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With higher levels of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, this face wash can banish blemishes and destroy excess oils.
PCA Skin Facial Wash For Oily-Problem Skin costs around $23 for seven ounces at most major drugstores.
Between germy cell phones, greasy hands and grimy sunglasses, our faces come in contact with quite a lot of filth. Finding the best facial cleanser isn't as easy as strolling the skincare aisle of your local drugstore.
Oh yes, we've found a product that you can use on acne breakouts or oily spots around your whole body, and not just your face. I'm back with another Beauty Edition, and this week we'll discuss the always problematic and nasty - blackheads.

It keeps pores clean, and extracts dirt and build up in the case that the pores are clogged. Sometimes it takes spending more than a few dollars and unexpected breakouts to discover a face wash that works best for your skin type.
Find the gentlest cleanser that will “get the job done,” as she puts it, but nothing too harsh that leaves redness or rashes.
This formula has been crafted with a higher level of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in order to prevent acne breakouts and get rid of oily skin. When you have finished washing your skin, you are left clearer, healthier, and more comfortable than before. If you have oily, acne-prone skin- either just on your face or all over your body- this face wash is a definite must have for your beauty arsenal!

This works well on the entire face and provides moisture.  This has the same effect as the glue method and acts as a skin reviver as well.
In fact, on one online drugstore site, PCA Skin Facial Wash For Oily-Problem Skin received over 400 reviews, and all of them were five stars!

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