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Bronchitis is an inflammation (because of infection or other causes) of the lining of the bronchial tube or the main air passages (bronchi) to your lungs.
Acute bronchitis usually starts as a sore throat, runny nose or sinus infection, then spreads to your airways.
Every time a child consumes cold drinks or ice cream the child gets fever; every time the weather changes or the child is exposed to humid weather, the child falls ill. Using of scents, perfumes, skin ointments, eye-drops ear-drops can also transfer inflammation to bronchial tissue cause bronchitis. Smoking (even for a brief time) and being around tobacco smoke, chemical fumes, and other air pollutants for long periods of time puts a person at risk for developing chronic bronchitis.
Fifty grams of fresh leaves of spinach and 250 ml of water must be mixed with a bit of ammonium chloride and one teaspoonful of honey. Another effective remedy for bronchitis is a mixture comprising of half a teaspoon each of the powder of ginger, pepper, and cloves, three times a day. Consuming fresh cabbage juice, on a daily basis, would be helpful in curing the problem of bronchitis. The patient can begin with an all-fruit diet for five to seven days, taking three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits.
AyurvedaThe name "Ayurveda" is made up of two words, ayur and veda referring to life and knowledge respectively. Wheezing or chest feeling tightness, low fever or burning pain may occur near the breastbone.
Generally, it is believed that coughing is a way of giving out the infection that causes bronchitis. Another effective bronchitis treatment is salt water also cuts the mucus that irritates the throat membranes. Honey is one of the traditional natural natural remedy for bronchitis that alleviates the cough arising from bronchitis. Drinking lemon tea is very soothing for a sore throat and gargling it brings out the phlegm, thus relieving a person from bronchitis. Using preventative tips for combating cough and congestion through these home remedies for bronchitis is an effective and trouble free way of eliminating bronchitis. Stop your coughing fits, day or night and take back control of your life from your disease. The objective is to get rid of the bronchitis, and then find out how to stop it from coming back. Grasp how psychological factors contribute to your asthma – and how to control your feeling and survive stress-free! Inflammation of the bronchi or the airways in the lungs and the windpipe is called bronchitis. Antibiotics are used only when a bacterial infection of the upper respiratory tract triggers bronchitis.
When bronchitis causes difficulty in breathing, bronchodilators are used to ease breathing. Corticosteroids are usually inhaled and occasionally taken orally to reduce inflammation of the bronchi. Patients can also consume variety of vegetables that can ward off diverticulitis to a great extent.
If you’re suffering from diverticulitis, you can try out some effective non-vegetarian foods. Seeds and nuts contain good amount of dietary fiber, carbohydrates and proteins that have the capacity to treat the diverticulitis problem. Therefore the patients can take the help of above foods and diminish their diverticulitis problem as soon as possible.
In Germany, the extract of Pelargonium sidoides, commonly known as South African geranium, is widely used for treating acute bronchitis.
Chest congestion occurs when there is accumulation of mucus and other fluids in the lungs in excess amounts.
Causes of Cough and Chest Congestion Post nasal drip Post nasal drip happens when excessive mucus forms in your body and instead of coming out from your nose it starts dripping from the sinuses into back of your throat causing cough and congestion in chest. GERD GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflex Disease or commonly known as ‘acidity’ is another cause of congestion and cough. Bronchitis Bronchitis is the infection of bronchi – the tubes in the lungs that carry oxygen to lungs.
If acute bronchitis is not taken care of then it turns into chronic bronchitis leaving you with constant feeling of sore throat, chest pain, fever, shortness of breath, etc. Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method.
The commonly found symptoms of laryngitis include fever, hoarseness of the voice, swelling on the throat area and congestion that is normally accompanied with a persistent ticklish cough. Salt is a powerful antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent that is easily accessible as can make use of salt as a remedy for laryngitis, by adding salt to a glass of water and mixing it well, after which the salt water can be put to use for gargling. Use a sufficient amount of salt for these gargles and make sure to repeat them at regular intervals in the day. Ginger has been noted as a strong anti-microbial agent that is very beneficial in combatting laryngitis. Both these ingredients when used to make a gargling solution, work together to give the patient a lot of relief from the many symptoms of laryngitis.
This wonder herb has been regularly used to treat cases of laryngitis, both in mild and acute cases as well. This delicate, bronchial tube lining protects the respiratory system and the organs and tissues involved in breathing. Half a teaspoon of this powder must be taken daily, mixed with half a glass of milk, two or three times daily.
It is prepared by making a powder of seven kernels of almonds and mixing the powdered kernels in a cup of orange or lemon juice.
So instead of suppressing the cough with some suppressants, it is best to use humidifiers to enhance the moisture to the air. The thinner the mucus, the easier is it to cough up the mucus and eliminate it from the lungs, thereby clearing the airways naturally. Honey is a popular natural expectorant that can be taken instead of a pharmacological expectorant.

According to scientific studies, herbs that can be used in treatment for bronchitis include Echinacea, ginseng, peppermint, South African geranium, lobelia and andrographis. Adding few drops of essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, jasmine, tea tree, myrrh, bergamot or sweet fennel to hot water and inhaling the vapor helps to alleviate the symptoms of bronchitis.
However, antibiotics will not work when a viral infection causes inflammation of the airways. They are usually recommended for people with chronic bronchitis with moderate to severe breathing problems or COPD. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It occurs when small pouches identified as diverticula that grow in the digestive tract and alongside become inflamed causing severe pain. It is known that one serving of fiber-rich fruits daily can cover ? cup of fresh fruit, a medium size fruit, ? cup dried fruit juice and 6 oz of 100% fruit juice that can help in stopping the diverticulitis attacks. Your one serving of vegetables rich in fiber in the meal should normally include ? cup raw or cooked vegetables, 1 cup greens, ? cup of dried peas or beans along with 6 oz. You should consume low fiber containing foods such as eggs, white fish, smoked salmon, tuna, tender chicken, chicken breasts and lean meat.
Cereals are also rich in calcium, carbohydrate, protein, sodium, iron, magnesium and B-complex vitamins. As seeds and nuts such as pine nuts, pulses, pistachio nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds are considered healthy; you should include them in diet in small quantities. You can consume dairy products such as skimmed milk, yogurt and cheese that have low quantity of fiber in them.
In a few clinical trials, researchers found that bronchitis patients who took the herb thrice a day, for a week, reported significant improvement in the symptoms of the disease.By elevating the levels of key immune proteins in the saliva, the herb helps to improve the body’s immune response to infections in the upper respiratory tract, thereby rapidly alleviating the discomfort caused by acute bronchitis. People suffering from bronchitis symptoms can take about 200mg of vitamin C supplement daily.The body cannot store vitamin C, which necessitates regular intake of sufficient vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables daily. People diagnosed with bronchitis can take 3 to 5 grams of freshly grated horseradish root every day.You can consume horseradish daily without worrying about adverse side effects.
Over-the-counter cough syrups or expectorants can help in loosening the phelgm and coughing it out. Allergans can be various air borne products like dust, pollen, smoke, mold, etc and can produce symptoms like tightness of chest, congestion, wheezing, sneezing, cough, etc. The acid which regurgitate to esophagus can stimulate the nerves which cause coughing in the body. Using cold mist humidifier helps in relieving symptoms of Bronchitis as it helps in loosening of mucus and congestion. This affects your ability to speak due to the fact that the larynx is what enables you to speak.
In the case of the presence of any infection, a doctor should be consulted so as to tackle the reason for the bout of laryngitis. Salt water gargles are not harsh on the throat and are yet very effective in combatting any infection that might be causing the laryngitis attack. Salt has been recommended by many practitioners of natural remedies, due to its strong effect on any present germs.
Squeeze out the juice of a fresh lemon and add about two spoons full of honey to this juice. Since this herb has very strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agents, it is often put to use for laryngitis as well as for conditions pertaining to the respiratory system.
Garlic is very effective in fighting off any infection that could be the root cause of laryngitis attacks. Intake of raw onion juice, early in the morning, would heal a person suffering from bronchitis.
The mixture of these three ingredients has also antipyretic qualities and is effective in reducing fever accompanying bronchitis. People already suffering with asthma, allergy or some respiratory problem, may face utter difficulty if they cause acute bronchitis.
Gargling salt water can be done frequently, but spitting out the salty water after gargling is also essential. Having a spoon of honey that is done by Slicing an onion and covering it with honey and allowing it to stay overnight is effective in eradicating the bronchitis from the root. Soaking bay leaves in hot water, applying it on the chest and covering it with a towel gives great relief. Inflammation of the bronchi can also be triggered by inhalation of irritants such as dust, smoke or chemicals.Although people of all ages can develop bronchitis, the risk of developing chronic or severe bronchitis is higher in older adults, smokers, people who are exposed to irritants for a prolonged period and individuals with impaired immune function. The expectorant effect of ginger can help to thin the mucus and clear the congestion in the airways. Phosphorous, ipecacuanha and aconitum are usually effective at the early stage of bronchitis.
The people will come across symptoms of diverticulitis such as irritation, fever, nausea, abdominal pain and changes in bowel movements. Thus you can consume good amounts of fruits such as fresh apples with skin, dried apples, dates, raspberries, oranges, pears, bananas, figs, dates, apricots, grapefruits, cherries, nectarine, raisin, peaches, blueberries and blackberries. They can be used as safer alternatives to cough medicines used for treating acute bronchitis.Some herbs and nutritional supplements can even complement corticosteroids and bronchodilators used for managing cough and breathing difficulties in people diagnosed with chronic bronchitis. Thyme is well tolerated and can be taken by any person regardless of age and health condition. Citrus fruits, berries, pepper and broccoli are common dietary sources of vitamin C that chronic bronchitis patients can add to their daily diet.
For better results, the essential oil of eucalyptus is combined with the essential oils derived from citrus fruit and pine.Oral use of monoterpene rich essential oils can speedily cure acute bronchitis and prevent worsening of chronic bronchitis symptoms. In some cases, the sharp flavor of the vegetable cause mouth pain, gastrointestinal discomfort and perspiration. These inconvenient health problems can be due to viral or bacterial infections or allergies and sometimes it can be due to lifestyle habits also like smoking can cause cough and chest congestion. Post nasal drip is generally caused by allergies so taking anti-allergens along with expectorants help.
Moderate to severe acidity can also lead to tightness in chest like that during chest congestion. The larynx is commonly referred to as the ‘voice box’ due to this very reason. The condition of laryngitis may be acute wherein the person suffering from it, loses their voice completely.
One of the most common reasons for this problem is excessive strain on the vocal chords, particularly during cheering, crying or screaming for a long time.

In most other cases, the main remedy for laryngitis is rest accompanied by the regular use of easily available home remedies, which are very beneficial in giving the sufferer of laryngitis, much relief and a speedy recovery.
This tea can be prepared by boiling a piece of fresh ginger in a cup of water or by adding this piece of ginger to your normal cup of preferred tea. Add this to a glass of warm water and use it to gargle at regular intervals through the day. This herb is also of great value, as it promotes the immune system of the body, causing the defense mechanism of the human body to be strengthened in order to keep it protected from foreign bodies that might cause infections, even in the future.
Bronchitis occurs to people who have very less resistance capacity or people whose lungs are already irritated. Bronchitis subsides in a week or ten days, but the cough lingers for weeks or months as well. To soothe the throat inflammation, salt water gargling may provide you a great relief and is the most recommended home remedies for bronchitis. Taking adequate rest is necessary as moving around with bronchitis will worsen the working condition and your body’s capability to fight against the infection may become weaker. The goal of bronchitis treatment is treating the inflammation of the airways and improving airflow through the lungs.As viral infections are associated with majority of cases of bronchitis, medications are rarely needed for treating the infection. Drinking several cups of hot ginger tea several times a day provides relief from the symptoms of bronchitis. At the advanced stage of bronchitis hepar sulphuricam and antimonium tartaricum can be used for treatment. Immediate treatment is required to minimize the diverticulitis.The patients should ingest around 20 to 35 grams of fiber each day for fighting against diverticulitis. You should make sure to ingest distinct vegetables that have high fiber such as broccoli, sprouts, asparagus, spinach, green beans, beet, onions, peas, green pepper, sweet potatoes, skinned potatoes, turnip greens, squash, tomatoes, cabbage, romaine lettuce, kidney beans, navy beans and lima beans.
Thus you can consume white flour, white rice, white breads, whole grained breads, sugary cereals, wheat bran, bran flakes, brown rice, white rice, oatmeal, bran flakes, bulgar wheat and whole wheat bread.
People suffering from bronchitis can take 300mg of the essential oil mixture daily.It is safe and well tolerated. If you are suffering from chest congestion and cough then you must be experiencing chest pain, heaviness in chest and difficulty breathing.
Cough and chest congestion also occur when a person suffers from flu along with fever, bodyache, headache, etc.
IN this respiratory disease the airways narrow down due to allergic reaction or exposure to cold air, causing congestion and cough. If bacterial infection is the cause of bronchitis than it can be treated with antibiotic medication and the chest congestion vanishes in 5-7 days but viral infection can not be treated with antibiotic drugs and hence congestion need to be treated symptomatically. In other cases of lesser inflammation, the person concerned may find a distinct hoarseness in their voice, making them feel the need to cough or clear their throat repeatedly so as to be understood by the people they might be communicating with.
In such cases, the bout of laryngitis soon disappears after a few hours or days, at the maximum. The lemon in this solution is an effective astringent and antiseptic agent which tackles the germs that are responsible for laryngitis. The roots and leaves of this herb are used to gain extracts that are put to use in the treatment of laryngitis.
Make sure to retain the water in your throat as long as you can so as to allow the vinegar to act on the infection that is present on the larynx and its surrounding areas.
Lungs get irritated for people who are exposed to smoking cigarettes or some other toxic gases. Mustard can be mixed with warm water and can be applied on the chest to get relieved from the bouts of cough. The breathing difficulties and coughing triggered by the lung infection can be treated with bronchodilators and expectorants. While you may experience moderate congestion and cough during common cold, it can become quite severe when suffering from flu and can produce crackling sound from chest. When an asthmatic person experiences non productive cough, it is called cough-variant asthma. Other reasons that can trigger an attack of laryngitis are prolonged exposure to harmful gases or smoke, the presence of an infection in the respiratory system or it can also be the after effect of a serious respiratory condition such as pneumonia, bronchitis or tuberculosis.
Ginger juice can also be applied locally to the throat, to give prompt relief from the pain. The honey added into this solution helps to soothe the inflammation and itching in the throat, along with countering the germs with its antiseptic ingredients. Hence bronchitis viruses affect the people with irritation in lungs very easily and these viruses causing bronchitis is contagious and can be passed on identically like our common cold as well as flu viruses. Avoid smoky rooms and people suffering with cold as it involves risk of aggravating another infection. These rich sources of vitamin C stimulate the natural healing mechanism of the lungs by strengthening the immune system. Since cough and chest congestion can be caused by many factors hence it is important to understand its causes and then check out various treatments or home remedies.
People suffering from this kind may or may not show other common signs of asthma like wheezing and shortness of breath. Having done that, you are to consume this tea as it is or by adding a spoonful of honey to it, so as to make it palatable.
Vinegar has a powerful action on the problem causing germs in the throat and thus is extremely beneficial in destroying them completely. Garlic, onion and hot peppers are common natural expectorants that can be taken to clear the congested bronchi. Vinegar gargles are mild on the throat and can be used even three or four times a day, depending on the severity of the case. The viruses cause lung irritation and the mucus stimulates a persistent hacking and is the sign of acute bronchitis. Besides this form of consumption, garlic can also be added to your food preparations, in order to consume more of this herb. The anti-microbial property of garlic is very good in providing relief in laryngitis cases.

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