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Trouble-shooting Guide: If you have a contamination problem, select what you believe to be the organism from the short descriptions below and click on the image to go to a more detailed page. Bacterial contamination is usually manifest by a sudden change in pH, cloudiness in the medium, sometimes with a slight whiteish film on the cell surface of plates, dishes, or on the bottom of bottles of medium that typically dissipates when the vessel is moved. Fungi (molds) show up as thin filamentous mycelia and sometimes as denser clumps of spores.
Yeasts appear as round or ovoid particles that are smaller than mammalian cells and are mostly seen as "budding" from other yeast particles in chains of two, three, or more.

Under low power (100x) spaces between cells will appear granular or you may see very small black dots.
Fungi are usually very slow growing but in advanced stages of contamination often overtake a culture as a fuzzy growth (either whiteish or black) that can be seen without a microscope.
In some cases under higher magnification (400x) cocci or "rods" may be distinguished and there may be motibility of the bacteria.
The image provided here is of a mycoplasma "colony" after being propagated on special agar.

Bacteria can usually be distinguished from media components such as serum protein by the regular particulate morphology of the organism versus an irregular shape in the case of serum protein cryoprecipitates.

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