probiotics to Heal PinkeyeWhat you need to remedy pinkeye is a probiotic laden, non-acidic liquid. For babies and children, the most effective liquid that fits this description is human breastmilk. If the Mom in your household happens to be breastfeeding, a drop or two of breastmilk expressed into a cup and then applied with a clean eyedropperA (like this one)A to the infected eye will rapidly and magically eliminate the infection.Reapplication may be necessary every hour for a few hours, but in most every case, the infection will be gone well before you could have even gotten an appointment to see the doctor.
This remedy works well for newborn babies also, so no need for the eyedrops that are used immediately after birth if you plan to breastfeed.If there is no one breastfeeding in your home, the next best thing would be a few drops of raw cow or goat milk applied to each eye. Pinkeye is so contagious, that treating only the infected eye will usually result in having to treat the other eye within a short time anyway, so might as well do both from the beginning.Raw cow or goat milk is loaded with immunity boosting probiotics, just like human breastmilk.
These beneficial bacteria work immediately on contact to crowd out and eliminate the pathogens at the source of the infection.

Reapplication every hour or so should eliminate the infection quickly, perhaps not quite as fast as breastmilk, but still faster by a long shot than getting to the doctor and filling a prescription.If you do not have access to raw milk in your community for whatever reason, the clear, liquid part of yogurt or kefir (whey) can also be used as a fast home remedy. A Powdered whey mixed with water does NOT work as there are no live probiotics in such a heavily processed and denatured food. A The same goes for multivitamins which have synthetic vitamin A – not the natural, true vitamin A in fermented cod liver oil. I read as some comments at the top that said if you had sore throat before you got pinkeye it was a virus. February 26th, 2015 9:05 pm Reply Kimberly the RNMy son just recently had pinkeye after having a cold and I used the yogurt kefir water for just half a day on his eyes and then two days later his eyes were clear. Called and got a dr appt (haven’t ever dealt with this before), then googled and found this. One drop in his eye and by the time we got to his dr appt a few hours later she was kind of puzzled as to why we had even come in! Also that viral is generally clear discharge in the day (goops up at night) but bacterial has the pus-y discharge in the daytime. Sent in a script in case it got really bad over the weekend but it is almost gone, and not even 48 hours later. Not one infection or illness, not even a cold or the flu, Tganks December 2nd, 2014 2:34 pm Reply TimHow?
I prefer and use natural and homeopathic remedies often but in this case, I was glad I chose to go in. May 22nd, 2014 1:11 pm Reply Grandma KarenI live in Kansas City, not the country, but I looked on craigslist for raw milk,,,looks like lots of people sell it in areas around KC.
And sure enougha€¦my eyes lids were swollen and eyes are kind of red.Soooo, I am going for a drive to a farmer that I found on craigslist instead of going to the cookout with my hubby at our CSA farmer get-together. We pay them around 250.00 in the spring and they give us veggies and fruit every week from May to October. March 8th, 2015 12:14 am Reply Elizebeth TaylorPease take your Daughter to Dr or an eye specialist, ASP, I feel this is very important, it could be something more serious, 1.
July 15th, 2015 3:27 am Reply Dee Doanes of Health Plus StyleThis is very helpful article and esp.
Jim, your comment is understandable since you don’t understand the healing properties of breast milk or other probiotic type of home remedies.

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